Monday, June 18, 2007

A Hunting We Will Go...

For the Loch Ness Monster, that is. Today we trek to Loch Ness, hoping for a glimpse of the famous Nessie.

And it looks like we have a great chance of seeing her. Recently, an amateur scientist caught what is believed to be video of the famous monster. Very Cool!

My daughter has given me specific instructions to bring her home a stuffed Nessie, which we saw online while searching for pictures. I shall endeavor to succeed, just in case I can't get a picture of the real thing.

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After scoping out the old girl, we'll drive further along Loch Ness to Culloden. There we'll visit the Battlefield, Exhibition, and Visitor Center that memorializes over 1300 Jacobites and Government soldiers killed in the last battle to take place on Scottish soil. The entire battle lasted only an hour. Mass graves here are simply marked by clan, though the coming government strictures brought about the breakdown of the clan system.

Then it is on to Inverness, where we hope to visit the Inverness Castle, rumored to be linked with the murder of King Duncan featured in Shakespeare's play MacBeth.

Across the river is Saint Andrew's Cathedral and several historical houses, then it's off to the B&B for some sleep. We'll have a very early morning, so turning in on time is imperative. :)

While you are waiting for our return, you can go on a hunt for Nessie yourself. Check out this live webcam located on Loch Ness.

Talking with my daughter about the Loch Ness monster has made me think a lot about various "monsters" in our culture. We watch the Adams Family and Munsters a lot on TV Land. There are all those old B movies of the Swamp Thing and giant radioactive ants. Paranormal is really popular right now, but I'm talking about old school monsters. There's even another Nessie-type monster seen in one of the Great Lakes called Champ.

What's your favorite "monster" story, from when you were a kid or old movies or tv shows? I'll choose my favorite to win some paranormal books and a Nessie trinket when I return.


P.S. from PM

Y'all are doing a great job of keeping me company. I've hardly missed the Playfriends at all. I should have gotten a bunch of writing done this weekend but I just vegged instead. And read 2 books. And went for a motorcycle ride with the hubby yesterday. Tomorrow I resume the hunt for the perfect Rita dress. Stay tuned for details.


LadyVampire said...

Sounds like your having a blast out there. So much to do and hopefully enough time to do it all. I'll have to check out the webcam and watch for Nessie but I really hope you spot him while your at the Lake. I saw the new video your talking about, great stuff. I really believe there is something hidden out there in that Lake that we truely have not discovered yet. Nevr seen Champ around the Lakes but I do know of him since I am so close being in Chicago.
My favorite monster from when I was a kid was Herman Munster from the Munster's TV show. I kept hoping I would have an uncle like him when I was a kid. I was really dissappointed. Not one of my uncles had bolts in his neck or green skin. Darn!

LadyVampire said...

P.S. To PM:

I would not worry about taking some time out from your new book. Sometimes you need time away and end up being more inspired when you get back into writing again. And who wouldn't enjoy a spin on a motorcycle. I love motorcycles. The wind in your hair makes you feel alive. Of course having to huddle close and hold a good looking man around the waist is an added incentive. :)

tetewa said...

Good luck on spotting Nessie sounds like you guys are having wonderful time. Favorite monster from childhood would have to be Dracula, love those vamps!

Maureen said...

Good luck finding Nessie although maybe it's good to let sleeping monsters lie. My favorite monster story has to be bigfoot.

Lois said...

Oooh, Nessie. . . if you find him, can you give him a wave for me? Love to say hi to the big guy. :) If he is there, he's one smart cookie. :)


Playground Monitor said...

First, I've never been big on monsters. I was always too scared by horror movies. But Nessie has always fascinated me. Bigfoot too. Who knows if they're true, but it's fun to believe.

Second, the dress hunt was a failure today. Couldn't find anyhting in my price range. I'm not about to pay full price for a dress I might wear 2-3 times over the course of a few years. But there's still time. Maybe if I wrapped myself in an Ace bandage from just below my bosom to my hips I might look okay in an older dress. ::grin::


catslady said...

Oh my favorite thing to watch as a kid were all those old scifi movies - the blob, the thing, you name it. in fact I'll still watch them late on saturday night. But I have to admit our family's favorite is Tremors with Kevin Bacon. These large whale like monsters come out from under the earth when they feel vibrations - when my kids were small we use to cover the floor with pillows (like rocks) so we could walk safely roflmao.

Your trip sounds wonderful!

Kathy said...

PM, did you go to Parisians? They had great deals there last week.

Monsters! Loch Ness. Lake Placid. Champ? Pirana. Gators. Yikes! Growing up we used to sit and watch the Hoolihan and Big Chuck hour on Friday nights. Then on Saturday nights, we'd watch the Mr. Ghoul show. On these nights, the old B movies were shown two at a time. LOVED it! And I was only 10 years old. The good ol' days of the 50 Ft Tall Woman, Giant Spiders, Ants, Grasshoppers, Bees, you name the insect and we watched it. Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, Abbott and Costello meet Wolfman, Mummy, Dracula and Frankenstein. (Good times) The Thing, Swamp Thing, the Creature From the Black Lagoon (I do a dangerous imitation that actually sends people to the hospital), It Came from Outerspace, the Blob, Psycho (it took me 2 years to take showers again), and so on until you get to what is now called nostalgic, Aliens and Predator. On Lost in Space there was a BAD robot. I had nightmares about it for years and still do today for some odd reason.

The unknown draws us like kids to junk food. While we fear the unknown we are also fascinated by it. Horror writers have a fun job. Take normal fears and give them control. Yowza!

Hope you saw ol' Nessie today, guys! In my mind, Loch Ness is a beautiful, magical place and my wish is that you experienced the magic.


Kimberly L said...

Sound like fun. Hope you spot Nessie. The monster story I remember most is about Bigfoot. I also remember watching movies with werewolves. Me and my sister were always being teased by our brother about werewolves getting us. I don't like scary movies much now unless my man is there beside me. LOL

Cherie J said...

Mine was Godzilla. I used to love watching all those Godzilla vs. whatever movies when I was a kid.