Friday, November 23, 2007

Giftie Dilema

Well, it’s the first official day of the shopping season. At this very moment, some of us are out on the prowl for the great shopping bargain. I was tempted at first to hit the Circuit City for a $99 camera and House, M.D. season one for $12. But not with temps in the 20s. No sir. Instead, I am asleep, thankful for and their free super saver shipping. I do have a few things left to buy, but for the most part, I’m done.

I did a bit in Scotland, picking up jewelry and soap for my female in-laws, so that was nice. DB told me exactly what he wanted and went ahead and ordered it, so I’m good there. His brother wants money towards a laptop and his nieces' scored goodies from Hot Topic. My mom asked me to pay for the scrap booking retreat we went on last weekend, so that’s done. My step dad wants a Gander Mountain gift card. Little Sister’s stuff should be on my doorstep today. I have a closet full of miscellaneous gifts to go along with everyone’s big present. Let’s see...that just leaves...oh yeah. The Playfriends.

You’d think that it would get easier to shop for people once you know them. Oh no. The first Christmas was a piece of cake. I got them all Christmas socks and little soaps. It was cute, impersonal, but did the trick. The next year, I had elaborate photobooks made with pictures from the Playground’s first year in existence. That was a good one. Hard to top, although I'm not really trying to. So here I am.

It’s hard especially since you want to get everyone something similar, even if slightly different. Of course, its easy to find an angel or devil charm or necklace, but what about problem child? What image embodies that and what jewelry store sells it? None, I’ll tell you, aside from the one that had the charm we gave her for her birthday. Sure, you can find a crystal encrusted whistle, but never comparable pieces for the other three. PC is the master of Cafe Press, so I leave any of those type gifts to her. Angel is the crafty one, so any handmade goodies are her thing. That leaves me with... A BIG NOTHING! I'm drawing a total blank.

Any good gift ideas? If you made the trek into the wild shopping wilderness today, did you snatch any faboo deals? Share your tales of pillage and plunder.



Anonymous said...

There's always money!

Instigator said...

I'm heading out right now. At 4 AM. I never wake up at 4 AM. But I've got a list of things I need to get for the girls so... I'll report back later today. After a nap.


P.S. It's too dang cold.

Meljprincess said...

I'm not leaving my apartment today. ::knock on wood::

Playground Monitor said...

Bless you, Instigator. There's not a bargain alive that would make me go out today. Besides, I have the grandbaby to spoil and that's a higher calling. *g*


catslady said...

Usually I have some ideas by now but I am drawing blanks too. My husband went out and got an air cleaner and paper shredder but he won't really go shopping so I didn't go with him. I told him you aren't suppose to buy anything with a plug lol but he never listens.

Lois said...

Food's always great because everyone eats! :)


Carol said...

Today I just stayed home, read and relaxed. I hate shopping when the stores are so crowded! Every year it gets harder and harder to come up with ideas for gifts. Lots of times I resort to gift cards.

Instigator said...

I am finally home. 12 hours after I left. I'm tired but triumphant :-) I got just about everything I wanted - the most important things anyway. Most of my shopping is now finished except for a couple people that I couldn't get today and the little odds and ends I'll pick up over the next few weeks.

One of the things on my list was a new bike for both girls. Sweet Pea's is too small and Baby Girl is ready for her first. KMart had both sizes I needed on sale this morning. I was in line an hour before they opened and was the first back to the bike section but couldn't find the girl's 20 inch I wanted. I hunted for 5 minutes. Another man joined me - looking for the same thing. It turned out they only had one in stock (after advertising it in their flyer *rolls eyes*). Guess who got it? :-) Am I insane for feeling like I conquered Europe over a pink bicycle?


Nini said...

Out at 3AM and in the house by noon! I got lots of DVD's for $2.88 and missed on a laptop. I wanted one so badly, but alas, not this year.

Got some things, but nothing i truly needed. It's the spirit of Black Friday that makes me go out no matter what.

I did meet two women who i met last year in the same line at Target. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Didn't we meet here last year?"

I said, "Yes. You were the lady with the My Little Pony toy."

And we chatted while we waited. There were no problems, no fights, no one being Grinchy. Just some good shopping.

Nini :)

Barbara Vey said...

With my kids in St. Louis with their dad, I went to my sister's yesterday and she forced me to stay over and get up at 3:15 a.m. because the store opened at 4.

I never do this. I'm done Christmas shopping, but my sisters and nieces spend Thanksgiving day pouring over ads and making lists. Then they divide up the stores with groups of 2-3 going to each one. A couple hours later we met up for breakfast, divided packages and exchanged money.

But, I did get myself a top for $2.80, one for $4.80 and then 15% off. :g: The best is a piece of luggage I've been looking for that can hold my laptop, but is on wheels for the airport. Best part is, my sister bought it for me for Christmas.

So, I spent about $6 on Black Friday...I'm sure I'm not what the retailers had in mind.

Playground Monitor said...

It sounds like the phrase for today was "Veni, Vidi, Visa." ;-)

I had fun playing with BabyGrand. I fed everyone ham sandwiches for lunch and once she woke from her nap, they headed back home because they had a party to attend tonight. #2 son and DH pulled out the Christmas decorations and I'm happy to say my house is decorated except for a few small things. The tree is up and all ornaments on, the wreath is on the front with a spotlight in place and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

After some lunchtime conversation, I now have a list of gift ideas for the sons, the DIL and BabyGrand. That gives me direction and I should be able to knock those off in a morning -- maybe even online. I'll do BabyGrand's on a Tuesday because K&B Toys gives grandparents a discount on that day.

Off to warm up turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy and green bean casserole. I'm hungry after all that hall-decking.


Angel said...

Checking in a day late. I decided to head out yesterday because after looking at the craft store flyer, I found out Old Time Pottery had the pink tree I'd promised Drama Queen but couldn't find. So out I went at 5am to drive to Madison.

Then hit Sears and picked up a few things and Burlington Coat factory to find a dress for DQ. I tend to avoid the big draws like Walmart, Target and best buy.

Then I swung by and picked up the Christmas decorations from storage on the way home and we spent the rest of the afternoon decorating and preparing to get our tree. For various reasons, we have to get it tomorrow or it will be the week before Christmas before we get one. Can't have that!