Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I’m not reading… (Darn it)

My To Be Read pile teeters alarmingly at the moment. The sad thing is that I haven’t had a chance to read anything for a while now. But I keep getting books that I want to read and adding them to the pile in the hopes that one day, I’ll get time to lose myself in a good book.

I’m a fast reader, and I love to read, so those two issues aren’t really issues. The problem is that a) I just moved into a new house and I seem to have spent way more time than estimated stripping wallpaper and shopping for new light fixtures; b) I find it very hard to read while I’m writing, because I need to keep my head in my book, not get lost in someone else’s (no matter how tempting); and c) I’m so dog-tired and busy that when I do have a moment to sit quietly I tend to fall asleep.


So, my TBR pile grows and depresses me more every day when I see the wonderful stories I could be lost in but am not. It sucks. But, just for giggles, let’s explore what I’m looking forward to reading.

The May and June Presents Extras: This really sucks, because I’m dying to see what my line buddies are dishing out at the moment. (They’re guaranteed to be fabulous books, and I’m kinda invested because I remember when we celebrated when each one was turned in and accepted.) So, on top of the TBR pile awaiting my next soak in the tub are Overtime In the Boss’s Bed by Nicola Marsh, Good Girl or Gold Digger by Kate Hardy, Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress by Natalie Anderson, and our newbie’s debut Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring? by Mira Lyn Kelly.

Suzanne Enoch’s Before the Scandal: This book is from 2008 and I don’t know where it’s been hiding that I just now found it. (Surely it hasn’t been on my TBR pile for 2 years!) I love a big, fat historical.

Monica McCarty’s Highland Scoundrel: I read one of the other books in this trilogy while judging a contest, and I liked that one so much I went and bought the other two. The only thing I love more than a big, fat historical is a big, fat, Scottish historical. (I have a thing for Scots, if you didn’t know. ~blows kisses to DG~)

Jane Porter’s Flirting With Forty: This one was in my goodie bag at the HOD luncheon this year. I’ve heard really good things about it (and I watched the movie on TV), but somehow, it never managed to make it to my reading list. (Yes, I know it’s a 4 year old book. I’m behind, I tell you!)

Julie Cohen’s Girl From Mars: This one I bought, read the first chapter, and then packed it in a box accidentally, where it didn’t get unpacked until last month. I mourned it while it was missing; the first chapter was fan-freaking-tastic and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Of course, I love Julie Cohen (she’s a former Modern Heat gal), and these quirky books really seem to suit her.

Blood Born by Lind Howard and Linda Jones: One of the newer books in the pile. I’m not normally a fan of vampire books, but I am a fan of our Lindas. I will give vamps another go because of the authors!

That’s just a random sample of the pile – and random also seems to apply to my reading tastes as well!

Of course, the thing about TBR piles is that they never go away. You never catch up. There’s always another book released or another author discovered (whose backlist must now be glommed) to keep the pile growing. That’s not a bad thing, mind you. I don’t want to live in a world where I’ve read all the books and there’s nothing new to look forward to.

So tell me the top three books in your TBR stack. If one of them matches something in my TBR pile (other than the ones listed above), I’ll send you a little prezzie. Maybe a book to add to your pile…

Or not. ~grin~


PS. WINNERS! We're pleased to announce that Gigi is the winner of Lori Handeland's prize and Margay is the winner of Free Book Friday! Please email smartypants@writingplayground.com with your snail mail info to claim your prizes!


Jane said...

The top three books on my tbr pile are Rachel Gibson's "Nothing But Trouble," Toni Blake's "One Reckless Summer" and Shannon McKenna's "Extreme Danger."

LA said...

My TBR stack is threatening to topple off my nightstand! "An Echo In the Bone" by Gabaldon should count as more than one book since it's 814 pages!!!! But, I'll give you the next two just to be fair: "Sizzle" by Julie Garwood and "Lavender Morning" by Jude Deveraux.

Playground Monitor said...

