Sunday, April 22, 2007

Male Motivation

I had the enviable chance to read a copy of Linda Howard's newest, a Silhouette Nocturne titled Raintree: Inferno. This is Book One of a trilogy that she's done with fellow Mavens Beverly Barton and Linda Winstead Jones. You might also notice from the side bar that all three will be blogging with us in the near future. :)

But what I wanted to talk about today was heroes. More specifically, their motivation. The hero in Inferno (his name is Dante, get it?) is most definitely an alpha male. There were quite a few times in the beginning of the story when I could literally feel the heroine's frustration at his high-handedness and her lack of understanding of his motives. But later, Linda gives us more and more of his motivation, showing us where he's coming from and his specific reasons for handling the heroine the way he does.

Lorna (the heroine) may not like it, but she understands it. And I come to understand it with her. I've been told that characters can do just about anything, as long as they are well motivated. Dante is a wonderful example of that. I love alpha heroes, but I don't want one that is arrogant just for the sake of it. I want him to have a reason, a good one, a deep one, that turns him from a jerk to a HERO.

Linda made sure that the reader saw Dante's heroic nature up front. I loved that, and it helped me fall in love with him. And I got to experience some much needed romance during a time when the rest of my world is going crazy. So I highly recommend this book, but be warned! The end stops in the middle of the action and leaves you hanging, which is driving me crazy because the next book won't be out for a month!!!! I don't think I can wait that long to find out what happens to.... Oops. Can't spill the beans!

So what characters stand out to you for their memorable motivation? How do you show that to the reader instead of tell them? Do you have a favorite hero? Don't we all? :)


P.S. I'll check back in this afternoon. My house appraisal is this morning. (What is it with them scheduling things on Monday mornings? My closing will be on a Monday too... two weeks from now if all goes well.)


Rhonda said...

Dain, from Lord of Scoundrels. Love, love, love him.

Good luck this morning, Angel!

Problem Child said...

Had to rub my nose in the fact you have the book and I don't. Sigh.

Favorite hero? Too many. Once I fall in love, it's forever...

Kathy said...

I agree with PC. I'm envious that you've read the book already. I've been looking for it in every store I've been to lately but I guess it isn't out yet.

And like PC there are too many heroes out there to name anyone specific. But turning to movies, doesn't anyone else out there think Elizabeth Swan should end up with Captain Jack Sparrow? :-)

Good luck with the house this morning!


Instigator said...

I fall in love with the hero of every book I read. :-)

POTC comes out in May right?

Good luck with the appraisal, Angel! I know everything will go wonderfully.


Smarty Pants said...

I'm having the same stress with Maven LJ's books. Thank heavens they come out back to back instead of months apart. I delayed reading book 2 long enough that book 3 is almost out!

At least this isn't like HP books where you have to wait years in between...


Angel said...

Appraisal over! Real estate agent says she doesn't think there will be any problems. Complimented me on all the work we've been doing.

Now I'm going to try to take a nap. I was up all night with stomach pains... some kind of virus, probably.

Playground Monitor said...

Inferno's out tomorrow and I have a book store gift card I got for my birthday. Guess what I'm buying???

Yay on having the appraisal go well!

And I'm with the rest -- I just fall in love too easily with heroes. I am, however, sorta fond of Cahill in DYING TO PLEASE and of Wyatt in TO DIE FOR and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (but don't tell Blair or she'll be burning MY house down!).