Friday, November 09, 2007

I am a Golden God!

That's not a sentence I say every day. Never ever said it before, actually. The line is from Almost Famous, if you don't recognize it. The guy is a rock star, full of himself, and as I recall, about to end up in a pool. Anyway, saying I feel like a rock star is very abnormal for me, especially since I don't play a single instrument. (This despite the efforts of my musician uncles who gifted me with unsolicited instruments my entire life. Never taught me to play them, just have them to me. I had an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, clarinet, violin...of course what I really wanted were DRUMS! No dice, mom ixnayed that real quick.)

I say I am a golden god because I have been bitted by the Wii bug. Its a very dangerous and expensive bug. I blame this entirely on Angel's husband. They invited me over for dinner and let me play Guitar Hero II on either his XBox or his PS2. It was fun. I really liked it. I just hadn't owned a game system since I was 9 and it was an Atari 2600. It would have to remain a novelty for when I visited. The next day I went to PC's house and found her husband had it too, only his was for his Wii game system. That was an interesting development...

The Wii has been nagging me for a while. When it first came out it was cool, but I wasn't interested. Then everyone I knew started getting them. Then they started selling out everywhere and even if I did want one, I couldn't find one. I liked the idea of moving around playing games. It seemed fun, different. Darling Geek's game system pushed me over the edge because not only could I have this cool game system, but I could play Guitar Hero too and the Wii version had a cordless guitar. Tempting. But alas, still sold out everywhere.

A few nights ago I'm at Walmart. I'm getting ready for my housewarming party. Buying snacks, and other whatnots. For some reason, I drift off into the electronics. I wanted to see what the Wii had to offer gamewise. Just curious, you know. Well, there were two people there at the case with one of the employees getting a bunch of Wii stuff. They had Wiis in stock. 2 left out of a shipment of 8 that had been put out less than an hour ago. I eyed the Wii. I eyed the pricetag. I eyed the man down the aisle that was waiting for me to falter and snap up MY game system.

So...I bought a Wii. Alas, if only it were that simple, though. The Wii comes with one controller and one numchuck. So I had to buy a second controller (which came with a Wii Games pack) and a second numchuck. Then I had to buy colored skins for them so we'd know who's controller was whose. Then I had to buy the Wii controller charger so I wouldn't waste a ton of batteries. I passed on the memory card for now, but of course...I got Guitar Hero III with the cordless guitar. I went home, put away my groceries and setup my new toy.

(As an aside, people kept passing my cart in the store and saying things like "ooh, someone's going to be happy this Christmas." Yeah, ME! It's mine. Not DB's. Mine.)

So last night, for the low low price of about $500 I hadn't planned on spending, I played Guitar Hero III. Without the cord, I could play sitting on my couch. I rocked. The game said so. I played great songs and almost - ALMOST convinced myself I could actually play guitar by the time I went to bed. Like I said, I am a golden god. At least on the easy level of "Slow Ride."

I mean, just watch this video trailer for it. How could you NOT want this?

DB came home this morning and asked if Santa had come early. He initially thought I had borrowed it from someone until he saw all the lovely unopened plastic packages on the table. He thinks I'm crazy. Should've gotten a laptop, he said. Whatever. That's just because he hasn't played it yet.

Any new gadgets catch your eye this holiday season? Are you preparing for a battle in the Target at some crazy hour for the last Butterscotch Pony or PS3? Have you ever played Guitar Hero? Tell me I'm not crazy and that game is awesome.


(PS. I've been doing a little game research! Not only do they have a trivia game named - you know it - Smarty Pants - but they also have a game called Boogie where you dance and yes - sing karaoke! Be prepared, Playfriends!)


Playground Monitor said...

All I can say is "Oh sh...ucks!" Heck, I'm still trying to figure out PacMan.

I've fought for a few toys for my kids, but not many. As for the grandbaby... she's too little to be hung up on one special thing. But I see the day coming.


Problem Child said...

We have Boogie too, SP. I'm sure AC will be happy to tell you all about it.

We've had the Wii since June, and I think I've played it once. Video games just aren't my thing any more (but I rocked on that Atari!).

It's good bonding time for DG and AC, and it gives me guilt-free alone time! So I guess you could say I love the Wii.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Thank GOD I got my husband out of PC's house before the Wii demonstration. Can you see my hair standing on end? Because it is. That man, Mr. Gadget Gotta Have, would be dragging me all over creation right about now looking at Wiis. I shudder to think.

