Monday, November 29, 2010

On The Road Again...

Ugh! The party is over. The family has returned home. The pie dish has one lone piece of fudge pie left inside. Dishes are everywhere and there’re blankets to wash.

I’m exhausted.

But today is return to school and work day. Up at 6 am to get everyone on the road and I already feel like a nap. And a diet. I don’t know why. After days of running, yesterday I did nothing. I slept, fed the kids, and read. Somehow it didn’t help me feel better. By 9:30pm I simply wanted to go to bed.

Hmmm…. Maybe not the best strategy. So tell me, how do you recover from the holidays?



Problem Child said...

Recover? I'm allowed to recover?

Smarty Pants said...

You're assuming there's downtime. Looking at my iphone calendar, I've got a 'dot' marking nearly every single day. Parties, personal training appointments, baking sessions, family obligations, work, decorating... I'm going to turn around one day and it will be January.

Playground Monitor said...

I was sick two days last week, and spent most of those two days asleep on the couch. When #2 son called me on Tuesday afternoon to tell me he wasn't going to try and make the drive home that night because it was raining, I said, "But you'll miss Thanksgiving!" I was that confused and the holiday rush hadn't even started!

Then Saturday night I had to look at the calendar to make sure what day it was so I'd know if I had to get up the next morning and just get going or get going to church.

I only know it's Monday because Angel is blogging.

Sherry Werth said...

We didn't have family visiting this Thanksgiving so it was a slow one for us. Even our son and daughter in law went out of town for the holiday to visit her relatives. I still cooked the traditional meal but on a much smaller scale. Actually it was kinda nice just to get to relax for a few days and not go crazy trying to entertain everyone. ;)

Angel said...

Ha! I only know its Monday because the kids had school. I forgot I was blogging. :)

Yeah, I have a lot going on too, but it just seemed harder for me to get the routine going this morning. But the house I cleaned today went much quicker than the first time I cleaned it, so I'm happier than when I left this morning.


WV: diseshe
That sounds like a disease I have... I'm allergic to dirty dishes. :)

catslady said...

I'm beginning to stress. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday so my grown daughters and husband and boyfriend could all attend and I'm still exhausted and now I have to start thinking about shopping and more dinners and cleaning etc. etc. etc. (big sigh).

Katherine Bone said...

We had a holiday? ;)