Thursday, July 05, 2007


I don't get it! Sweet Pea, Baby Girl, Captain Jack and I all have ringworm. Yes, even the dog has it. I was home for one night, one short, measley night, while Baby Girl was unmedicated and I come down with the stuff (right before nationals where I'll be wearing not one but two strapless gowns. Nope, not bitter at all). DH, who debated with my mother for four days over whether Sweet Pea had it...not a thing. After handling the dog's umpteen spots...not a mark on him.
The man never gets anything. Not a sniffle, a sneeze, a cold, the flu, nothing. My other arm (the one without ringworm) is covered in phantom bug bites (whatever they were, they thought I was tasty). He, not a one.
The man eats junk food like it's a food group, barely sleeps, has a glass of whiskey almost every night. He does everything wrong. His immune system should suck. But the man is so healthy it's sickening. I DON'T GET IT!!

Don't get me wrong. I don't wish he would get sick. I just wish I wouldn't!

Is it just my husband? Wait. Scratch that. If it is I don't think I want to know so don't tell me. Instead, let me know what your significant other does that drives you up the wall. Maybe swapping stories will help us all feel better.



Jen said...

Aw, Instigator! I'm sorry. I've had ring-worm once (two stray kittens dropped off) and it sucks you have that just in time for Nationals. Medicate, medicate, medicate.

Honey, my man and yours are sharing the junk food thing. His idea of a vegtable? White potatoes and corn. He only eats white bread. Loves pasta. Lots of butter on everything. Lives off of Mountain Dew. His idea of a workout is looking for the remote.

I only eat sprouted grain bread. Skim everything. At least one salad (hold the dressing) a day. I've hardly met a vegtable or fruit I didn't like. I try to limit myself to two cups of tea in the morning and the rest is water (well, until cocktail hour). I work out at least 4, more often 5, days a week.

Guess which one of us has high cholesterol and high blood pressure? Uh-huh. I do all those things to keep myself off of meds. I'm thrilled when my cholesterol is 200. Mr.Lazy Junk Food? 145. IT'S NOT FAIR! Of course, naturally thin people aren't fair either. Whew! Let me catch my breath from all that whining.

Okay, I'm feeling your pain. And try Gold Bond for the ring-worm.

Smarty Pants said...

I'm sorry, Instigator. What timing! Aside from sinus infections, DB doesn't usually get sick. Yes, he eats total junk, chugs soda and weighs only about 20 lbs more than I do. Just not fair.

Maybe we can find a pretty wrap for you if your arms are still troublesome.


Rhonda said...

Aw, Instigator! So sorry about the ringworm! You're right--it's not fair.

Instigator said...

Jen, my DH is naturally skinny too. Most of our relationship, I've weighed more than he does.

However, I found one more thing to complain about :-) Yesterday we went to the water park. I forgot to reapply sunscreen on my back and face (did everywhere else) and am now a little crispy around the edges. DH? He didn't apply any sunscreen at all, spent 5 hours in the hot sun and looks wonderfully golden brown. I'm a mixture of pasty white and angry red. Grrrr!


Angel said...

Wow! I thought my husband was the only one who wouldn't touch a veggie. Jen, you could have described my hubby to a T, except he lives off Dr. Pepper instead of Mtn. Dew.

It is so not fair that I work my butt off and get nowhere. He replaces a gallon of Dr. Pepper with water and loses 20 pounds. Never stresses over much. The most laid back person I've ever met (I think our son is going to be just like him.)

I can only hope the kids got his genes instead of mine. :)

Kathy said...

Oh, Instigator! Life's just not fair, is it? I feel for you.

Things are the other way around here. My DH gets bitten by all the mosquitoes, breaks out if he breaths air anywhere near poison ivy, and can't eat the junk food anymore. If I exercise, which I haven't been doing consistantly, I can keep the weight off and eat pretty much anything I like. That doesn't mean I should.

Who's the klutz? Me. Who trips, knocks their head, cuts themself, bruises easily.... me. DH thinks it's funny. But I can console myself knowing that when I'm outside with him, the bugs won't bother me. :-)

Take your meds, apply aloe to your toasted skin, and take a deep breath. We'll make sure your LOVERLY for National. I'm good with hair, SP is great with make-up, PC and Angel have fantastic fashion sense. And PM is a healer with infinite wisdom. We'll have you tip top in no time!

No worries. Keep telling yourself... no worries.


Problem Child said...

I'm a bit crispy around the edges today too. I'm hoping it fades to a nice tan for nationals, but I'll probably be peeling instead...

Playground Monitor said...

The DH can lose weight by thinking about it. I've been dieting since April and lost 5 pounds. I'd almost take a mild case of his intestinal infection to shed a few more pounds and this spare tire around the middle.

He can tan just thinking about the sun, while I have to go through the pink stage first.

However, we'll have the last laugh. Statistically, women live longer, so we'll be the merry widows.


Jen said...

LOL, Marilyn. Merry widows, indeed -- that's hysterical!!

robynl said...

I know how you feel, I believe. I get sick just hearing someone say they are sick; dh on the other hand hardly ever gets sick. He doesn't know what a headache is-me, I truly know. It is not fair I tell you!!!! Take care and get better.