Sunday, July 08, 2007

Absolutely, Positively Necessary

So, we're all getting ready to go to Nationals around here. Some of us leave on Tuesday, the rest on Wednesday. We've been burning up the loops with questions, suggestions, and decisions on what to take, where and do. But there is another part to going to Nationals: All the HOME stuff that needs to be done before you leave.

You know what I'm talking about. Not laundry and packing, but those things you MUST do around the house and for your family before you can comfortably walk out that door and not worry. The list probably changes according to how many kids are at home, animals, location, and the length of time to be gone, but it is always there.

Here's a peak at My List:

1. Write bills. Make deposits.

My dearly beloved is horrible with money. So before I go anywhere I make out all the deposits, get that money in the bank, and get as many bills paid as I possibly can.

It doesn't help that I was gone to Scotland through a pay period and now everything seems all out of whack. So this must be done before I can leave, no questions asked.

2. Grocery shopping.

Now, don't get me wrong. My hubby is perfectly capable of running by the grocery store or a restaurant and picking up dinner. Or cooking for that matter. Since he runs a restaurant, I hope he's good at that. This is more to lessen my guilt than it is to feed him.

If I leave the house with frozen pizzas, lunchables, and chicken nuggets in the fridge, then I know that he doesn't have to come home after a 12 hour day and figure out what to feed everyone. Unless he really wants to. And if someone is here watching the kids, they have something handy to throw in the oven that the kids will eat.

3. Pack the kids' bags.

If my children are going to be staying with anyone else, I go ahead and pack their clothes as their laundry is folded. A. It's just convenient to do it at that time. B. Then I know that nothing is forgotten. They won't get to my sister's house and have no clean underwear or swimsuits (because hubby didn't remember she was going to take them swimming).

Yes, I'm a control freak. Which leads me to my last Must Do:

4. Clean the house.

But you aren't going to be there to know that it's dirty, you say. Yes, I realize that. And my family probably wouldn't care, or even notice, that things are piling up. Floors are dirty (one of my pet peeves). Or that dishes in the sink have been there long enough to start growing things (I had to throw away several plastic cups when I came home from Scotland.).

But I would know. I think part of this stems from the fact that other people might be here to watch or pick up the kids. Doesn't matter that they are family and that they've seen the house dirty before.

And I'm not sure, but I think this might stem in part from my upbringing. My mother was a fanatic about the house being cleaned. Still is. She cleaned before every visitor, before every trip, and at least once per week otherwise. Now, I could use to clean my house more often than I do, but I look back and realize that my mother was a bit overzealous by my admittedly low standards. I mean, she practically had 4 adults (well, 2 of us were teens) living there that all picked up after ourselves. But she was into the deep cleaning. Maybe more of that has rubbed off on me than I'd like to acknowledge. :) Of course, any other time I would certainly not want unexpected company. I am by no means a clean freak!

So there is my Must Do list that just kind of sticks in my head before any trip. What about you? Any compulsive actions that MUST be taken before you head out the door?


Check out the cool and nifty countdown calendar below! And don't forget to read all about us in the Ask Us (Almost Anything) posts later this week.


Playground Monitor said...

I've stocked the fridge and pantry, done all the laundry, made sure the cat feeder is full (DH will have to handle the water), put all my email loops on no-mail status, and made a small to-do list for the DH (simple things like water the ferns and the planters by the steps and make sure the cat has water in her bowl so she doesn't drink out of the toilet). DH handles the bills so I'm okay there.

I'm packed. I've moved past panic mode into "whatever" mode. If I get to Dallas and I've forgotten something, I'll borrow it, buy it at the gift shop or do without. I did remember deodorant (unlike Reno).

Is it Monday afternoon yet????? I get to see the grandbaby tomorrow afternoon since I'm spending the night with them before flying to Dallas. Don't tell her, but I got her a bottle of bubbles. We'll play in the back yard and blow bubbles tomorrow.


Pat L. said...

Yes, my bed must be made before I leave the house - that is really about it, except for trying to have no papers laying around in the front of the house - so the house at appears to be neat. LOL.

Have fun at the Nationals.

Smarty Pants said...

I'm so far behind my to do list has been reduced to - pack and find girdle in storage. :)

jen said...

Even if it's an overnight trip, I have to pick up the house before I go. I HATE walking back into a mess -- even if I live with the mess most of the time. And there's always the petsitter coming in -- don't want them walking into a mess either.

Instigator said...

I'm half packed. I found this exceedingly funny since I went over to my parents house yesterday to pick up a pair of pants my mom was hemming and their hanging bag. My parents are leaving this afternoon for 10 days in Alaska. My mother hadn't packed a single thing.


Nini said...

You're all anal. That's why you're such good friends...

Yes - when i went on vacation, i went food shopping for my son. Did he eat anything he asked me to buy? Nope...ate at all his friend's houses...

Was my bed made?

Yep - but only because i had the suitcase on it with all the clothes for packing. I last minute pack because i hate wrinkles.

Were the floors cleaned? No.
All papers picked up? No.

I had way more exciting stuff to do, like....write.

Enjoy the time in Dallas!


Problem Child said...

No, I'm anal--the rest of the Playfriends are merely obsessive :-)

With less than a day left, it's time for freak-out mode...

Nini :) said...

I could use some anal/obsessive compulsive behavior today. I'm supposed to finish up my last class of the semester - Personal Finance - and i hate math. I literally have one more lesson to go, yet i'm on the computer putting it off....

Send some vibes this way - it's only 20 questions to answer.


Angel said...

Wow! Always nice to find out I'm not the only one...

And as I mentioned, my house cleanliness level isn't that high. So I had to laugh about the beds. We're not bed-makers around here. Never have been. I only make my bed when we're having a big party and people might actually be in my room. :)

Got bills paid, made deposits. Picked up my meds from the store. And went to the post office. Then came home and started packing.

Tomorrow I hope to have nothing left to do but pack and clean.

catslady said...

I just kind of found that out - I had a chance to run home before going to the hospital for tests and I packed a bag and checked out my emails roflmao. I had to make room so they wouldn't bounce. I left dishes in the sink (which were still there when I came back yuk. My mom is a total cleaning freak and I've turned out just the opposite.

And thanks for the win last week.

Have a good trip everyone.