I had three books leap to the top of the pile yesterday. Actually, I bought them yesterday and that's how they did the leaping thing. They are category romances from the line I'm pithcing to at the conference. I've read this line, honest I have. But it's been a book here and there over the years. My plan is to read at least 6 of them before nationals. Unlike you, I'm a slow reader.

runner10 said...

Top 3 in tbr pile
Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
My Reckless Surrender by Anna Campbell
Open Country by Kaki Warner

Smarty Pants said...

My TBR pile:

Magnate's Mistress... Accidentally Pregnant! by you.(No, I'm not a suckup, it just came in the mail yesterday)

Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson

How to Marry a Vampire Millionaire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Darling Geek said...

Eagerly awaiting Book #7 by Kimberly Lang. :)

Laurie said...

Flirting With Forever- by Gwen Cready

Helenkay Dimon- Under the Gun

Robyn Carr- Forbidden Falls

Nora Roberts -Bed of Roses
& Savor the Moment

Diana Palmer- Trial by Fire

I have a Desire by Maya Banks ??? The Tycoon's ???

Instigator said...

You know, now that my TBR pile is nice and neat on my Nook, I can't even tell you what's on there. I just know that whenever I finish a book there are already more waiting in line. I've vetted them at some point for them to be on my waiting list so I know they're going to be good. I just pick one and go. :-)


Denise said...

Oh dear, my TBR pile is haphazardly stacked and strewn about, so there isn't really a top three, but here are three TBRs:

"A Gentle Rain" by Deborah Smith (I absolutely loved her novel "A Place to Call Home", so now I'm trying to read all her other books, too)

"Heart of the Matter" by Emily Giffin (her neighbor, a friend of mine, recommended her first book, "Something Borrowed", to me when it first came out...it's really, really good and it's now being made into a movie!)

"Flirty with Forty" by Jane Porter (like you, I've been meaning to read this book! I love Jane Porter's HPs, and I've wanted to read her contemporary books for awhile now. I've heard the most about Flirty with Forty, probably because it was made into a Lifetime movie, so I figured I should start with it.)

P.S. - your husband's comment is so sweet!! =)

gigi said...

I know my pile has been growing lately. I have so many summer jobs to get done. Painting, painting and more painting.
I pray for rain so I will have a reason to be able to read inside. Plus something happened to my eyes when I hit 46 (last October)and now I need reading glasses that slowed me down too. Bummer.

Margay said...

My tbr pile has developed into its own mountain range. Just a few peaks are The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, Seduced by a Rogue, and The Jane Austen Book Club.

chey said...

The top 3 books on my tbr pile are Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber, Still the One by Robin Wells and Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn.

Angel said...

Yep, I've got Blood Born too, and I picked up a new one yesterday called Masked by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon. Gorgeous cover, about a shapeshifter in the mob and a homicide detective in New Orleans... one of my rewards for working this week. :)


Jean said...

The top three, not necessarily in this order:

Ten Things I Love about You by Julia Quinn

The Royal Prince's Concubine by Lynn Raye Harris

Blonde with a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Virginia said...

Anna Campbells, My Reckless Surrender. Mary Balogh First Comes Marriage. Christie Craig's Shut up and Kiss Me. I can tell you Flirting with Forty is an awesome read! Also both of Kaki Warner's books are awesome!

Problem Child said...

Oh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I see several books I'd like to add to my TBR pile! Whoops!

I'll tell you there's at least one winner so far, but I'll announce name(s) later in the week.

And I'm working as fast as I can, DG!

catslady said...

My top 5 of soooooo many -
The Irish Warrior by Kris Kennedy
The Sweatheart's Knitting Club by
Lori Wilde
Flirting with Forever - Gwyn Cready
A Certain Wolfish charm - Lydia
Bad Moon Rising - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Anonymous said...

I've been a very bad girl. I don't have any TBRs to read, read them already. Right now I am reading Good Girls Do by Cathie Linz. Just finished Ain't too proud to beg by Susan Donovan, loved it.