Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday in Scotland

Today is a another busy day. We spent last night in Inverness at a B&B, and have to be up at the crack of dawn for our day trip to Orkney. The coach leaves at 7.30 am.


We’ll cruise from Inverness up to John O’Groats—which is about as far north as you can be on mainland Scotland. There, we board a ferry for a 40-minute trek even further north to Orkney. (My mom, my aunt and I did this day trip many moons ago. It’s a “running tour” where you don’t spend a lot of time at any one place. More of a “taste of” as opposed to a “full meal.”)

Since we’re on a tour, all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery. Places we’re going and things we’ll see include:

Skara Brae: A Neolithic village inhabited from 3200-2200 BC and remarkably well-preserved.

Standing stones: Okay all you Outlander fans—we’ll be visiting not one, but two sets of standing stones on Orkney (and pretty close to the Solstice too. Guess we’d better be careful!) One is called the called the Ring of Brodgar

And the other is the henge monuments and both date from the Neolithic period.

A stop in Kirwall will provide a quick lunch and shopping and a chance to see the Cathedral there.

There’s some driving sightseeing—Orkney was important during the war so there’s some military history—but one stop will be the Italian Chapel, an amazing church built by Italian prisioners of war in 1943. The pictures here don't do it justice. Check out the site.

And if we're lucky, we'll get to see some puffins.

Another ferry ride and coach ride back to Inverness, then the long trek back to Glen Orchy. If we’re lucky, we’ll be home around 11.30. I just hope no one wants to be up too early tomorrow.

P.S. from PM
Ha! I've seen puffins in Alaska. They're so cute. I hope the Playfriends and Miss Rhonda get to see some. Remind me to tag along on their next Scotland trip. These sights today are just too cool (not that the others haven't been).
P.P.S. The winner of a nifty Writing Playground pen from Saturday when we were heading for 50,000 hits is ..... Nini! Send your snail mail info to the Playground Monitor and I'll get that pen out to you as soon as I get back home.


jen said...

Looks as if it's a fab trip! Hope you're not too lonely PM!

Carol said...

I'm enjoying hearing about your trip and I the photos are great!

Congrats Nini!

Kathy said...

Checking out ancient areas of Scotland sounds way cool! Enjoy Orkney, guys!

It always amazes me when I see monolythic rocks like that standing erect after so many years of weather and neglect. I'm always interested in 'why' things were built, what their purpose and meaning was. You have to admit, people really knew how to build things back then, didn't they? Why can't we build things that last?


ChristyJan said...

Beautiful pictures! They make me want to go see them in person.

Maureen said...

It sounds wonderful and I hope you see the puffins. They look too cute.

Stacy S said...

It sounds like an amazing trip. I would love to go some day.

robynl said...

congrats Nini; the Puffins sure look cute.
What a trip you gals are on!!! Hope you have enough time to enjoy the B&B experience.

catslady said...

I'm really enjoying the pics. It's almost like being there...well, not really lol.

Cherie J said...

Those are some great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Nini :) said...

Wow!!! I should go away on vacation more often!!! Thanx!!!

Love puffins - didn't see any. But did see some smelly penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium....none doing the Happy Feet dance though. I was kinda disappointed!!

Did i worry you PM when i was playing in the playground at 3AM??? All alone??? No one to monitor me?

Nini :)

Nini :) said...


Love the henge rocks!! So near the Solistice would be just fabulous to see....DH doesn't want to do any of that, so i'll take my friend Jewelz and we'll hightail it out to Europe and see Stonehenge and the rest of the dances!! May take quite a few years, but..........

Nini :)