But, it's only a matter of time. Somebody will show it to him and that'll be the end of it. Never mind the Xbox we have that never gets used. Or the brand new Macs he had to have. No, he'll have to have a Wii too.

And I'm afraid, knowing how he drags me into his evil electronic world, that I'll find myself wanting right along with him. :/

The gadget I want this holiday season is a 160GB iPod classic. My little Nano (2nd generation) is kind of boring now. :)

Smarty Pants said...

I can introduce you to the evil of Wii tonight, Lynn. :)

I asked for the 80G iPod classic, but then decided after getting the Wii that I should pass and get it later. I'm just going to ask for some games and accessories for the Wii instead. Too much money being spent - mine - but still.

Of course, then last night I went into Circuit City and bought a Samsung 22 inch widescreen monitor that is SOOOOO sweet. Sigh. I really am a geek.

Instigator said...

Welcome to the dark side, SP! I haven't been a video game girl in a long time but I was hooked the first time I played the Wii.

The girls are hoping Santa brings one for Christmas this year. DH wants to take it out of the box and make sure it works so Christmas morning isn't ruined by a broken toy. HA!

I haven't played guitar hero but I'm planning on fixing that deficiency in my experiences tonight. Yay!


barbara vey said...

This sounds like the perfect gift for my son's family and probably the one thing they don't already own. I know people who own the game and love it.

I think there's something for every age group and now I saw a news show that they are using it for physical therapy (I think it was the bowling game)

So, enjoy it and I already knew you were a Rock Star!

Maven Linda said...

I want the Leopard operating system for my Mac. No, I don't. I want a new Mac with the Leopard O/S. So why don't I get one? Because I'm swamped right now, and I don't have time to deal with anything else. But I will. I will.

Know how I mark controllers/cordless phones/whatever so I can tell which one's mine? I put a dot of red fingernail polish on it.


verification word is: XHCWZG.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh, I see the evil plan, SP! Get ME into the Wii, and then I'll be talking about it nonstop and hubby will smirk all the way to the store. LOL!

Well, I must say I look forward to trying anything that has so many people hooked on it. And I did go through a guitar phase as a teen. I sucked at it though. :)

I probably won't get the iPod either. :( We're going on a cruise, and that's our present to ourselves. But that ain't stopping me from breaking out the checkbook for Pampered Chef!

Instigator said...

Barbara, if you decide you want to get one for your son's family you need to be looking now. The stores can't keep them on the shelves for more than a day or so once they get a shippment in. It isn't even the full blown Christmas shopping season and already there's a shortage of them. You can barely find them in stock online either. Although, I have a tracking website that will notify you when some appear. The problem is that when it does come up they're usually gone within 10 minutes to an hour so you have to check the site continuously.

Instigator - who lucked up and found hers at a rural Walmart where no one obviously plays video games.

Kathy said...

I'm not big into video game systems. #3 plays Xbox 360 all the time. And #1 has a Wii system we got to play with our grandson when we visited right after #2 grandson was born. I loved the bowling and baseball games! Don't know anything about the guitar game but I'd bet my son has it already. He plays an awesome Stairway to Heaven on a real guitar. :-)

Looking forward to tonight.

Playground Monitor said...

Now that you mention computers, I'd love a new desktop. Mine is sooooooo slow even after I cleaned all the graphics off it. This one's four years old and a dinosaur. I have the new laptop, but I can't really type well on that, plus it's an ergonomic nightmare. I'd have to have a massage every week if I worked on it all the time.


Smarty Pants said...

What you need, Marilyn, is a docking station. Then you can plug in a full keyboard, mouse and monitor and use your laptop. When you need to take it somewhere, you just unplug it and go and all the other stuff stays on your desk. Problem solved.

In other comments, if you have an XBox, Playstation, or Wii, you can get the Guitar Hero. They have versions for each.

I just got a phone call from DB. Apparently his Wii baseball team isn't doing well. He told me my Mii just hit a home run, but he'd have to bench Helen. Whoever that is. Another convert!

catslady said...

My daughter got her fiance one last christmas. They live 5 hrs. away but when they visit (coming this weekend in fact but it's months between visits) they bring it with them and it is sooooo much fun. I have a very addictive personality so it's a good thing I don't have it around lol.

Barbara Vey said...

Linda, my son is coming over tomorrow to install the Leopard system on my Mac. I'm so excited! But of course, I'd like a new Mac too, but that's not happening. ::sob::

jenn m said...

my boyfriends brother has a wii and i am addicted. I like it not only for my children (cause it gets their lazy bums up)but it is great for adults. I have to recommend mario party 8, a great get together game, 4 players.