Sunday, November 18, 2007

Feelin' the Love


I don't know if I should flip my hair because we're so popular or fan the tears away in a Sally-Field-you-really-like-us moment.

Who knew so many places linked to our blog and/or site? Someone even put us on the Romance Wiki! There are several places where the Playground is listed under "Valuable Resources for Writers" or similar headings.

We're popular! We're valuable! Trust me, we are certainly feeling the luuuuuuve right now.

Thanks so much to all of you who mined the web and sent me the links. Opening those emails and clicking through to see our site listed was The. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. (If I could afford the postage, I'd be spreading a lot of love in return. Sadly, the USPS doesn't give me a bulk discount.)

The winner, though, is Eva, who found an amazing 75 links to the Playground. She gets a Books-A-Million tote bag, goodies, and a few books. Coming in second with 22 spottings is Lauren. She'll be getting a surprise in the mail as well as soon as she sends me a mailing address.

This was great fun, y'all! Thanks for making our day!

~~fans eyes~~



catslady said...

Congrats. I think it would be fun if maybe you posted some of the sites?

Problem Child said...

Oh, I will.

As soon as I get this book out the door! :-)