Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ask Us (Almost) Anything...

Today's the last day--we'll be home from Dallas tomorrow, and we'll be wrestling control of the blog back from DG and our blog friends.

Kim W poses an unusual question...

Name five things that can always be found in your grocery cart.

Playground Monitor:
Starbucks coffee (for the DH), lettuce (we eat lots and lots of salads), strawberries (when they are in season and reasonably cheap), plain yogurt and lowfat mozarella

Instigator: Pretzel goldfish, chocolate milk, Special K chocolate drizzle bars, a smart ones meal (or several) and cheese.

Smarty Pants: Granola bars of one variety or another (this month I'm loving the Kashi Chewy Trail Mix bars), 100 calorie snack packs to keep at work (love the Grasshoppers and the Quaker Mini Cinnamon Streusel), cheese (string cheese, bonbel, laughing cow), Yoplait light and water flavor packets. I'm a snacker.

Problem Child: Diet Coke with Splenda (the "with Splenda" is the important part. I can't stand the taste of the other stuff.), Quaker Caramel Quakes for snacking (yummy and crunchy and diet-friendly), organic milk (because it really does taste better), various cheeses like Laughing Cow, BabyBel, white cheddar, and American for AC (seems we're cheese freaks here on the Playground), tofu (I can whip together dinner in 5 minutes with a box of tofu. It's kind of my fall-back meal option).

Angel: Dr. Pepper (for the hubby), juice of various flavors (for the kids), paper plates (I don't believe in dirtiing up dishes unless I absolutely have to, because then I have to wash them.), cheese (the pre-shredded kind, usually for some meal or another), and milk (2% for the kiddios, 1% acidophilus for me).

****Thanks, Kim. Contact PC for your prize.


Nini :) said...

Wow! 99% of your things are very healthy....

Let's see - in my cart would be:

1. Diet Caffeine Free Coke
2. Regular Coke for my DH
3. Some type of bread
4. Veggies
5. Pasta

Well, now that i look at it, it's high in carbs but the veggies can counteract that...not bad. I thought it'd be worse!


KimW said...

Cheese seems to be a popular item. lol That can be found in my cart, too, along with soy nuts, grapes, eggs and bacon.

Thanks for answering!

Lis said...

In my cart, there'd have to be -

100% whole wheat kaiser buns (great for hamburger buns)
white hamburger buns (for pizza subs)
mozza and cheddar cheese
pizza sauce
zoodles (because there's no cooking in a heatwave!)
frozen orange juice

Cherie J said...

For me it would have to be meat, cheese, veggies, milk and bread. Those are essentials we get every week. Boring but essential. :-)