Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At least I remember I forgot...

I'm forgetting something. Something important. At least I think it's important. I'm not sure, because I've forgotten it. But it has to be important, or it wouldn't be bugging me so much that I've forgotten it.

Know what I mean?

My list-making and calendar obsession is firmly rooted in the knowledge that I'll forget it if it's not written down. In fact, I tell people that I'm not responsible for anything that's not written down. If you tell me, but don't make me write it down, then you can't get mad at me if I forget.

I admit to being scatterbrained. I'll go to get something from my office and forget what I was after by the time I get there. Sometimes, going back to where I was will jog my memory, but not always. I have a lot of 2am "Oh $hit" moments where I sit up in bed because I've just remembered the really important thing I forgot to do.

Hence the lists. The calendar (the paper one that I write everything in, then enter into the calender in Outlook, which then downloads to my phone). Sticky notes all over the house. (I use tape on the ones I stick to the bathroom mirror because the steam from the shower can loosen the sticky on a sticky note. Tape holds better.)

The "string around my finger" thing doesn't work, because usually all that will do is let me know that I am forgetting something, but I won't know what.

Sigh. I think I'm a little young for Alzheimer's to be setting in, but I hate to think my brain is *that* damaged.

Some people seem to think I'm pretty well organized -- but the fact is, the lists and calenders and schedules and spreadsheets are what keeps disaster at bay. The paranoia I'll really forget something important is actually working in my favor there -- the worry I'll forget something is actually making me look super organized and in control.

I know there are some list-makers out there on the Playground. Is it because you know you'll forget otherwise? Or am I alone here? Have you ever forgotten something *really* important? If you're not a forgetful person, is it just a natural trait or one you taught yourself? (And if it's self-taught, please do share!)

And here's my biggest question -- does that string-around-the-finger thing really work for anyone?


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Julie Miller said...

Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one whose brain works like yours. I'm the queen of sticky notes (good helpful hint with the tape on the bathroom mirror ;). I have all my stuff, plus hubby's, son's (at college!) and mom's (in another state!) stuff on my master calendar.

And no, the string around the finger just itches and frustrates me. Never worked for me!

Angel said...

I love my calendar. I have to write things down (appointments, bits of dialogue, story ideas, kids homework assignments). If I don't, it disappears and I'll never get it back. I think I need some of that Focus Factor stuff.


Smarty Pants said...

That's what my phone is for. I leave digital sticky notes because paper is my nemesis.

Playground Monitor said...

List-maker and desk calendar here. Without it, I'm lost.

Crystal said...

I love sticky notes (great for jotting down book details) and I have a certain fondness for lists, especially when preparing to travel or grocery shop. I possess a pretty sound memory, but I like having a backup plan in case I slip up.

robertsonreads said...

You have company, trust me. Yes, I keep lists, especially at work when I have 9 professors, 1 adjunct professor & 1 external director to keep up with and that doesn't include all the other tasks. I love post-its and note pads. I would be bat crazy if I depended on my little brain. These help get me through the day and not want to hit my head against a brick wall. And I put a lot of my to do items on my Outlook calendar as reminders.

word verification - ressigu, hmmm

gigi said...

I an a big time list maker. I keep up with everything for the family appointments things that need to be bought. Now I am keeping up with my mothers list too. I think after a certain age we just have way too much information in our brains and can't shove much more in it.