Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday -- What's in YOUR closet?

I had a near flood in my apartment back in early August (a pipe burst in the unit above me) and I had to clear everything off the floor of my bedroom closet so they could dry the carpet. That began a complete re-organization of the contents, including trying on clothes. There's a large bag of things in the corner headed for the thrift store. Some I just don't like anymore. Some don't fit anymore. When the weather cools off and I start to switch over from summer to winter clothes, I'm sure they'll get another batch from me.

The older I get, the more I seem to simplify my life and clear out clutter, but no matter what, there are a half dozen items in my wardrobe that I'll never get rid of.

(1) Faded jeans: I don't mean the kind that come already faded and tattered. I mean the ones you've worn forever and are as soft as a kid glove. There's a certain comfort, both physical and mental, in a pair of old jeans. I can be myself and be comfortable and not give a hoot what anyone thinks. They're great for a walk in the park or just lounging on the sofa, watching an old movie on TV. Actually, they're great for anything.

(2) An oversize t-shirt: Whether it belonged to an old boyfriend, your spouse or has always been yours, the big tee is like the jeans -- it lets me be me. It can serve many purposes -- a great shirt to wear for housework or gardening on my patio, a cover-up for the pool, something to sleep in if necessary. I have a couple in both long and short sleeve styles. I use this one from my alma mater as an example.

(3) Flip flops: You shouldn't wear them to the White House unless you want to be the subject of a scathing wardrobe condemnation in USA Today, but nothing beats a pair of flip flops for comfort. My personal faves are the ones pictured above -- Teva Mush. Maven Linda introduced us to them and I own 3 pairs now. What I especially like is they have an arch support in them. With all my foot issues, arch support is very necessary. I wear these as house slippers, to the pool and just around town. The Mush is also very cushioned, another plus for my poor feet. They're a lot more expensive than the all-rubber ones from discount stores, but sometimes you can't put a price on comfort.

(4) Shorts: While I try to spare the world from my wrinkly knees, cellulite-ridden thighs and spider veins, sometimes shorts are called for, and I have a couple pairs that get worn again and again. One pair is like the ones above -- polyester and designed as outdoor gear (I also have a pair of long pants in the same material and with cargo pockets on both legs). These are designed for water activities, but I just like them because they are loose and cool. I also have a pair of denim shorts that are soft and worn, yet still presentable enough for travel. And I have a pair of khaki ones for when I want to be comfy but a little more presentable. I pair them with a polo shirt and don't feel too self-conscious.

(5) Sweatpants (and sweatshirts too): On a cold day nothing wraps you up in warmth quite like a sweatsuit. I supppose they were originally designed as gym wear, but when it's cold and dreary outside, I can keep my insides warm by wearing sweats. Clinton and Stacy definitely wouldn't give them a thumbs-up, but C&S don't pay my utility bill, and I actually slept in sweats last winter when it was so dreadfully cold and I had my thermostat set on 65 in an effort to keep my utility bill from equaling the national debt of a third world country.

(6) Fleece: Anything fleece gets a big nod of approval from me. I have one fleece pullover I found at a thrift store with the Old Navy tags still on it. It's travelled to all parts of the country with me and I love it. It's all I need on a cool autumn day, and provides a good layer of warmth in the dead of winter. I also have fleece socks that are THE most wonderful way to keep your feet warm. Maven Linda introduced me to these as well, and I was lucky enough to find a couple pairs in a discount store last winter. For someone like me who has terminal cold feet, they are a necessity and a godsend.

This isn't an item of clothing, but I consider it part of my wardrobe -- a soft throw for the sofa. I just bought a new one to go with my new sofa and it's a tweedy brown, tan, green and rust. When I had to spend two weeks on the sofa with my foot propped up after surgery last month, I'd cover up with it in the evenings to ward off the chill. Yes, even in summer I get cold at night and a comfy throw is a necessity. I have a fleece one on the back of my desk chair to wrap around me when I'm working on the computer. It was a birthday gift from the Playfriends and is monogrammed to "The Best Monitor a Playground Could Have."

Tell us -- What's in YOUR comfort wardrobe?


Cheryl said...

My comfort wardrobe is an old moth-eaten housecoat made of fleece. It's probably twenty years old and has definitely seen better days. When I don't feel good or I want to relax I put it on, even over blue jeans and a t-shirt and plop in my recliner. Just makes me feel better. The cats like it too - sitting in my lap and kneading it (making more holes and pulls). If something ever happens to it, I shall be devastated!

Smarty Pants said...

My comfort must haves : jeans, worn tshirts (especially wit cartoons or silly phrases on them), sweaters (I don't do sweatsuits really, but I love a knit sweater), and fleece pajama pants. For some reason fleece tops are always too hot for me, but I love the pants and pair them with a tshirt.

Angel said...

My comfort clothes are jeans with fleeces, the fleece socks Maven Linda gave us, and pjs. I like to be snuggly and warm.