Saturday, November 06, 2010

November Website Updates

Greetings, Honorary Playfriends!

It's November! Why do I put an exclamation point after that? Because
November means it's the Playground's birthday, and would you believe the
Playground is FIVE years old?

That's half a decade. I can't even keep a plant alive that long, but look at
the Playground still going strong! Be sure to join us on the blog on
November 15th for a big celebration. (And remember when we throw a party,
we give y'all the gifts!)

Other than our birthday plans, want to hear what else is going on around

The Writing Playground now has an official fan page on Facebook. We'd love
it if you'd come like us!

We welcome multi-Rita finalist Carolyn Jewel to the Sandbox this month!

Our Book of the Month is Roxanne St. Claire's EDGE OF SIGHT:

Trying to write with that Internal Editor griping at you all the time? PM
gives you some strategies to Shut 'er Up in School:

There's no big contest running for November and December, but we'll be back
with that in January. (Wow. Next year. I'm so not ready for next year.)

Smarty Pants has also been doing some housekeeping on the site, updating
covers and pictures and things, so take a wander around when you get a

And now, though the weather is just about perfect, I must return to my cave
and write like the wind. Y'all can use my swing until I get done.

Have a wonderful November (and a very Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. Playfriends!)

I remain,


The Problem Child


Christine said...

Happy Fifth Anniversary or Birthday!! Congratulations on five years of hard work and fun.

catslady said...

November's a great month - happy anniversary/birthday - I share a birthday too - unfortunately a few more than five lol.

Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! I do so enjoy your blog! Makes me smile!

gigi said...

I can't believe it has been 5 years.
Happy Birthday/Anniversary.
Boy time does go by faster the older you get.

Raising a glass of cran-apple juice to you and all the other play friends "Here's to your next five years may they be awesomely rewarding and fun"