Sunday, November 25, 2007

Something fun

I'm cleaning out my half of the office the other night when DG starts asking me random vocabulary words.

After the fifth or sixth strange word, I finally went to investigate his sudden interest in the more obscure parts of the English Language. Had he suddenly embraced his inner Word Nerd?

Nope. He'd found this.

Answer vocabulary words correctly and donate rice to the hungry.** I swear, this game is made for romance readers-- if you grew up on big meaty historicals, you'll see some familiar vocabulary. (Seriously, "tumescent" was one of my words. So was "swain" and "duenna.")

Have fun, and let me know how you do.

(Yes, I was going to have a contest and some prizes today, but the weekend has left me a bit drained. We'll do something fun with prizes later.)


**Although, I think you should earn more than 10 grains of rice for words like "harquebus," "liquescent," and "peregrination."


Instigator said...

I donated 700 grains but couldn't get past level 41 no matter how hard I tried.


catslady said...

I get very addictive to these kinds of things - about 7,000 grains of rice with my average in the 40's - 44 was my high but I'll keep trying lol.