Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goodies galore to be given away...

As Angel, Instigator, Smarty Pants, and I rush around with last minute packing, here's a reminder to our faithful blog readers that there's goodies to be had...

Keep Marilyn Company: With the four of us gone for ten days, poor Marilyn will have no one to monitor. We need you to keep her in tip-top whistle-blowing condition. We'll be giving away presents from our trip (and, of course, there are books to be had!) to Honorary Playfriends who step up to the plate and keep Marilyn from missing us too badly. Comment on the blog. Send fun emails to Keep her busy for us. Winners will be chosen when we return.

Ask Us (Almost) Anything: Don't forget to send your burning questions about the personal lives of the Playfriends to me at problemchild@writingplayground.dom. We'll choose our favorites to answer and post those answers while we're away at the RWA National Conference in July. If we chose your question to answer, you'll win a prize! Keep those questions coming!


kim h said...

that is cool, have fun ladies.

Lis said...

Have a wonderful trip! :o)

Caffey said...

Have a great trip!!

Hi Marilyn!!! Mmm, what kind of jokes and fun you enjoy? I'm a reader so I love to chat books too!
I shall find some fun to send along to you!

Pat L. said...

What authors are autobuys?

What one or two books will you always remember?

Do your family members read your books?

Nini said...

Well Marilyn....

You pretty much told me to get my feet wet by jumping in, and here i am! ;)

So....questions you want? To keep you busy?

Do you prefer swings or teetertotters?

Do you write? What do you write? Have you been published? Are you heading to Dallas for the RWA convention? Who's your favorite author? Why?

Is that enough for now?

Nini :)

Nini said...

It's three in the a.m. Marilyn? Did you know that someone was on the board and you weren't monitoring it? Hmmm.....

What can i do to make Marilyn think she should have been here, instead of sleeping comfortably in her big soft bed?

I'm up cause DH woke me as he was going to work. Yes at 3AM...Thank goodness vacation is on Monday.

I really wish i could see Scotland, The Highlander's Castle, all the heather, and the kilts.

Next year we're heading to Italy for our 20th anniversary. DH wants to take a cooking class in the Tuscany Valley...since we both love to cook. And eat. that i've run around, sat on the swings, slid down the slide and just ran rammpant without a monitor, i'm heading to bed.

Maybe later today i can have a lollipop?

Nini :)