Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Scottish Weekend

Our weekend in Scotland will have some definite highlights!

We'll start off Saturday by taking the bus through Edinburgh and on to Rosslyn Chapel. For those of you familiar with the movie The DaVinci Code, this is the chapel at the end where Sophie meets her family.

Founded in 1446 by the St. Clair Prince of Orkney, it is a smaller portion of what was to have been a larger structure. It wasn't completed after the death of the Prince, but what remains is undeniably beautiful.

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I particularly love the inscription on the Apprentice Pillar, "Wine is strong a King is stronger, women are stronger still, but truth conquers all." The master mason who began carving the pillar left for Rome to receive further guidance as to completing it, but upon his return found that his apprentice had continued working to the pillar's completion. The master was so angry that he killed the young man, thus earning the pillar its name.

After finishing up in Edinburgh, we'll travel to our home base along the Glen Orchy river and get settled. The next day we'll take in Inveraray. The castle there looks gorgeous. Check out the website, it's interactive and you can view various rooms on the web. We might also check out the Maritime Museum, restored jail, or whatever takes our fancy.

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Check back in on Monday for a chance to win a paranormal prize pack that includes a Nessie souvenir. And don't forget our "Keep Marilyn Company" contest, going on all week!


P.S. from PM

1. No writing yesterday because the workmen came at 8:00 AM to install the lights on the front of the house and didn't finish untiol 3:00 PM. They were drilling and hammering and generally not conducive to writing. Once they left I headed for the campground, where perhaps I will be able to write. Perhaps.

2. The blog is very close to its 50,000th hit! We should reach that big milestone today. Yay us! I'll pick a commenter today to receive a fabuloso Writing Playground pen.

3. So what if the other Playfriends are seeing castles and chapels. I saw a dead deer by the roadside and a dust devil in a carwash parking lot. Not the same, huh?


LadyVampire said...

I still plan to visit Scotland soon so I am taking in all this info and planning my tour for when I get there. I have to say I love that picture of the Chapel, The building itself really is exquisitely done.

Nini said...

Roslyn sounds beautiful! I wish i were there, but we're planning a trip to Italy next year, so Scotland will have to wait.

So.....did Roslyn Chapel have that 'secret' staircase down to the basement, where all the documents were? Did you see where Mary Magdalene had lain???

Enjoy the trip!


Nini said...

Oops..i forgot to add...

Marilyn - i'm sorry about the dead deer!

Nini :(

Maureen said...

The trip sounds wonderful. I myself saw a dead skunk by the side of the road this morning.

Nini said...

Oh, were we supposed to tell what we've seen?

On the way to Wal-Mart this afternoon, saw a few dead groundchucks, one dead deer, some unidentifiable animals....

I know - gross! And sad.


Stacy S said...

Those are great pictures. I saw a baby deer on the side of the road. Poor thing.

catslady said...

Love the pictures and all the history. Unfortunately I see dead "animals" at the side of our roads all the time :(

Kathy said...

The itinerary sounds great again! Hope you guys are having lots of fun.

So far I've seen a dead deer, 4 live ones frollicking in a meadow, and what looked like a dead vulture. Eck!

Sorry the workmen stayed so long, PM. Hopefully, you've gotten all the repairs done and can return to writing.

Happy Father's Day to all the dudes out there!