Friday, August 12, 2011

Name That Book

I bet for a second you thought this was going to be some kind of trivia game where I ask questions and you guess the book. Sorry, no games today, although that might be fun at some point.

What I literally need is a name for my book. The one I was using during the submission process doesn't fit with the line's new title scheme, which is more single title, less Millionaire's Virgin Mistress. Which I'm good with. But, I have to submit a list of title suggestions to my editor by Tuesday. So I need help. I've come up with a couple and friends have suggested a few. I've listed them below. I have also included a short blurb of the story to give you an idea of the book so you can help me come up with some more choices.

Adrienne Lockhart put everything into her dream of being a Manhattan fashion designer. When she fails and closes up her shop, her life comes crashing down. Literally. When she wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of who she is or what happened, but the ID bracelet on her wrist says "Cynthia Dempsey" and the handsome, but distant, newspaper CEO by her bedside says he's her fiancé .

Will tried to work it out with Cynthia, but he discovers information that gives him no choice but to call off the wedding. Later that day, he learns her plane crashed and she's survived, but is seriously injured. She has amnesia and doesn't remember they broke up, so he returns to her bedside as the concerned fiancé until she recovers. The woman he finds there looks like Cynthia, but her personality has changed radically. He's drawn to her like never before and begins to wonder if they've been given another try to work things out.

As Will and Adrienne are drawn together in a second chance at love, secrets from Cynthia's past threaten to tear them apart. When she realizes she's not who everyone thinks she is, how can she tell everyone, including the man she's come to love, the truth? And will he believe her?

So, there you go. Here's the list of what I've gotten so far. I've played on the second chance theme, engagement, newspaper, design/fashion, memory loss, crash/accident, etc. I need to narrow it down to about ten, so let me know which ones you like the best and throw out any ideas. I need all the help I can get. :)

Accidentally in Love
Crash Into Love/Me
Crash and Yearn
Taking Chances
A Second Chance at Love
To Love Again
Once More With Feeling
Against All Odds
Fashionably Seductive/Desirable
A/His Perfect Fit
Love/Romance/Desire/Passion by Design
Designs on His Fianceé
Tailor-Made for Love/Romance/Each Other
Front Page Seduction
Engaged in Seduction
Forgotten Desires
Remember Me
The Memory of His Touch/Kiss
Facing the Past
A Time to Remember
Taking Chances
A Matter of Trust
The Way We Weren't
Under His Skin
Another Woman’s Life/Lover/Mistake
What's your favorite? Got any other ideas?


LeaAnnS said...

Wow, great list, Andrea! I had trouble coming up with one title for my book, much less twenty or so, lol!

There were two that I thought sort of sounded like your wry sense of humor, and I like those: Once More with Feeling (my fave) and The Way We Weren't. I also like Unforgettable (I have this thing for one word titles).

Good luck narrowing it down! :)

Problem Child said...

We already know I suck at this game, so I'm not even going to try.

Samantha Hunter said...

How about ONCE BROKEN?


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Beside Her Bed
Love, After a Fashion

Great list!

ChristiMcMillen said...

How about these:

Mistaken Love
Changing Destiny
Mistaken Destiny
Destiny's Second Chance

Lost Angel said...

Love, Edited
Altered Romance

Angel said...

You already know Unforgettable is my favorite, but I also like Once More with Feeling.


Instigator said...

Wow, y'all come up with some great titles! I think maybe we need to start a new tradition on the Playground.

I have a few favorites, but I think you already know what they are. I can't wait to find out what they pick!


consuelaa said...

I will call the book Vanquish cause of the mystery of the woman past and non memory present. Living a life of new foundations that might turn into love everlasting.

Consuela Anderson

Maven Linda said...

Shadow Heart

Catherine Bybee said...

Let's see... I'd narrow out the Second Chance titles... there are so many of them out there.

Is the story really about design? If not, I'd take those out.

I like the accident angle, these are the ones I like.

Accidentally in Love
Crash Into Love/Me

To Love Again
Once More With Feeling - I like this one.
Against All Odds

The Seduction word doesn't feel like your blurb, so I'm taking them off.

Forgotten Desires
Remember Me
The Memory of His Touch/Kiss
Facing the Past

Took out the Time title (feels like a time travel)

A Matter of Trust

The Way we Weren't - sounds like a romantic comedy, so I'd take it off the list.

Titles are tricky things. Best of luck.

Cheryl said...

The Way We Weren't - I love this!

Smarty Pants said...

Krista Stroever has voted for His Perfect Fit via Twitter & also suggested It's In His Kiss.

Playground Monitor said...

I think Unforgettable was one I'd given you before I went on vacation. Makes me think of Nat King Cole.

These are all great selections and I'll be curious to see what they pick.

LouiseAnn said...

I have some ideas:
Refashioned passion/Love/Life
restyled romance

my favorite is love restyled