Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Toys

I've been playing with my new toy this week...Barnes and Noble's Nook. It's their answer to Amazon's Kindle. So far, I LOVE it.

I will admit that I haven't actually read an entire book on it yet. Or, I haven't at the time I wrote this blog. I have every hope that by the time this posts I will have. But I have been buying and downloading books. I'm sure B&N is very happy with the heat being generated on my credit card. I've uploaded my own pictures to use for backgrounds and screen savers. I've read a few pages of every book that I've purchased and a few they gave me for free.

So far, I love the feel of it in my hand. This is honestly the thing I was worried about most. I enjoy holding a book. Flipping the pages. The crinkle of the paper. Obviously, you don't get that on an ebook reader. However, the flip side is that it's so light and definitely easier to hold up than a hardback book. I don't know about y'all, but after a couple hours those hardbacks can get pretty heavy and hard on the arms.

The screen is very easy on the eyes. And while it isn't back lit - which can be a problem - I bought an attachable reading light which should allow me the chance for some late night indulgence. The bottom screen is a touch screen which I like. I have the ability to view my library by cover and even shop by cover. The downside is that I keep forgetting that the top screen isn't touch and I try to scroll through lists that way before I realize I can't. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon though.

There have only been a few books that I was interested in that weren't available in eformat. However, the bright side is that most of the books are less expensive in digital format. (which is good since this thing wasn't exactly cheap...)

About the only problem I've discovered is that I can't take it into the bathtub. I do like to relax with a drink, a book and lots of hot water. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to risk dropping my expensive new toy into that water. I realize in theory this makes no sense since I have no problems taking my alphie in there to write...but I'm not holding alphie over the water and the Nook is too small to read from the side of the tub.

All in all, I'm very pleased. Ask me again in a few weeks and lets see if I'm still using it or if I've reverted to the stone age and good old fashioned paperbacks. I have a feeling that I might end up with a combination of the two.


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LeaannS said...

I got a Kindle for Christmas with the new PDF reading application integrated. Love it!

The main thing I've struggled with is keeping track of which books I want in Kindle and which I want in actual paper. Books in a series I've already started in paper I do not want on Kindle, but series I started on Kindle I want to keep that way. I don't like mixing - I'm weird that way! :)

But having the ability to transfer PDFs back and forth from my computer is really great. I can take ebooks or research with me wherever I go without a laptop.

Christine said...

I am currently in love with the iPad.