Monday, August 29, 2011

Things I've learned recently

You learn something new every day, right? I like to think so, and I think it's what makes life interesting. Not all lessons learned are good ones, but not learning would be a form of brain death for me. Even if it's something small or trivial, I like learning something new.

So here's what I've learned recently...

I like owning the Yellow Pages. There, in one list, are all of the plumbers, fitness clubs, doctors, whatevers. If I try to Google, I end up with half a dozen links that are wastes of my time because they're either in Madison, Wisconsin, or Huntsville, Texas, or the search terms brought up someone's blog, etc. Now, for some reason I get two books every year (from different companies) and that's a bit of overkill, but I do like having one.

Hummingbirds are cool. I knew that already, but since we have hummers in our backyard (they love my Rose of Sharon bush), I've been watching them a bit more closely. They're smart little dudes, too. I have a feeder outside my kitchen window, and today when one of the hummers turned up his beak at it, I realized I'd forgotten to change the nectar. I brought it inside, and while I was making more sugar water, the hummer kept coming back to hover at the window like he was wondering what was taking me so long! (I'm such a sucker for the hummers that I got up from my dinner to fix his!)

There are some people that you just can't make happy. At the same time, there are people who are always going to surprise you. This can be frustrating, but it keeps life interesting.

Reading all seven Harry Potter books back-to-back has given me great insight and understanding of the Wizarding World, and I still enjoy them even though I know how they'll all end. My respect for JK Rowling's talents grows all the time. (However, now I'm starting to pick things apart. Like why do the kids use quills? Ballpoint pens can't handle magical places? And do they learn any normal subjects like math? And if wizards can transform one thing into another, why did Ron have to wear those horrible dress robes? These kids just learned to turn teapots into turtles and can Reparo! Harry's glasses, so why can't they transform those robes into something more stylish?)

I can be my own harshest critic, but I can blow my own horn pretty loud as well. It's an odd feeling.

The publishing world is changing so rapidly that it's nearly impossible to keep up. The Publishing 101 workshop I gave last summer is already out of date and will have to be revamped before I can present it again. It's a scary, yet exciting, time to be a writer.

Willful ignorance makes my head explode. I just have no patience at all when it comes to the willfully ignorant.

Barnes and Noble has a 14-day return policy (hm, and it's even written on the receipt). Many thanks to the awesome manager who took pity on me and gave me store credit.

There are like 900 different recipes that use a can of cream of mushroom soup. It's quite possibly the glue that holds the universe together.

The T-Rex had hollow bones and is probably related to birds. Also, if you are the one to find the dinosaur fossil, they will name it after you. (We saw the T-Rex named Sue.)

Have you learned anything fun/new/exciting recently?


Playground Monitor said...

The plaintiff is the person filing a case; the defandant is the other person.

I can use a cordless screwdriver and put up a curtain rod if I set my mind to it and measure twice.

The proper height for hanging pictures if 57 inches on center (or 59 depending on your source).

It's kinda creepy to have to file something in your own divorce file.

I love hummingbirds too. So I can't imagine why I haven't put a feeder on my patio. I'll have to rectify that.

Instigator said...

I had a hummingbird come up to the window at the office last week. Honestly, it was the highlight of my week. I'm not sure what that says about me right now.

Despite lathering with sunscreen and repeatedly moving my chair into the retreating shade, I can still burn my knees...and it doesn't feel great.

No matter how many times your children have been sick, the minutes school starts they will contract something new and not so exciting...and give it to you.

I can write a book (or at least pick up from the proposal) in roughly two weeks. If necessary. And I hope it's never necessary again. Although, there are some pros to the process, my kids and brain don't handle it very well.

Smarty Pants said...

At my scrap retreat, there were two hummingbird feeders outside the window and at breakfast and dinner there were six or seven flying around. So pretty.

What I've learned...

I recently learned how to do some nifty new things with my scrapbooking software. That makes me happy.

1.4 oz of dark chocolate daily reduces stress hormones, including cortisol, which makes you store belly fat. (Just get good quality dark chocolate and account for the 200 calories or so in your diet.)

My editors can come up with way better titles than I can.

Engineers are incapable of executing a proper fire drill.

Your monitor height should be adjusted so that your eyes are aligned with the top menu bar.

Advil won't give me a stomachache if I eat when I take them.

Kathy Bone always has snacks in her purse.

Angel said...

Hummingbirds... I have a hummingbird vine that my mil planted when this was her house. I love it -- its beautiful and the hummingbirds indeed come to visit. But I also hate it, because it SPREADS EVERYWHERE!!! It has even travelled to the front yard this year.

What I've learned:

I'm only responsible for myself and how I behave, not for the people around me.

You can get a lot done in 15 minutes if you put your mind to it.

I consistently underestimate how long it will take me to do something, especially if the kids are home.

Very few people will do something on their own (including the people living with me). You have to ask.

Dogs are a joy and a pain in the ass. :)