Tuesday, August 02, 2011

And how was your weekend?

Not long ago I told y’all about the class I was taking that gotten me back in shape, helped me lose twenty pounds, and let me show that little cheerleader that “old” people could still clean her clock.

That class is called BodyFlow. It’s based on Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates and builds strength and flexibility. It’s an amazing mind-body workout that makes me sweat yet leaves me feeling calm and centered at the end of class. I go twice a week and would go more often if my gym offered more classes.

Well, the gym is going to start offering more classes. Because I’m going to teach them.

Yep. I spent the weekend becoming an instructor. Me. A fitness instructor. It simply beggars belief, I know. Hell has frozen over, the pigs are flying and my dead body must be around here someplace.

But I will say that training was one of the hardest things I’ve put myself through as a full-grown adult. I know I put my body through a lot when I was dancing, but I know better now. It takes me a lot longer to recover now than it did back then. (The hangovers hurt more than they used to…) I’m not a kid anymore.

The training nearly killed me. Three days. Nine or ten hours each day. On the last day, I did a 2 hour masterclass that had me crying. But you know what? I made it though.

I found out that I was a lot stronger than I thought I was. I found out that I could do more than I thought I could. I’m sore all over, there’s not a single muscle in my body that doesn’t hurt, and I found a place past tired that I didn’t know existed.

But I’m pretty darned proud of myself. I made it. I still have to learn the “how to coach” part, but I’m considered strong enough, fit enough, and flexible enough to teach a fitness class. To teach others how to build strength and stamina and flexibility. Whoa.

I’m not only proud of myself, I’m actually kind of impressed with myself too.

But before you think my ego might be getting out of hand, take a look at this.
Those are my feet. With an “L” and an “R” written on them like I’m in kindergarten. Notice, though, that that’s not quite right. I had to do this because as I was doing my training, I was learning to face the class and mirror what I wanted them to do. So I had to call out “left foot,” but pick up my right foot. Do you know how hard that is to do? Especially when you’re trying to stay on the music, remember the choreography and the coaching cues at the same time? So I (and several others in the class) wrote it on our feet. Nothing quite like stopping off at the Wal-Mart on the way home and having people look at your feet and snigger because I’m obviously mentally challenged. That will definitely deflate your ego.

And I’ll probably be wearing it for quite a while as I get used to this…

So, I'm still tired and sore, but I'm still proud. Have you ever pushed yourself past what you thought was your limit, only to find out you had more in you than you thought?



Angel said...

Actually, I'm finding out this weekend how much I can't endure. You see, I came down with my very first case of poison oak (or ivy, I'm not sure). My sister had it all growing up and I was never allergic, but I am now. I think there is a particularly virulent strain around here, because my mil was never allergic either until last year when she came down with her first case too.

We've been treating it over the counter, but no dice. Yesterday, I call the doctor. The rate at which it is spreading is alarming me and I'm up this morning at this ungodly hour because I'm itching. Caladryl has stopped working.

Sigh. If it isn't one thing its another. I'm really a wimp, you see. :)


Playground Monitor said...

Yeah, the last two and a half years. 'Nuff said.

Smarty Pants said...

I'd have to say writing a book from concept blurb to "the end" in three weeks. I was absolutely stunned. I've never been able to complete NaNoWriMo. I think November is a bad month for it.

Physically, I'd have to say the closest I got was when I was running. I did a 5k in under 43 minutes and it was a miracle. No where near that time now. I typically don't run. But I am up for BodyFlow. Just don't mind the fat girl in the back of your class that can't even do proper girly pushups.

robertsonreads said...

Yes, 2 things come to mind.
1. When it's a long day with several events happening here at the school, plus my normal work to do.
2. Never, ever will I knowingly touch any kind of shellfish/seafood. Should that ever happen again, I will request that I be put in a hospital, and do what is necessary via intravenous lines. I WILL NOT SUFFER like that again.

Instigator said...

First, I'm proud of your for getting through the weekend...that class would have kicked my butt. I've taken bodyflow and 1 hour had me moaning.

Yeah, pushing myself to complete some pretty rough revisions in a short amount of time springs to mind. I'm sure there are other times in my life - probably when I was younger and fitter - that I pushed myself physically. Possibly in dance class when I was determined to learn something new or die trying.


LA said...

Congratulations!!!! You da teach, now!!!! So, do we call you Ms. Kim?

Problem Child said...

Where did my comment go?

*Shakes fist at Blogger*