Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arriving in Glasgow

This morning our plane touched down on Scottish soil. I can only imagine how excited (and possibly exhausted after hours in a plane) we're going to be. From this moment on our feet are pretty much flying. We've only given ourselves 10 days in the country and we're packing everything possible second.

Today we're picking up our rental car, visiting the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow and then heading for our B&B in Portabello. If we can still function once we get there we're planning a nice dinner and a walk along the beach. We'll see :-)

Please pray that all five of us - including our luggage - can fit into the rental car. PC has become the luggage nazi (although I secretly admit I need one). I have been instructed no more than 3 pairs of shoes. You know, to look at me you probably wouldn't expect I'd be a luggage hog but...looks can be deceiving I suppose.

I've been looking forward to this trip for months. I can only imagine how amazing it's going to be to finally get there.

Tell me your favorite trip story. Is there someplace you always dreamed of visiting and finally got to? Or is there someplace special you're dying to go?

After I get back I'll pick one post to win some books from my stash.


P.S. from the Playground Monitor

Congrats to ChristyJan for winning my "Favorite Word" contest from yesterday. Okay, so I know that Anais Anais isn't really a word, but I laughed all day over that one. Email me at and let me know which of the three books you'd like. Include your snail mail address too.

P.P.S. from PM

I started a new story today and y'all need to help keep me writing. I'll be posting a wordcount meter so you can track my progress.

More Than Enough Woman
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LadyVampire said...

I have an aunt who recently moved to Scotland. Though I haven't been up there to see her yet, I love getting her pictures and letters. I am so looking forward to visiting her and Scotland soon. I really hope your enjoying yourself and that the rental car was big enough to carry all the bags.
I like to travel when I can but I don't do it often so there are a lot of places on my to-visit list. The first would be Alaska. I went there as a kid and enjoyed riding my uncle's dog sled. Now I would love to visit again and do alot of things I've only read about or seen on TV. Dog sledding, orca watching, hiking in the wilderness, panning for gold, you name it.
The second place I would love to visit is Japan. I've never been there but have heard they have a special beach there where the sand is musical. I know that sounds weird but they say the sand actually makes music when you walk on it. I've always wanted to go see/walk on it. Maybe it's a dumb wish but sometimes those kind of things can mean alot anyway.

P.S. Congrats ChristyJan.

P.P.S. What's your newest story about?

Jen said...

Scotland, but hey, don't feel bad cause I'm here and you're there. :-( Just kidding. It's a much shorter list of where I wouldn't like to go than where I would. I do want to go to Paris. When we went to Europe the DH boycotted it. He'd been and said it was dirty and I wouldn't like it. I was young and dumb and let him get away with that. But that just means I need to go now...without him. ;-)

Y'all have fun. Hope the luggage fit!! Write on, PM!!

Karen T. said...

Hi, have fun in Scotland you guys.

We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon almost 2 years ago. It was heaven. Also got back from Vegas a few months ago - didnt want to come home.

CrystalG said...

I would love to go to Australia some day. I want to see all the wildlife, visit the beaches, and see the Sydney Opera House.

Stacy S said...

Have fun in Scotland! I would love to go to Scotland, Ireland, England or anywhere. I haven't been on a real vacation for a few years.

anne said...

My dream come true trip would be to travel to Italy, especially Southern Italy. I love the romance of Italy, the history, the food and the charming towns and villages. I would explore everything and soak it up. For me this would represent the ultimate in a memorable trip. Enjoy Scotland and stay safe and happy.

Kathy said...

OOO, I hope the luggage fit too! No problems for you guys on this trip. Problems are not allowed!

Good luck writing your next story, PM. I know you'll do a great job. Is this for a magazine? Which one?

I've always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland. I'd also like to go back to Italy. I loved it there. Greece? The Holy Land? Egypt? Transylvania? I'd love to visit these places. I lived in Japan for 3 years, ladyvampire (love your name). I'd like to go back to London and see more of England. I was there as a teenager and didn't appreciate things as I should have. There are so many places in the States I'd love to see. Just got back from Mexico and it was GREAT! I'd really like to go to Tortuga and Port Royal in the Caribbean, to walk where pirates once walked and ruled the seas. That would be Grrrrr-reat fun. Arrrr! These be me dreams. Savvy?


Playground Monitor said...

What's your newest story about?

The magazine wants stories about breast cancer awareness for October. I was reading about a woman who used to work for CBS who had an elective double mastectomy for preventative reasons. Then when I began researching the procedure I stumbled across a blog by a woman who had a double because of cancer. She was only 30 years old and had year-old twins that she'd struggled to have because of infertility issues.

So my story is about a woman with a family history of breast cancer who discovers after only a few years of marriage that she too has it and must undergo the surgery and chemo. Aside from the underlying romance between her and her husband (whom she is convinced will leave just like her father did when her own mother had breast cancer) there will be some information about the genetic angle to cancer.

Thanks for asking. :-)


diane said...

Since I rarely travel but would love to so much I have a couple of favorite destinations that I crave to see. The Isle of Skye in Scotland would be my first choice. Beautiful and unique area that would be special. All of the British Isles would be wonderful. The history and the books that I have read would come to life.

sharon said...

