Friday, June 08, 2007

Something to Look Forward To

What a party yesterday! You know, when we all came together as writers struggling to achieve our goals of publication it seemed like this far off dream. “One day...” It’s hard to believe that “one day” is here. Instigator has sold a book to Blaze. PM has sold nearly 20 (I’ve lost track, she’s done so well) short stories to the Trues... All the things we talked about doing when one of us did the near impossible – parties, gifts, announcements, celebrations of all kinds...we’re actually doing them. It’s surreal and it’s not even my achievement.

Almost feels like it, though. Almost. Nothing feels like it actually happening to you, of that I’m sure, but I anticipate this being the closest I’ll get in the next year. Long before Instigator’s sale, we all discussed how we would handle it when one of us got the call. In some circles, a major achievement of one out of many might cause a group to split in jealousy over time. I don’t think that will happen with us. We’re all realistic, balanced people. We are fully aware of how this business works. Even if the wicked bug of jealousy creeps into our ears for just a moment, we’ll shoo him away because we know how wonderful this is, for everyone, not just Instigator. Several reasons for this...

First, Instigator is such a wonderful, sweet, caring person. She has worked sooo hard on this – years - people! She deserves this glory. You can’t help but be excited and thrilled that she’s finally made it.

Second, whenever a new author sells, it gives us all hope that one day, we too might get here. This isn’t a zero-sum game. One author selling does not take away a slot that would’ve been mine. Every new author that breaks the ceiling to publication is just blazing a trail of inspiration for those of us still climbing the ladder.

Third, it sets a good example for the rest of us. Her sale wasn’t dumb luck or good timing – it was hard work and months of revisions. Myself, I’ve spent the last few days in-between “SQUEEEE” moments thinking about my WIP that I’m not writing. All this partying is fun. Don’t I wish I could have a party, too? Yep, but I’m never going to if I don’t finish this dumb book. I can’t let myself get discouraged by setbacks. You just have to keep chugging along. Once I'm done partying and siteseeing - back to BICHOK.

Finally, for once PC doesn't have to be the canary sent down into the coal mine. We're pushing Instigator ahead of us to figure all this publication stuff out. Then, when we sell (and we WILL), she'll be our expert guide on the business. Yeah, that's it - we LET her sell first just for this reason. Yeah, yeah, that is our dastardly plan... :)

All this has definitely inspired me to get back to work on my book. What has inspired you lately?



Rhonda said...

The scale.



And SP, there isn't a doubt in my mind that each and every one of the Playfriends will sell. You're all fabulous writers.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, SP! You're right, Kira's sale is inspiring. I'd just gotten back to my WIP this week after the craziness of my move and all that, and I was feeling pretty good. Then Instigator gets great news and it REALLY makes me know why I do this.

I remember what Maven Linda said at an HOD meeting recently. She said that envy was fine because you didn't want to take away the good thing your friend got, you just wanted one too. She said that jealousy was wanting it instead of someone else, and that wasn't good. But it's okay to want one too.

Well, I want one too, and Kira's good news lets me know it's possible when you work hard and are dedicated. Of course you have to write a kick-ass good story too! I'm still trying to do that and I hope I get it right someday. :)

And you're right, she's such a nice sweet person that it's impossible not to feel giddy for her. :) I'm raising my coffee cup to not only this first sale, but also to the possibility of the rest of us getting one too. :) The publishing pie is not finite (also something Maven Linda said that day).

Party on, Playfriends!

Kathy said...

Getting ready for the conference and my first pitch has consumed my thoughts of late. I have to say, Instigator's 'Call' has really jazzed me! Her success has been a wonderful influence inspiring me not to tire of the work that must be done before the conference. Preparation is key. The years Instigator spent preparing for this, all the revisions she made have proven it can be done, that hard work, focus and devotion WILL bring reward. Instigator has become our torch and rightly so.

Flame On!

(Trying to lose at least as many pounds as Rhonda)

Smarty Pants said...

