Meet the Playfriends

Kira, Dani, Kimberly, and Andrea were a couple of the youngest members of our local RWA chapter. Since we’re always together (usually stirring up something), we are collectively referred to as “The Children” by our beloved Mavens: Linda Howard, Beverly Barton, and Linda Winstead Jones. Marilyn, bless her heart, got stuck with the unenviable position of keeping us in line (but what else did she expect, hanging out with a motley crew like us all the time? Somebody had to be the grownup, so we elected her while she was out of the room.).

What better place to send The Children than to our own playground where our Monitor can keep an eye on us?

Dani Wade (Angel)

In addition to being a mom and running her resume-writing business, Dani Wade works hard to improve her craft as a writer and achieve her goal of the ever elusive book contract. For now, she has published nonfiction articles online and several of her short stories have appeared in True Romance, True Experience, and True Confessions magazines. She’s an active member of her local Romance Writers of America chapter, and is thrilled by her recent contest successes. She placed second in the 2008 Georgia Romance Writers’ Maggie contest, and is a finalist in the 2009 RWA Golden Heart® contest for unpublished authors.

You can contact Dani directly at: readdaniwade (at) gmail (dot) com.

Kira Sinclair (Instigator)

Kira Sinclair’s first foray into writing romance was for a high school English assignment and not even being forced to read the Scotland set historical aloud to the class could dampen her enthusiasm…although it definitely made her blush. She sold her first book to Harlequin Blaze in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. With seven books currently available, and more on the way, she still can’t believe she gets to make her living doing something so fun. Exploring relationships, why people fall in love and providing readers with Happily Ever Afters is her favorite part of the job.

You can contact Kira directly at: Kira (at) kirasinclair (dot) com.

Marilyn Puett (Playground Monitor)

After discovering romance novels in 2001 quite by accident, Marilyn had a renewed interest in writing. Since then she’s had over thirty short stories published in the confessions and romance magazines and regularly teaches a class in how to write for this genre. In 2008 she completed her first novel-length manuscript and saw it final in an online pitch contest on eHarlequin. The manuscript was requested (and rejected) by Silhouette, but she considers it just another notch on her writing belt. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and has served on both the local and national levels. When she’s not doting on her granddaughter, she enjoys being the Playground Monitor, a role she’s well-suited for after raising two boys.

You can contact Marilyn directly at: wpplaygroundmonitor (at) gmail (dot) com.

Kimberly Lang (Problem Child)

As the Playground’s Problem Child, Kimberly loves to shake things up (and sometimes she makes things difficult – but that’s never intentional) . The second of the Playfriends to sell, Kimberly writes Alpha heroes and sassy heroines for Harlequin/Mills and Boon’s Modern Heat and Presents lines. Kimberly and her Darling Geek have one Amazing Child who is forced to balance out her mother’s creative, liberal arts influence with her father’s complete geekiness. AC has two gerbils, and Kimberly lives in fear they will escape their cage again and make their way to her office.

You can contact Kimberly directly at: Kimberly (at) booksbykimberly (dot) com.

Andrea Laurence (Smarty Pants)

As a reformed geek with a sarcastic streak, Andrea is always up to the task whether it calls for tech support or a snarky comeback. Although writing was her passion from a young age, her practical nature led her to pursue a master's degree and a career that would pay the bills. She started working in her spare time to become a published author and is proud to have finally achieved her goal. Her debut with Harlequin Desire will be out in spring 2012.

You can contact Andrea directly at: author (at) andrealaurence (dot) com.