Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If you don't know me by now...

Have y’all seen that MasterCard commercial with the kids doing the robot dance? It’s all about the cost of school supplies, but the tag line (as they’re all doing the dance) is “Being with people who get you: Priceless.”

Having people who “get” you is, indeed priceless. That’s why I like the Playfriends. They understand my neuroses, never feed me nuts of any kind, and laugh at my warped sense of humor. They also don’t ask stupid questions that make me wonder if they’ve been paying attention at all the last few years…

We were at Angel’s not too long ago, and SP told a story about one of her oldest and dearest friends. We all laughed, because we knew that conversation would have never happened if she’d been with us. That led to the following list.


But you already have a pair of black shoes.

Danniele can ride in the back seat.

Alcohol is just empty calories, you know.

I really need some “alone time” right now.

Let’s take the stairs.

Girdles are so old-fashioned. (Or its cousin, Why would you wear a bra?)

Your heroine has way too much emotional baggage.

You don’t need a list.

So, I’ll see you at 6am for that cardio-kickboxing class.

I’m just going to skip the chapter meeting this time.

You’re not actually going to eat that chocolate, are you?

I’m really sick of hearing you bitch about that.

Why don’t you just pick a hair color and stick with it?

I’m not worried about what I’m wearing to Nationals.

You obsess over the smallest things unnecessarily.

Just ignore what the Mavens say.

So what's the phrase that no one who knows you well would ever say?


Barbara Vey said...

But you were just at the library/bookstore yesterday.

Kelley St. John said...

I can't think of a phrase at all right now (but all of yours were great). But that commercial is currently my favorite, and for the same reason. When I saw it and heard the quote, I immediately thought of my RWA friends. Having people who "get you" is definitely priceless!

Jen said...

Those are great and lol Barbara.


No one who knows me would ever say that. Now they might say, "You don't need to spend $800 on that Russian icon necklace even if it is a one-of-a-kind. C'mon, let's get out of here before you do something you regret...and that will get you divorced." Er...that has happened before.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Jen, that necklace was beautiful but someone had to be the voice of reason. :-)

"Come on, let's go for a run."


Lynn Raye Harris said...

You have too many antiques already. Why do you need to stop at an antique store?

You don't need more books.

Why do you need more kitchen gadgets?

Those are what I immediately thought of, but I could probably come up with more if I thought about it. :) I love that commercial too.

Smarty Pants said...

You only need to watch a movie one time. After that, its redundant.

:: cannot resist doing her best robot dance ::

Instigator said...

You've already spent 10 hours in front of your computer today you really don't need to finish that scene tonight.

I love that commercial and the list! Each and every one of them is true.


Smarty Pants said...

You just spent the entire weekend with the playfriends. You don't need to _________________. (fill in blank with 'check your email,' 'call one of them,' 'meet for lunch/dinner,' etc.)

Maven Linda said...

"You don't need any more Christmas decorations."

Hah! I have my needs, and they don't have to match everyone else's needs.


Playground Monitor said...

Barbara's could be mine too.

Also "But you just saw the grandbaby last week. You don't need to go again this week."

Jen would have been in heaven in Cozumel. Every other shop sells fine jewelry.

Angel said...

Actually, I have told the Playfriends that I needed alone time... usually when I need to get away from my kids, not them. Although I do have a rule, Angel rides to "most" meetings alone, because that is my alone time away from my kids...

And we learned in Scotland why I offer to drive most places we go together. The backseat is not my friend.

How about: Naps are just for kids.


They've got to be kidding! My word ver. was gminmmz Yikes!

Carol said...

You don't need anymore books!

I'm sure you don't want anymore chocolate!

Cooking is better than going out to dinner!

catslady said...

I'm glad to see you threw (put in anything here) out.

You need another cat (I only have 7).

Are you cleaning, again!

Shari C said...

You probably don't want to go out to eat today.

Nobody who knows me would ever say that to me...not ever.

Sheryl M. said...

Dont you ever get tired of reading?!
or, You dont really need a power nap...you didn't get up that early...