Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's September already!

And where in the heck have the last eight months gone?

Back to school items are already on sale, Halloween and fall items are crowding the shelves and I even caught myself looking at the price of artificial Christmas trees at Hobby Lobby last week. I need a new tree this year. Some very dear friends gave me a gift certificate to a Christmas store and because the store was having a nice sale and because I tend to think of myself as a pretty savvy shopper, I got double the bounty from the Christmas store.

However, I now have waaaaaaaaaay more beautiful Christmas decorations than will fit on my little Charlie Brown four-foot tree I got from the thrift store last year before I moved into my new apartment. Don't get me wrong. That tree made Christmas wonderful for me last year. I had only been out on my own for about a month by Thanksgiving and that's usually when I put up my tree. I had brought along a few things, bought a few others and I had my tree.

But now, I want to showcase my new stuff and a 4.5 foot tree just ain't gonna do it. So I'm going to have to start doing some serious bargain hunting for 7 to 7.5 foot slim line trees. I promise to post pictures once I get it and get it decorated. It's going to be gawgeous!

And in other decorating news, remember those Command strips I blogged about last week? I used them again. This time I put a bulletin board on the outside of the closet door in my office/spare bedroom. And because I'm having a problem getting some artwork mounted evenly on the wall, I'm going to try them with that. I have 3 of my True Romance and Confessions covers framed and on the wall. And try as I might I simply cannot get them even. I've used a level, measured carefully and the darned things are still not right. I think the Command picture hanging strips might solve the problem.

I also got an email from someone who apparently read my "favorite things" blog. I'll pass it along because some of you may be interested in entering:

I know you are no stranger to decorating your space, but did you know that a recent survey commissioned by Command products revealed that one in four women haven’t redecorated their home since Bill Clinton was in office?

Beginning September 5, Command Brand wants to reward you and your readers for creating your own amazing transformations in the Take Command of Your Space Facebook Contest. You could win $500, plus a flip-video camera and a prize pack of Command products!

Simply visit and upload a photo or two - we love before and after shots! - along with a tip about how you use Command products to simplify, organize or decorate your space. We’re selecting a new winner every week through December 25, so you can enter more than once!

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to your entry!

Alicia XYZ

XYZ Public Relations

I'm not sure my mirror or bulletin board will blow them away, but if I come up with some other nifty uses, I might send in some photos because the $500 would buy that tree at Hobby Lobby.

Have YOU redecorated since Bill Clinton was in office (FYI this was 1993 - 2001)? If so, share some of your decorating tips. If you haven't redecorated, what would you love to do if money were no object?


Barbara Vey said...

I haven't redecorated since I moved in my condo 18 years ago. I love that you framed your stories, maybe I can find a blog I wrote that I can frame. :)

I have a small tree also, but unless a big one appears, fully decorated, that's not going to change.

Jean Hovey said...

I have redecorated but grudgingly. I like for things to be pretty but I like better to do something classic and leave it alone until it gets shabby. Some people love to redo and that's great for them. I hate having things torn apart.

If money were no object, I would hire someone to finish out my attic with a fabulous office. Then I'd leave home while the work was being done.

I do need to rehang some pictures since the addition monster flat screen to our family. (And ti can't blame it on my husband. It is a great football watching TV.) I'm going to try some of those command strips.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm constantly redecorating! Paint, new pictures, rearranging. Maybe I'm just still getting things in order from when we moved in here in, oh, 2001 . . . Yikes. I've actually painted my bedroom twice since then, once right after we moved in and again maybe 5 years later. I don't do major "move it all out and knock down a wall" redecorating, but I do fiddle with what I have on a regular basis. -- LJ

Angel said...

I have - technically - but only because we moved in 2 years ago. :)

My favorite addition has been a row of bookshelves that I added to the living room. Love, love, love them! I definitely need to invest in some of those command strips. I hate hanging stuff on nails.


Cheryl said...

I have redecorated since Clinton. New living room furniture, new hardwood and new paint. I have also added on to my master bathroom. My tip, for whatever it's worth, is to take your time. I hate to slow down but when it comes to decorating, well, I have to in order to avoid rash decisions (and then end up with something awful). I am with Jean, I hate for the house to be torn up. I need to redecorate my bedroom (thanks to my dog) but I can't seem to get up the gumption.

If I had and endless source of money, I would make another addition which would include a HUGE closet for me! I just can't face the workers, though. So Jean and I could take a trip and leave our guys to deal with (yeah right).

Maven Linda said...

Redecorated in 2002. Then built a house in the mountains in 2005 and got to decorate it, so that satisfied me for a while. Then I built another house last year and got to do that one. Now I'm looking around here at home and thinking things are beginning to look a little shabby around the edges, but coming off a big project like last year's, I just don't have the energy yet. Besides, I don't like for things to be in a constant uproar. I don't move my furniture around, for instance. I put it where I think it should be, and it stays there.

Problem Child said...

The countertop guy just left with his measurements. My kitchen is about to be torn apart -- new appliances, new countertops, new sink, disposal and faucets...

Of course, now I'm looking at the cabinets and thinking they're looking a little shabby, but that will have to wait...

Katherine Bone said...

All my life, I've had to redecorate every 2-3 years. Since we moved here in 1997 and put down roots, I haven't switched anything but my living room furniture which we gave to our son when he got married. That's it. I like things the way they are. Everything in my house is a piece of everywhere we've lived. Memories are great and all I have to do is look around to remember the places we've been and the life we've had together.

My kind of heaven...

Instigator said...

My mom redecorated my bathroom for me last month. Does that count? No? Well, then probably not. As a cancer I know I'm supposed to be obsessed with my shell (my home) but I just can't seem to muster up the energy to change anything.