Monday, July 23, 2007


My Sundays lately seem to be chock full of activity. Yesterday we had Little Man's third birthday party. This shouldn't have led to a late night, but his cousins stayed with us and I didn't get everyone to sleep until around 10:30pm! I remembered I needed to blog around midnight, as I drifted off to sleep. Then the confusion of getting up to four children who need to be fed instead of two, and my focus was in a totally different arena.

My mind has been whirling since I got home from conference and I've been rearranging my office according to a workshop I attended there. It got a nod of approval from those Playfriends who attended last night. I won't get to paint until later this year or early next, but I'm arranging everything and hanging pics in the meantime. I'm very excited! And know this will help my production, especially once the kiddios get back into school next week.

I can't believe school is about to start. It seems like this summer just flew by, mostly because I was gone for the majority of it. Maybe now things will settle down into a rhythm and I can get my brain back. Not likely... :)

I'd have to say I have 2 favorite memories of the summer of 2007:

1. Wandering the ruins of Kilchurn castle in Scotland. The combination of lapping water, sheep farm, nooks and crannies, and incredible vistas will stay with me forever.

2. Watching my children grow. While they've both had growth spurts this summer (Drama Queen now reaches to my chin!), they've both taken on new responsibilities and abilities this summer. I'm reminded both that they won't be this age forever, and that their growth is a wonderful thing.

I'm just rambling this morning, but I promise coherency next week. Mainly because I won't be speaking! Next Monday I'll be hosting my first guest blogger, Barbara Vey of Publishers Weekly. She'll be telling us how she landed the job that gives her the opportunity to meet talented authors and aspiring authors like us. I hope you'll join us for the chance to get to know this warm and friendly lady!

Until then, what is your favorite memory of the summer of 2007?



Playground Monitor said...

That one's easy. It's Grandbaby's first birthday party last month. I know all the adults were way more excited than she was. Of course, then she stuffed herself with cake and we all experienced her first sugar overload. But it was so much fun to see her wonderment over the cake and gifts and all the people.


Smarty Pants said...

Favorite memory...hmm...

I loved Doune Castle - the coconuts, the insults hurled from the roof, just a cool castle in memroies for me were there, I think.

Kilchurn was awesome too. As was Stirling, Urqhuart...just a great trip.

I can't watch kids grow, but I did enjoy watching my new house be built. Best part, of course, is getting to live in it now. At least, once all the dumb blinds and curtains are hung. What a chore! No wonder they charged $125 to have the builder install them.

Nini said...

I guess my favorite memory of this summer was going on vacation with DH, Jerry, alone. No son - who's 18, though he was invited to join us, he declined, telling me he'd rather have the house to himself. And yes, the house is still standing.

We talked more, laughed more, held hands, got romantic. It was like dating again without all the angst. It was a nice feeling to see that after 19 years married, we've still got it! ;)

As for school, I've got to be back Aug. 15th for teacher inservices and such. Students are back the Wednesday after that. It was a short summer, and though i was 'bored' once in a while, i'm not quite ready to head back. All in all, that means very little writing will get done.


Instigator said...

Favorite memory...getting my first sale call :-) Scotland follows very close behind though.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Going to my first national conference. :)

MaryKate said...

For me, my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. My whole family in one place for the weekend. I went into it kind of dreading it (my family can be a lot to take), but instead, we just had the best time. Really enjoyed each other and the time we spent together.

It was lovely.

Stacy S said...

For me it would be spending the whole summer with my son(been laid off-back to work now). It's the first time since he was a baby that I've got to do this. We've just hung out, went to movies. Things like that and it's been great to do that with him.

catslady said...

Who starts school in July????

In 3 weeks we're going to spend 3 days at Cedar Point with my daughter and her fiancee and my other daughter and her boyfriend - everyone gets along and it should be a lot of fun.

Instigator said...

I remember when school started the beginning of Sept. My girl start Aug 9th. Of course, they get more vacations during the year but...


Kathy said...

Chiming in late here. It's # 4's 16th birthday today!!! And she got her driver's license this morning!

Favorite summer memory....seeing my # 2 grandson for the first time, spending our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Cancun, hearing about our # 2's Study Abroad program while she's been in Milan, Paris and London, our youngest growing into a young woman, hearing a friend received The call, and of course, getting my first request. Woo-hoo, all!!!


Angel said...

Sounds like everyone has had awesome memories this year! Thanks for posting them.