Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Book Friday (Desire Edition)

I've read a lot of Harlequin's in my day. I infamously did a 6th grade book report on an Intrigue called "Deja Vu." I wore out the binding on a Temptation I loved called "Under the Covers." I've read Blaze, Presents, Nocturne, American, Intimate Moments... I'm pretty much an all around fan depending on my mood. I'm not going to elaborate on why quite yet, but I've developed a sudden and enthusiastic interest in Silhouette Desires.

I'll admit I haven't read many in the past. I picked up a couple when a friend on a message board sold and we were all so excited for her. Turned out that friend would hit the Times List and didn't need my sales much after that, but I liked them. They just weren't my go-to. Well, for the next few weeks, that's all I'm reading. I raided the bookstore today and I'm going to pass along my Desire acquisitions to you (after I read them, of course, hope you don't mind.)

The Playboy's Proposition by Leanne Banks

When Michael Medici spotted the beautiful cocktail waitress, he made his move. One extraordinary night later, he knew he wanted more from Bella St. Clair. Too bad he'd just acquired her family's business--and she despised him.

The word no wasn't in the Medici vocabulary so he made Bella an offer even the proudest woman couldn't refuse. Become his mistress, and she'd regain the company. Though she agreed to his proposition, she refused to surrender to his no-emotions-involved rule. Would this Medici millionaire succumb to his heart's hidden desire?

His Black Sheep Bride by Anna DePalo

Sawyer Langsford, Earl of Melton, never let anyone stand in the way of building his media empire. If he had to marry Tamara Kincaid to close a merger with her father, so be it. And though they got along like oil and water, Tamara had her own desperate reasons for signing on to this sham marriage. But when her father upped the ante, demanding that a child come of the union, Sawyer began to see his betrothed in a whole new light!

So if you'd like to get your hot little hands on these books, comment today with the phrase "The playboy can proposition me any day!" and share with us what your favorite Harlequin/Silhouette line is and why.

PS. Oh, and by the way, if DonnaS doesn't claim last month's FBF prize by midnight, this month's winner will pick up those books too! Be sure to enter and even more important, be sure to check back over the next week to see if you won and CLAIM your prize.


Jane said...

The playboy can proposition me any day! I like the Harlequin Intrigue line for its suspense and mystery plots, but when I want to read something with a little more spice I pick up something from the Blaze line.

Maureen said...

"The playboy can proposition me any day!" I think Presents is my favorite line since they have exciting locations and intense story lines.

gigi said...

"The playboy can proposition me any day!"
I love the Presents line. I usually get to travel with that one all over the world and the men are so strong.

CrystalGB said...

The playboy can proposition me any day! My favorites are Silhouette Desires. I like them because they have great alpha heroes and the stories are filled with emotion and passion.

Rebekah E. said...

The playboy can proposition me any day! I would have to say that I like the Suspense line. I just love a good mystery.

Minna said...

The playboy can proposition me any day!"

Minna said...

The playboy can proposition me any day!"

catslady said...

"The playboy can proposition me any day!"
Lately I've been reading the Nocture because it's the newest to me but I love the Harlequin lines. Honestly, the only thing I rarely read are inspirationals and eroticas which I feel are both extreme ends but everything else I am very open to.

Playground Monitor said...

I used to read Desire exclusively since I used to be targeting them. I've been reading SuperRomance lately since that's where my book is going. But I've also branched out and have been reading some women's fiction.

Anyway, the first romance novel I read was a Desire by Leanne Banks, so I have a special place in my heart for her -- that, and she introduced me to Janet Evanovich. ;-)

chey said...

The playboy can proposition me any day!
I like most of them. I like the intrigue and suspense lines best because they're more likely to keep me guessing.

karenk said...

'the playboy can proposition me any day' i like all of the categories of these fabulous books.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

robertsonreads said...

The playboy can proposition me any day! Or time! I like Harlequin Presents as these were some of the first that I ever read and it they changed my life so very much. Summer that I was 13, about to start my freshman year of high school, had just completed varios tests that they give in school, my mom was brought in concerning my poor reading habits, and the rest is history.
Thanks, and everyone have a great weekend.
word verification - makileo as in making out

Virginia said...

"The playboy can proposition me any day!" I really like them all but I think the Intrigue line is my favorite, because I love the suspense in them!

Laurie said...

"The playboy can proposition me any day!"

Blazes,Presents and Desires are all fantastic!! Great for quick reads when your waiting for someone or an appointment.

I've never met a playboy in real life. They're so sexy and desirable in these books!!

It's raining here. Another dreary weekend. great time for reading!

Thanks for the chance to win a nice treat!

Michele L. said...

Harlequin Blaze and Presents are my favorite lines. A lot of my favorite authors write these lines! One thing I love about Harlequin is that I have discovered a lot of new great authors reading their books. Long live Harlequin!

Ooo...The playboy can proposition me any day!

Laurie said...

Favorite Desires!
Sexy ,powerful guy, + chemistry, + independent woman = passion and HEA

Minna said...

My favorite is Nocturne. I love paranormal stuff!

mariska said...

"The playboy can proposition me any day!"

I like the Suspense line, coz i love mystery :)