Thursday, June 17, 2010


Is anyone else getting tired of doing, eating, seeing and hearing the same things over and over again? Maybe it's just me. I wake up at the same time every day (whether I need to or not). I do the same things in the same order before I leave the house. I drive the same way to work. I eat lunch at the same handful of places (and I'm really tired of them!). I leave work at the same time each day and come home to dinner (which I'm very grateful to Zilla for cooking) which is usually some variation of the same thing I've eaten several times over the last few weeks.

I'm in a rut.

You know what's funny? In the above list of things that are vanilla the one that bugs me the most is the food. I'm so tired of eating the same things at the same places. I want something different. I want something gourmet. I want something fit for Food Network which probably means I should stop watching that channel.

I need to break out of my ho hum normal. I know I'll be able to do that a little next month when we go to the RWA national conference in Orlando. But I'm not sure I can make it for the next six weeks without pulling out my hair. I need to be working on my next project. I'm very excited about the book, but I just can't seem to get started on it. Something keeps getting in my way - work, sick kids, appointments, blah, blah, blah. Maybe that's why I'm feeling ugh and frustrated.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I love my husband. I love my kids. I love my job (both of them) and I love my friends. I'm lucky and I damn well know it. The major things in my life I have right...I think it's the peripheral extras that need a jump start.

So, are you in a rut? Have you ever found your way out of a rut?


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Cheryl said...

Food seems to be the biggest rut I get in. I am tired of asking hubby what do you want for dinner or where do you want to eat. I always get the same response; I don't know what do you want to eat? We usually end up at the same tired places or I cook the same thing I did last week. I would love to have a chef prepare me a meal, something exotic but no curry (ick). I don't think we have one in Arab though .

Linda Winstead Jones said...

It's so easy to get into a food rut -- and I think that's the easiest one to get out of. Buy a new cookbook and try a few new recipes. If cooking isn't your thing, go to a new (and I don't mean a different pizza place, I mean something DIFFERENT) restaurant. If you're close enough, go to Earth Fare and check out their deli for stuff to take home. It was easiest for me to get into the dinner rut when there were kids at home and they'd only eat mac and cheese, chicken fingers, and pizza. If that's the case, buy a special meal just for you and Zilla.

Playground Monitor said...

Yeah... food. It was one thing to cook for two people, but for just one? It would be sooooooooo easy to just buy a lot of those prepared Lean Cuisine things, but they really aren't that good for you. I tend to eat a lot of chicken and salad and roasted fresh veggies.

Like LJ said, a new cookbook can get you out of the food rut. Or explore a different part of the food network website or or

I just get in a life rut too -- get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, make up my bed, fix a cup of tea, check email, yada yada yada. Sometimes I need to check email before I make the bed. ;-) And one day I might even go completely crazy and stay in my jammies all darned day!

Maven Linda said...

OTOH -- I love ruts. I almost never have the time to enjoy one. There's something peaceful about ruts. Which I guess proves the old saw that the grass is always greener, huh?

Kathy said...

I'm with you, Maven Linda. Ruts are comfortable. I spend too much time running on the wheel like a hI'm amster. Ruts can be a good place to be.

How to get out of one? Do something nice for someone else. Serving others brings about contentment and joy.

Wear a bright color. Drab colors can bring you down.

Buy a bright colored lipstick and wear it. Or some colorful eye shadow.

Go for that wild piece of jewelry you'd normally pass on.

Play with your kids. Hearing children laugh can set life in perspective.

Go on a hike or nature walk. I recently found that observing the beauty around us can revive our perspective on life. Last week, I saw a magnificent hawk fly out of some trees right ahead of me, wings outstretched, talons barred. What a joy!

When you see an oil slick advancing toward shore, pelicans in flight, schools of dauphins playing in the sea, you really understand the imbalance within yourself and the world around you.

Long and short of it, I find that going outside of myself, outside of my comfort zone, is where I will find hte secret to reviving myself. My .02.

Kathy said...

And it's obvious I can't spell today. :(

gigi said...

Boy am I in the 'rut club'.
What is for dinner? You never know and there seems to be just a few thing that everyone likes. My problem lately is cooking mainly for two. One daughter lives away at school and the other is attending college near home and has a job. We eat so many leftovers that we want to scream.
I also have my morning jobs that I do like clockwork.
I feel like I have to do everything, everyday or iI haven't accomplished anything.

Sherry Werth said...

I can relate. Some days I enjoy my nice comfy ruts and then there are the days I feel I'm going to fall into one of those ruts and totally disappear!
I am sooo looking forward to my first Nationals. That's going to be my rut remedy. Five whole days with no one asking me what's for supper or have I washed their jeans! :-D

Instigator said...

I'm loving these suggestions! Unfortunately, Zilla is not adventerous when it comes to cooking. What he does, he does very well but he doesn't like to stray outside his comfort zone. Honeslty? I think I need a nap. :-) Being tired probably isn't helping me see the world in an optimistic way.