Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Notes from the Medicated

I'm hopped up on cough medicine at the moment so I can't vouch for the lucidity of the statements I'm about to make. I think they could probably be classified more as incoherent ramblings than intelligent conversation but here goes.

Lost makes more sense when you're a little high on medication.

I'm not an American Idol fan. I'll occasionally catch a show here or there but I've been otherwise occupied for most of this season. However, I did tune in long enough to realize Sanjaya really can't sing. And I have to say I'm glad that the one show I caught was the episode he finally got voted off of.

If you haven't seen Deadliest Catch on the discovery channel, you really should! It's about fishermen in Alaska fishing for king crab. Men die. Often. Talk about tension! But despite that fact these men still enjoy the hunt, the adrenaline and manage to have a bit of fun on the side.

Children don't feel hot and cold like normal people do. Sweet Pea is supposed to dress as a letter this Friday - like a cat for C. She wants to be a swimmer for S (like her name) and wear her swim suit. She's been talking about it for literally a month. The whole time I've been telling her it depends entirely on the weather (when we started talking it was in the 80s since then it's been down in the 30s). She doesn't care. She has it in her head that she's wearing her swim suit no matter what the weather outside is like. Thank heaven it's supposed to be in the 70s at least. Now, I know that if it was really cold I wouldn't let her out of the house no matter how big a fit she pitched but my Friday morning is going to be so much calmer this way. And I'm going to insist she wear a beach cover-up. However, I still think she's going to be cold. We'll see whether mommy's right :-)

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Jen said...

Hopped up on cough medicene -- it's got a nice ring to it. ;-) Hope you're feeling better soon. And I've managed not to see much of AI this season. However, I DID see Sanjaya's original audition. Didn't think he could sing then. Heard him slaughter Bonnie Raitt's (he can't sing, I can't spell) song last night and realized how right I was the first time I had the misfortune to hear him attempt to sing.

Smarty Pants said...

The producers of AI can't complain about Sanjaya because they're the ones that put him through to the final 12. He never should've made it through the group screening. Goes to show you they're more interested in providing entertaining television than really truly finding talented singers.

Myself, I'd rather watch Americas Next Top Model or Project Runway.

Angel said...

Not much of an AI fan. I especially can't stand to watch the auditions and see people humiliate themselves. What are they thinking?!?!

Lots and lots to do today, so it is a good thing I'm not having to hit the cough medicine. We definitely need to get you something to boost your immune system, honey!

I'm off to start pricing yard sale stuff. Good luck with your meeting!

Playground Monitor said...

I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the police last night and report a woman being murdered. When they announced Sanjaya's name, I screamed and pumped my fist in the air.

Like SP I agree that ultimately the fault sat on the shoulders of the judges. He wasn't that good to begin with and should never have made it past Hollywood week. Maybe they'll learn. Nah, probably not. But just think -- he'll be on the tour this summer and everyone going to see the winner will also get to see him too.

I don't think I want to watch Deadliest Catch. I've heard y'all talk about it and I don't wanna watch men die.

I'm a big Dancing with the Stars fan. There's not a big stand-out great dancer this year (like last year with Mario who SHOULD have won thank you) but it's still fun, especially when you've had a beginner's ballroom class under your belt and you can identify with trying to learn the new steps.

Feel better soon!


Rhonda said...

Feel better soon, Instigator!

(And I'm a huge Lost fan. Don't miss it. :-)

Problem Child said...

Not much of an AI fan, but I do recommend Deadlist Catch. (No PM, we don't actually watch people die, it's just that the danger is RIGHT THERE, you can't help but gnaw your nails in worry.)

Playground Monitor said...

But I just got a manicure. whine

Kathy said...

Hope you feel better real soon, Instigator! And good luck with Sweat Pea.

I watch AI and returned from Choir practice just in time to see Sanjaya crying as they showed his clip. I said, please tell me this is what I think it is, and my DH told me he was going. I, too, screamed with elation! Praise God above! But I agree with SP, this whole Sanjaya debacle was a ratings fiasco. It generated interest and debate, didn't it? I spoke with some people today who said, they would have stopped watching if he remained on the show. I think the powers that be realized this whole attempt had fizzled.

Love Dancing with the Stars, too. And... I agree Mario should have won even though I'm a big Emmett fan. Go Cowboys! This year, Apolo is burning up the dance floor. You gotta love good ol' Billy Ray even if he can't dance. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my NSYNC homie, Joey. So funny and a good dancer, too.


catslady said...

Deadliest catch is great and I really recommend Plant Earth on Discovery on Sunday nights.

Maybe your daughter could wear her swimsuit over a leotard?