Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slow Dancing, Feng Shui-ing to the Music

From feng shui (pronounced fung shway) - rules in Chinese philosophy that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy or qi.

Almost four years ago, I posted about an online Feng Shui class I took and how I was trying to apply the principles to my office. Not long after that I sold my first short story and I became a true believer.

Here's the Bagua Map, or the guide to applying Feng Shui principles. In this version of Feng Shui, the map is oriented toward the entrance to a room. The entrance will always be along the bottom of the map.

Now I have a new office (with a reorganized Keeper Shelf and washed curtains I might add) and the RWA PRO group had Feng Shui as part of their January bootcamp (see what you're missing by not being a PRO???), so I began the Feng Shui process again.

  • Red valances over the window -- check

  • Framed magazine covers over the desk -- check

  • A meaningful plaque in my Zen area -- check

  • Two wooden angels hung over the door in the Helpful People area -- check

The rest of the room would have to wait until I can buy a sofa and move the futon from my living room to my office. But still, something didn't seem quite right.

Then whammo! I realized the furniture in this office is reversed from my old one. The desk is in the Creativity area and the futon will go in the Health/Family area. I had the wrong artwork hung in the wrong place. Oh noes!

So... the framed magazine covers came down to wait in the closet until they can be hung over the futon. But what could I do for the wall over the desk? It has a hutch top so there's a limited amount of wall space above it.

I perused the art I'd moved with me and took one of the metal pieces from the old office, found two round wooden pieces at my fave decorating place, Hobby Lobby, and the Feng Shui for that area feels as right as rain now.

My desk and the revised art over it. I'll tackle the cluttered shelves next because clutter is a negative force anywhere.

The red valances.

The Keeper Shelf and the angels over the door

Truer words have never been spoken

My Zen area plaque because a gal's gotta keep a positive attitude.

Next I need to work on the clutter because clutter just saps the energy right out of a room.

I've had fun playing with the feng shui and while I've been decorating my office and bedroom, I've carried the bagua map in my purse so I'll know if that green wood wall hanging will work in the Health/Family area (it will) or if I should pass on the single red vase because things in the Relationship area should be in pairs.

Whether it really works or I just had some good timing is up in the air. But it sure doesn't hurt to try.

Have you ever done any Feng Shui with your dwelling?

P.S. Our very own Problem Child will be blogging tomorrow at The Pink Heart Society blog. Please pop over and say hi to her.


Crystal Lee said...

I enjoyed the Feng Shui portion of the PRO bootcamp. I'm intrigued but haven't tried anything yet. My study is due for a major overhaul soon, though. And since I believe in impossible possibilities, I see no reason to doubt the possibilities fueled by Feng Shui.

Playground Monitor said...

Bella's stuff is really easy to implement and not expensive either. Good luck with your feng shui efforts.

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

I need some feng shui. I've probably got a dead plant in my creativity area.

Gwen Hernandez said...

Good post! I have been thinking a lot about my next office (we're moving this summer), and I plan to incorporate what I learned in the PRO class.

I definitely have strong feelings about the feel of a space, and believe that the right balance will affect your creativity/productivity, even if there's no "magic" to it.

Right now, I'm stuck at the dining table, and it's so not for me.

gigi said...

Hey M, I love the second plaque
"It's never to late to live happily ever after".
I have never Feng Shui anything by a book. I just make it work in my house.

Angel said...

I need to read through her notes. It was a really good class!


Jane said...

My aunt is really into Feng Shui and when my cousin bought a house they hired a Feng Shui specialist who told them where to put the bed and mirrors.

Michele L. said...

Yes, I do believe in Feng Shui. I have read books on this and redecorated my bedroom. The room has a really peaceful feeling to it now which it didn't have before. Also, I believe that clutter should be banished. Anywhere there is clutter, the energy can't flow. So when my husbadn started piling up his paperwork on our diningroom table, I told him that is bad feng shui. He laughed and said, "What did you say?" Ever since that moment he loves anything dealing with feng shui. So it has become a part of our lives to create that balance, harmony and peace.