A trip that I would love to take would be to the Mediterranean. Spain and Greece. I would love to see Barcelona and experience the beauty and culture. Greece would be fascinating to travel through and see the ancient civilization and the countryside and amazing beauty.

ellie said...

Throughout my life I never had the opportunity to travel. Finances and then family obligations but now I hope to. To travel means everything to me since it would broaden my horizons and allow me to experience everything that I have been reading in novels for a long time. Two years ago my husband had a business trip invitation to Northern Italy. A brief trip which would culminate in a business deal. He said that I should accompany on this trip which was unforgettable from the first minute it began. Since I was bitten by the travel bug and have never recovered I hope to go back to Italy and travel throughout the south to see what I missed.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I'm vicariously enjoying your excitement about exploring a new place! I remember the feeling well. :) In continuing the lucky theme from yesterday, I can say I've been lucky enough to travel quite extensively and to even go places that are kind of remote for the average tourist.

The two best places I've lived are Germany (9 years) and Hawaii (3 years). The best vacation I ever had was in Venice. My husband and I, and my parents, rented an apartment for a week and lived like Venetians. It was amazing.

I want to go many places still, but the one place I really want to go is Greece. Never managed that while in Europe. My favorite poem is Ithaka by C.P. Cavafy. Someday, I want to go to Ithaka.

Ellie, my parents used to live in Ostuni, which was a sleepy place way back when but is now a tourist destination in Southern Italy. The south is different than the north, but so much to see and such raw beauty. I love Italy. We almost moved to Italy instead of Hawaii, but it didn't work out that way.

Lois said...

Well, I don't have any bad or strange trip stories, just that we got stuck wandering around the gift shop of whichever oriental country Epcot Center has because of a torrential rainstorm.

But let's see. . . I would love to go to London and England first and foremost. . . then maybe Paris, maybe someplace in Germany. . . back to Disney World, Houston for Johnson Space Center. . .

but the place I would reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy want to go to is Mars. I've always wanted to go there as first person on Mars. :) Now, if I really can't have that, stake out some plot of land on the red planet for my condo, then I'll gladly payback anyone who has $20 million for a trip to the space station. :)

I really don't want to visit the Moon, it's just so boring there. So gray. :)


Playground Monitor said...

The DH and I lived in Germany for 4 years back when the Berlin Wall was still up. His job required lots of travel and I'd go along with him sometimes. I traveled all over Europe, including East Berlin. I learned I was pregnant with our first child on a trip to London (he was conceived on a ski trip to Austria). I saw London, Paris and Rome and lots of other cities too. One of the highights was seeing the Lippizan stallions perform at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

For our last hurrah, we took a 3 Continents cruise and went to Athens for a day, then boarded a ship that took us to Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Israel and Egypt. I got to walk where Socrates walked, ride a donkey to the top of Santorini, visit the Palace of King Minos, see the fortress used by the Knights Templar in Rhodes, visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem and ride a camel to the Pyramids.

I've seen some pretty amazing things in this country too -- the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower, the Arch in St. Louis, NY City, Washington, DC and Disney World!


Playground Monitor said...

I forgot -- I've been to Alaska too. Great place!

catslady said...

My husband and I traveled the first 15 yrs. of our marriage and then we decided to have kids lol. We took a carribbean cruise which was wonderful except for when we traveled to the Citadel by horse up a steep mountain in Haiti and the nonenglish speaking guides traded my horse for one of theirs and darn if the poor thing didn't fall and with me almost going over a cliff - luckily the only result was a cut under my armpit but I had to walk around with my arm up in the air lol. Then there was the time I met my husband in Hawaii on R&R from Viet Nam and it was my first time traveling alone (l9) and the guy next to me had me convinced I was landing on the wrong island and I was meeting my father in law who I had never met. My husband's flight left like at 4 in the morning and mine didn't leave 'til late that night so I went to the beach alone and feeling sorry for myself and got the worst sunburn of my life and then had to fly for over 8 hrs. and we hit a thunder storm etc. etc. lol. I would still love to see Alaska, Japan, Italy and California and Scotland.

Maureen said...

I hope all of you have a wonderful time in Scotland. I would love to go to Alaska, Australia, Ireland and a whole list of places.

Carol said...

Congrats, Christy Jan!

I hope everyone enjoys their trip to Scotland! I think I would like it there. Ireland sounds nice too.

Cheryl said...

I want to go to Scotland and visit some castles. PM . . . my daughter would flip if she knew you have been to Egypt. I had to make her a pyramid cake for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. She is saving her money to go to Egypt when she's older; she's got $40. She says she going to be an Egyptologist - and she's going to buy me a ticket to travel there with her. I sure hope Egyptology is a high-paying career. :)

kim h said...

i love to go to italy, looks so pretty.

Nini said...

Well, i've been to Spain, Tangiers, Mexico, quite a few of the states in the good old US of A....

I'm heading to Italy next year with my DH for our 20th anniversary. He wants to take a cooking class in the Tuscany Valley thru The Olive Garden, I think he said, to celebrate our love for cooking...Sounds good to me.

Hopefully though, in about 8 years, a friend and I are taking a month long vacation to England/Ireland/Scotland and who knows where else....We're looking forward to that.

Now next week, we're heading to Georgia and Tennessee and we're gem hunting and gold panning...I'll tell you when i get back if i'm rich! ;)