Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'ze a Working Woman Now

Actually I've always been a working woman because I firmly adhere to the saying "All mothers are working mothers." Even after my nest emptied out, I had housework, some of the yardwork and my responsiblities here at the Playground and at my RWA chapter. Several years ago I spent two years as a listserv moderator at the national level for RWA. I wrote short stories and taught an online class on that topic. And for the past year, I've been a volunteer facilitator for a divorce recovery group as well as an officer on the board.

Well now I have a real job (like scrubbing toilets is unreal). Get this -- I work as an administrative assistant for the legal firm that represented me during my divorce. Ain't that a kick?

It all happened very quickly -- like less than a week. On a Friday afternoon I learned they were hiring an admin assistant. On Monday I called for an interview and emailed my resume. On Wednesday I interviewed and on Thursday they offered me the job. I'd have started the following Monday but I already had a vacation planned, and they were very understanding. I went back and looked at the letter of resignation from my last real job, and my last day there was exactly 15 years before the day of my interview. Surreal, huh?

I'm still in the learning curve stage of things and everyone's been so helpful when I ask repeatedly how to operate the copy machine or where the Such-and-Such file is. I work half-days -- in the afternoon -- which is just fine with me because I don't have to roll out at the crack of dawn and fight the morning rush. I just have to fight the afternoon traffic, but I'm learning alternative routes home. And learning to plan ahead for dinner and have a snack around 3:30 so my stomach isn't digesting itself as I sit in traffic on the way home.

In a couple weeks, though, I'll work full days while the receptionist is out for a week. I'll have to answer that phone with a bazillion blinky red lights. And try to remember what client goes with which attorney. And do my other work too while I figure out the gazillion blinky red lights.

The job has been good in many respects. My self-esteem took a big hit during the divorce. Being offered this job was a great "atta girl." Another good part is now I'll have money for the RWA conference next summer (provided I can take a week off) without feeling like I'm spending my retirement or won't be able to pay my rent.

Oddly enough, both of the books I've written so far have heroines who are attorneys. Who'd have ever thought I'd end up working for a law firm?

Tell me about your job.


Cheryl said...

Great news PM! Congratulations! As for the phone - I hate those blinky lights! I would never make it without disconnecting everybody. I know you will be great in the job!

My job is trying to manage a farm, a house and write. I retired from my REAL job of being an attorney. I know you will enjoy working at a law firm.

Jean Hovey said...

Congrats and best of luck! Just don't be surprised if you become so indispensable that you fine yourself working full time.
Or maybe going to law school.

Julie Miller said...

Congratulations on the new job, PM! Back in the day when I worked in the Development office at MIZZOU, the phones and blinky red lights were my least favorite part of the job. But I have a feeling you'll do great!

And how great to be able to go to RWA guilt-free. Best of of luck to you!

Playground Monitor said...

Law school? Oh my no. I know Elle Woods did it, but not me. I'll leave law to those who've already survived law school.

I do have a really cool sig line on my emails and letters. And they don't care if it goes over 3 lines. ~grin~

Playground Monitor said...

Nice to see I'm not the only one intimidated by blinky red lights. There's probably a scientific name for it besides blinkyredlightsphobia.


I'm so glad you posted about your new job. I've been thinking about you and wondering how it is going. Congratulations!

And I have no doubt you can handle those blinking lights. LOL

My real job seems to be managing the house, my family's new project, working some, library board. Writing! I am fortunate. And since Handsome had stage four cancer four years ago, I pick up and go with him whenever. That's my real job.

Instigator said...

I'm so proud of you, PM! And I know you're doing a fantastic job.

You know, if law school isn't for you there's a really great paralegal program at the local community college. I should know, I have a paralegal degree from there. I worked as a legal secretary for a local criminal defense attorney for a little while. It was a small practice and very eye opening. Dealing with murderers and rapists wasn't an every day occurance, but it did happen. And we handled a couple of death row appeals. Interesting stuff.

Oh, and I can't forget when one client paid in moonshine. I got an interesting lesson on how to tell quality from crap. Let me tell you, I don't care how good the stuff is supposed to be, it still tasted like paint thinner and one sip striped the inside of my throat raw.

But you will definitely learn some interesting things. Enjoy!


Problem Child said...

We're proud of you, PM. Of course, we knew you were perfect for the job from the get-go!

Caroline said...

Congrats on your new job - and don't forget it could provide you with lots of ideas for new books ;o) Caroline x

Angel said...

I'm so proud of you!!! I knew you would do great in this line of work.

My new job as a medical billing assistant has given me a big umph in the self-esteem department. I'm contributing a great deal to my family's income and proving how competent I am on a daily basis. I love it!


Playground Monitor said...

I spent the whole afternoon typing. Thanks to my late father for insisting I learn to type.


scarlet wilson said...

Congrats on the job! And don't worry about the blinky lights, repeat after me "I AM THEIR MASTER" and you'll be fine!

Katherine Bone said...

I'm late to this post but I'm so proud of you, PM! Wishing you luck in your new job and hoping that you find happiness with the company. ;)