Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ask Us (Almost) Anything...

Today's question comes from blog friend Robyn L:

What did you pack for your trip that you just couldn't leave home without?

Problem Child: If you could see my luggage, you know there's more than one thing I can't leave home without. :-) But if I had to narrow it down, it would be a toss up between the Downey Wrinkle Release and Diana Drummond Hand and Body Lotion. Wrinkle Release is the greatest thing--especially if you hate to iron. You just spray the item, give it a good shake and maybe a smooth or two, then hang it to dry. Voila! No wrinkles--no ironing. No, it doesn't give the same sharpness of a real iron, but it's wonderful when your "business casual" clothes have been shoved in a suitcase. My Hand and Body lotion multi-tasks. I use it under my makeup as a moisturizer because it's so light, but it's hardy enough to use all over. Temperature, altitude, humidity levels--that lotion helps my skin cope.
Now, let's talk about shoes and clothes...

Playground Monitor: I absolutely, positively cannot leave home without my medications. I have RLS -- Restless Leg Syndrome -- a condition that causes you to have a creepy-crawly feeling in your legs at night. But I'm sure that's not what you really wanted to know about my suitcase. I've discovered PC's Wrinkle Release and it's handy for sure. But I'd have to say it's a toss-up between comfortable shoes and a sweater because I'm always cold.

Instigator: Hmm, that's a hard question to answer, everything is essential (or I wouldn't pack it. I swear. Seriously. Stop looking at me that way you guys!) While the clothes, shoes, coordinating accesories and matching make-up are all important...I think the most important thing is my schedule. And for those of you who know me, the fact that I have one at all should tell you something :-) There's so much to do, I have every hour of each day scheduled with workshops, lunches, meetings... Without that schedule I'm liable to forget something very imporatnt.

Smarty Pants: I must must must have my hair products, especially the spray detangler -Pantene and V05 are my favorites. My hair tangles into a big ol mess when it gets wet and without it my hair ends up frizzy and poodle-like by the time I get it unknotted. Add in a cheap bottle of hotel provided 2-in-1 shampoo instead of my Pantene Curl Definition shampoo and conditioner and I might as well forget it. For proper curlage, I must have my Pantene Curl Definition gel too. My hair care regime cannot be altered - if I change brands expect a catastrophe of massively frizzy proportions.

Angel: I must respond along the same lines as SP once again. Though it isn't the shampoo and conditioner I need. It's the curl defining spray and my blowdryer/difuser. It doesn't matter if a blow dryer is provided by the hotel, I still have to take my own. Why? Because my difuser will probably not fit on the hotel's dryer. If I don't use a difuser on my hair when I fix it every morning, my curly hair ends up frizzy and flat. Not pretty!

Since we were trying to save space in our luggage for the Scotland trip, I went to a beauty supply store and bought a "universal" difuser. Supposed to fit on any dryer. Since PC had a dryer with the right plug, what's the point in carrying mine? Problem? My "universal" difuser wasn't so "universal". It kept sliding right off the end of PC's dryer. I couldn't even get it on the few hotel blow dryers we came across. It didn't technically matter that my hair looked like crap in Scotland, because the wind made it necessary to use a headband. But still.... Not taking that chance for Nationals, let me tell ya!


Nini said...

Don't forget that hand and body lotion is also good to use on top of pantyhose to get rid of static cling...same for hairspray!

Hope you're having a blast!


catslady said...

I'd love to know what is your favorite part of the conference and least favorite?

Cherie J said...

Thanks for sharing. I would love to know who is on your list of authors that you are dying to meet and if you met them while you were at the conference?

robynl said...

Am I to contact PC for a prize as the others are to do? Thanks.

robynl said...

enjoyed the replies to my question; thanks gals.