Friday, January 01, 2010


It's that time of year. January 1, 2010 is upon us! A new year with new opportunities. I don't know what it is about this time of year that makes people want to start fresh. We eat the last of the Christmas goodies, toss out the tree, and bust out the exercise gear.

I know everyone is sleeping late after all the champagne, but pop in and share your resolutions or hopes for 2010. Maybe we can check back in the next year and see how we did.

This year, I would like to:

* Take better care of myself. (I use this resolution as a cover-all for exercising, flossing and eating better in addition to a justification for massages and pedicures). I'm not going to tack goal numbers or anything to it. Just want to feel better in general.

* Take better care of my house. I just... yeah. Declutter, simplify, clean, etc. Might use this as a justification for that Dyson I want. Or some new furniture. Say, I'm liking this resolution business already...

* Make more time for the people in my life. Real people, not the ones inside my computer.

* Read at least one book a month for fun. I hardly ever get to read anymore.

I'll leave it at that for now, though I leave myself room to revise as life changes. Never know what might be important a few months down the road.

What about you? Resolutions can be a dirty word, but what are your hopes and goals for 2010?

PS. I am very late in annoucing my winners for my Christmas giving back blog. BUSY BEE is the winner of Eloisa James's "An Affair Before Christmas" for adopting a family this holiday. Please email me at to claim your prize.

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Linda Winstead Jones said...

I like your resolutions. Taking better care of yourself (and the house) are good goals but without the sometimes unrealistic goals -- like I'll lose 25 pounds by March 15. I don't always do resolutions, though I have my little wooden box filled with wishes and goals for the year. Later today, I'll check the 2009 box and see how I did, and I write more on slips of paper and reload the box.

I want to get stronger. I've already started with a killer workout video. Did it for the first time Wednesday, and I was so sore yesterday. And today. I'm going to start with that video 2 or 3 times a week, with walking or easier workouts in between, and work up to doing it four or five times a week. We'll see how it goes.

Happy New Year to all! :-)


Maven Linda said...

Find the time to take up yoga. I've been trying this one for the past two years. Haven't made it yet.

Get my sit-up routine up to 100 reps.

Get my office organized. Eventually. Maybe.

I guess I'm not good at this resolution stuff. I kind of feel as if I'm braced to take on this coming year, scowl on the face, fire in the eye, baseball bat in hand. 2009 was a bummer. I'm going to kick 2010 in the ass. Can I say "ass" on the blog?

Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Hunter Pace said...

I so enjoy reading everyone's thoughts on improving ourselves and our lives in the new year. We talked a bit about this last night while trying to stay awake until midnight.

Like SP I don't want to set any goals with numbers that always seem like they will be okay but then move out of reach as the year goes by.

My resolutions this year are to work out more consistently and to set monthly goals for writing.I like the idea of monthly goals so that writing partner and I can stay focused on the same targets.:-)

Happy New Year to everyone!

Playground Monitor said...

Two years ago I copied LJ and started writing my goals on a slip of paper and putting them in a box on my desk. Earlier this morning I pulled out the 2009 slip, which I'd added an amendment to in July. Overall I did pretty good. Out of 6 written goals, I accomplished 3 in full, I accomplished 2/3's of one and half of another. I'm still working on the amendment and will roll it over to the 2010 list.

2009 had to be the worst year of my life, even topping the year my father died on New Year's Day 40 years ago. But 2010 IS going to be better. cue "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

Sherry Werth said...

I've been thinking alot about my goals for 2010. And thanks to LJ and PM, I have a pretty red box all ready for those slips of paper.
My goals are much like everyone else's. Improve myself and get organized. I have the exercise thing down thanks to some awesome work out buddies. Now to get a handle on making better food choices. :)
And the biggie. Make more time for writing! Which will mean training my family to do more for themselves and training myself to slack up on trying to be the ultimate nurturer!

Happy New Year everyone!

Christine said...

I am a self-task master. I write out my focus statement, my top 5 priority Yes list and my personal/family and writing goals. I forgot to post my list last year so I said yes to somethings I should not have said yes to. This year, the top 5 list will stay next to my computer and my phone and in my purse to remind me how full my plate is.

All my writing goals are posted on my blog. I didn't post my personal goals. I've got a few this year. Mainly to get the entire family on track with healthy choices. DH has hip replacement surgery in Feb. so I am focusing on gathering the benefits data and making sure I'm ready for having him under my feet for 3-4 weeks (unable to drive).

Then there are the things I need to have "wiggle room" for and there will be a few surprises. One thing I am working on is flexibility in how, where and what I do given each surprise.

*sigh* not my forte--flexibility. But working on it.

Problem Child said...

Last year I resolved to use my "NO" more. I think I did better with that this year than last. There's still more on my plate than I like, but I was able to say no to a lot of things.

I don't have a lot of resolutions this year -- mainly to step up my getting-in-shape routine, which has gone pretty well this last year and I'm starting to find my waistline again. I have resolved to spend less time worrying about things I can't control and to spend less time on websites (and people) who do nothing but raise my blood pressure.