Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It Just Ain't Fair

I know, no one promised me it would be. But somehow I have a hard time believing that God meant for me to be cooped up inside when the weather is so gorgeous outside! Although today isn't supposed to be that stellar, it's a little too late to shove the Spring Genie back into his bottle. I've seen the budding trees, smelled the first flowers and can almost taste the fresh strawberries my husband just planted.

To make matters worse my desk sits smack dab in front of the office front door. I've spent the last three days staring out that glass, watching the wind rustle the bright green leaves in the trees, wanting nothing more than to get out there so I could enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.

The girls have worn shorts to school every day this week. Me? I've been in jeans and a sweater. I swear the cancer center next door keeps their air conditioning on 50 degrees all year round. I know, the cold air seeps through the connecting door at the back of my desk.

The weekend's almost here. Easter weekend at that. Bright colored dresses. Pretty hair bows and bonnets. Egg hunts in the backyard. It's been beautiful all week and freedom's almost here.


It's just not fair!

I suppose my girls will be wearing their winter coats over the cute, matching, sleeveless Easter dresses I just bought. Oh well, at least I know they're adorable underneath.

Do you have any special plans for the holiday weekend?



Rhonda said...

Like you I'm going to be putting a winter coat over my daughter's Easter dress. Grrr!

Maven LJ said...

We have the family easter egg hunt in my back yard. Along with dinner for 27 or 28, of course. Last year I set up a table outside and we boiled a mess of shrimp. Some in the family don't like shrimp (as I found out last year) so this year we're back to a more traditional meal. The kids are not going to want to stay outside for very long, as cold as it's going to be, which means they're all going to be in the house.

Maybe it'll warm up more than they're saying it will. Positive thoughts! :-)


Angel said...

In a flurry of house decluttering for the upcoming "sale", I decided to pack our coats so they wouldn't clutter up the entryway so much. I just kept out the lightest jackets. Big mistake!!!!!

Of course, I'm making everyone tough it out with long sleeves rather than unpack the box. :)

Smarty Pants said...

I hope this is the last cold spell Mother Nature has up her sleeve. I've been psyched the last week or so, taking walks in gloriously sunny 78 degree weather. It was perfect.

Today I'm wearing a turtleneck. Of course, I could wear one year round as my office building is like a meat locker.

My grandmother is coming up for easter, so we'll be up at my mom's for that. Other than that, its pack, clean, pack, clean, pack, clean. Until I get the report from the home inspector, then it will be fix, fix, pack, clean, fix, fix, pack, clean...

Problem Child said...

Brrrrr. I woke up in the middle of the night last night freezing and had to crawl UNDER DG to warm up.

Seems like my plants are in some danger...see, this is what happens when I let y'all talk me into silly things like domistication.

Wrod verif: ogodwsv (exactly the noise I made when I stuck my toes out from under the blanket this am.)

Playground Monitor said...

I knew Mother Nature would rear her head at least one more time and that's why I didn't buy some of the pretty flowers at Lowe's last week. At least we didn't get snow. I had an email from a Canadian friend and she did!

We'll go to the campground this weekend and they have a potluck lunch on Easter. They also have an adult egg hunt with neat prizes like beach towels and free meals at the snack bar. But it's gonna be chilly hunting those eggs.

Angel... just layer, layer, layer to keep warm.


Kathy said...

I learned at the nursery where I used to work that you aren't safe from frost until after April 15th. It's only April 5th and Easter is coming a little earlier than normal this year.

Our egg hunting days are at an end until the grandkids are home for Easter, but the Easter Bunny is still the same ol' lovable furry friend he's always been. Our kids will still have a surprise on Easter morning but we won't have to worry about going outside except to get in the car and visit family.

Enjoy! Come frost or sunshine, Peter Cottontail is on his way!

Pat said...

Our anniversary is Friday (today) so we having a bite with friends and then will watch a movie at our house.

Sat we are going to the Cheesecake Factory with my daughter and son in law for lunch.

Easter dinner will be at my aunt's.