Friday, June 18, 2010

Calgon, Take Me Away

I've been working hard lately. Harder than usual, in every facet of my life. Work is a zoo. Writing has picked up to a frantic pace with all the stress and pressure of getting things right. I'm doing a workshop at Nationals this summer that we're dry-running next month. Cakes and catering. Friends and family. Housekeeping and personal fitness fits in there somewhere. I just have a lot going on.

I want to take a vacation. Nationals does not count. It's a week of stress for me that I honestly look forward to and dread all at once. My 4th of July trip was cancelled. But I want to go somewhere. I want to sit on a beach with a drink and an open itinerary.

A friend has asked me to go someplace at the end of this month, but we're running short on ideas. We don't want to blow a fortune or go for longer than 4 days or so. The go-to beach trip is out this year with the oil spill. My friend refuses to drive longer than 6 hours cause she gets cranky, so Savannah or New Orleans is out. We could cruise out of Mobile, but again, oil spill. I doubt the ship would cruise right through the oil slick, but it might not be avoidable and the smell is supposed to be awful. Flights are cheap to Orlando, but she used to live there and hated it, so we'd have to do something once we got there, like catch a cruise or fly on to Puerto Rico or something. We've talked about flying to Cancun. Boston. I don't know.

Of course its peak season, so flights and hotels are crazy high. Carnival Cruise lines is stalking me. Somehow they know I've been on the site and they keep calling me. Maybe if I procrastinate long enough, they'll give me a deal I can't refuse.

Anyone got some suggestions on what would be nice this time of year? Any sites for last minute travel deals? I'm clueless and desperate.



Cheryl said...

What about St. Augustine? There is a beach and no oil there, yet. You could fly into Jacksonville and rent a car to get there. Just a thought.

I am going to New Orleans tomorrow. I love the place and we are celebrating my son's birthday while we are there. I plan to sit a lot at the pool, read and then eat at The Court of Two Sisters, The Commander's, NOLA, Brennan's...relax. I know what you mean - we need some down time!

Jean said...

Puerto Rico is lovely. Old San Juan is beautiful. If you want a sleepy little Caribbean village experience, Culebra is not too far from San Juan--though it does involve driving and a ferry ride. Culebraa was once on one of those 10 Best Beaches things the travel channel is always doing.

Playground Monitor said... is supposed to have good deals. I don't have any personal experience so...

Also, go to the Southwest Airlines site, pick either Nashville or Birmingham and see where they fly.

Or hang tight and wait for that great Carnival deal.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

If the beach, the ocean, Orlando, and anything more than 6 hour way is out, then I'm stumped. Maybe Tunica. (which is where DH and I would end up if we had a long weekend and just wanted to go -- but not too far) I would say Nashville, but I don't know that they've recovered from the floods. I'd guess not. :-/ I like Savannah and Charleston, and Wilmington is pretty, but that's too far. You could throw a dart, pick a city, and just stay in a hotel with a hot tub and outlet shopping nearby. Find a remote bed and breakfast and chill out. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun!

Kathy said...

Orange Beach down at Gulf Shores is great! There isn't a smell at all and we only had one instance where some oil came ashore. And when it did, it was quickly gone as if it had disappeared. There are a few tar balls but nothing you cannot avoid. You can get in the water, but they advise against swimming. But if you are staying at a hotel or condo, a swimming pool is nearby.

I highly recommend it. The media has hyped up the situation. We're having a great time! :)

gigi said...

I am like you stumped.
I would go to Disney World or maybe Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast. It is a nice quiet place to get away to.