I have to say my scale will be one of the last things I unpack when I'm in the new house. Admitting how many "stone" I was for the horseriding was quite agitating. Although it sounds a lot better in stones than it does in pounds. My weight on the moon is really nice too. Doesn't decrease the size of my bum, though...

Jen said...

One word -- DEADLINE.

Kathy said...

Stone! That makes me think I'll sink if I'm in water. Hmmmm.

The good thing about the moon is...I'd be light on my feet. :-)


Playground Monitor said...

Writing-wise, I'm not sure what has inspired me lately. While Kira's sale has certainly been exciting and I'm happy-as-punch for her, my own writing has come under close self-scrutiny for the past few weeks mainly because I haven't done any of it. I'm doing a lot of soul searching to ask myself why when the process has been so painful for the past few months. It's probably just a transient case of post-menopausal fog combined with worrying about my mom after her surgery and finding out earlier this week I need surgery on my foot. Rhonda's scale -- or actually MY scale -- doesn't want to budge and because of my foot, I can't do my power walking to help it along. Poor pitiful me.

However... Today is Grandbaby's birthday and a year ago I was racing to Birmingham so I could be there when she screamed her way into the world. Big party tomorrow and don't tell, but Grammy and Papa are giving her a Little Tikes swing and slide sized just right for a one-year-old. Where has the time gone???


Angel said...

I think seeing someone we know make it IS inspiring. We were talking about this at dinner last night (tiramisu, yum! So much for my scale...).

Like SP said, sometimes this goal seems so intangible. Since we joined our chapter only one "newbie" has sold, and she wasn't a regular attender, so we didn't get to see everything that came before and after.

Seeing everything Instigator has done in revisions for this book, while writing another and brainstorming another, really made me look into whether I CAN put the work needed into it.

Not whether I want to, because I do, but whether I can at this stage of my life. And you know what, it isn't easy, but it is doable.

Thank you, Instigator, for being the canary. :)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Let's not even discuss the scale. I think I need to buy new clothes for Dallas. Southern cooking is much worse for the waistline than Hawaii cooking. I've gained too much weight since coming here...
Thought I'd powerdiet before National, but two weeks in and I'm not doing a great job of it. It's that dang Chinese takeout place right up the road. They're killing me.

Anonymous said...

You guys are my inspiration. Since joining HOD this year I have actually started a real honest to goodness WIP. Not some scribbling in a hidden-under-my-bed journal. Although I am still sooo lost about this process I learn more everyday. Reading this blog and Rhonda's Rants have become a morning ritual. It proves you can have a hectic life and still find time to write.

According to SP's prsentation on personality types I am a true INFP. In the dictionary next to the definition of procrastinator you will find my picture. I am seeking a cure for this affliction.
Does BICHOK come in pill, powder or liquid? I would like the sticky gluey kind please.

Thanks to all for just being there!
Sherry W.

Instigator said...

Wow, I'm not quite sure what to do with being someone's inspiration :-) Although, I don't mind being the canary just this once...someone has to do it and PC has been the canary so often she needed a break.

At the moment, I've got a fire lit under my own butt. It's going to be a long time before my book actually hits the shelves...I want to make sure I've got a couple more in the works by then.


Problem Child said...

Wait---I get to be the canary for everything but this?!?!

Sheesh, I need to renegotiate my contract...

Smarty Pants said...

Of course, PC...wouldn't be any fun if we let you be the canary when you wanted to be.

Nini said...

Inspiration? I was in a chat and when i answered a question someone posted on the chat board:

Are you all authors here? Am I the only one who's not published?

I piped up with: Nah! I'm an author wannabe...

When Jenna Mills piped up with:

Nini....You are an author, you're just prepublished.

Prepublished! My new favorite, best word.


I found out that I live less than five miles away from Gail Barrett. I won a book from her the other night and we found out that we live that close to each other! How cool is that?

So........that and all my friends have been my inspiration lately.

Nini :)