Monday, June 28, 2010


I did very little on Sunday. I was tired after being gone all day Saturday and decided to cut myself a break. Besides, there was a Criminal Minds marathon on A&E from noon until 10pm. The kids were not happy that I commandeered one of our two televisions, but since I rarely claim a TV while everyone is home, I decided I didn’t care. ;) Oh, I washed a load of laundry, cooked a simple supper, helped my daughter figure out some things on the computer, and typed a few things into the computer myself, but all-in-all, I mostly watched TV and dozed in the bed. And you know what?


Too often, I think we don’t give ourselves these kinds of treats very often. I mean, I mostly watch TV at night when I’m simply too tired for my brain to work any longer. And it is harder to find the time to be lazy when you have kids on summer vacation, coming into the room every few minutes to ask you to do something.

Also, more than a couple of hours is an anomaly too. But I’m actually trying to figure this out. You see, I have a physical condition that is aggravated by stress, and I’m finally facing the fact that I have to look at new ways to relieve that stress. That means NOT rushing to do something 24/7. Letting go of responsibilities that don’t need to be mine and letting go of guilt when things don’t get done (talk about hard!). Part of that is giving myself a little “treat” every so often, like reading for an hour, talking on the phone, getting new music for my iPod, or snuggling with the kids.

This is all a work in progress (and I have a feeling it will take me a long time to progress), but one step at a time, right?

So tell me, what little (or big) “treats” do you reward yourself with?



M.V.Freeman said...

Oh, I believe in them!

I reward myself time to read, maybe to go to the movies...or just to sit back and do nothing. (which is hard, because I have that little voice saying that there things that need to be done).

I think at least one day a week, if possible, you should have it to rest and do what you want. Of course, it only works in theory....

Smarty Pants said...

I'm pretty good at the complete brain shutdown. Spend all day in PJs eating junk watching mindless tv. Sometimes I even stay in bed and don't migrate to the couch at all. I have to do it. At least one day a month if not more. I'm always good for zoning out in shorter spurts, but a whole day is hard with my schedule.

Other treats - a pedicure, especially with a cute design on my toe. A $5 splurge. Going out to eat someplace with real utensils and food that isn't ordered by the combo number.

Instigator said...

Taking a nap is my treat. That and reading a book. Oh and lately it's been sitting on a float in the pool in our backyard. Zilla bought torches and a light so that I can do it at night (and not fry my pasty pale skin). Heaven!!


Sherry Werth said...

My treat during the summer months is to float in the pool. I mostly read but have been known to fall asleep on the float. All the books I read during the summer have wrinkled edges.
We spend a lot of time outside during the summer so Hubby installed outdoor speakers and cable. We can have music or watch TV. So yeah, I have been "treating" myself a lot lately. :-D

Liza said...

I'm single, so it is usually easier for me to find "me time". However, between my family, friends, and work, it has been hard to come by lately.

I love to take a nap on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Usually will snooze a bit between loads of laundry if possible. Also, love to stay in PJs and watch the NCIS marathon that USA tends to run most weekends.

catslady said...

Reading has always been my treat to myself and I make sure I get a chance every day. Usually late at night - when it's fairly quiet (except snoring and purring lol).

Problem Child said...

Mental Health days are very important. I'd go crazy without them.

Mani-pedis are a nice treat. Long soaks in the tub. A new pair of shoes. :-)

The next few weeks are going to be a busy nightmare for me. I will need several Mental Health days to look forward to in order to survive...

Angel said...

Ooohhh, wish I had a pool to float in, but I do take my kids to a friends pool and while they play we lounge in the shallow end and talk writing. Very relaxing!

I do try to work in a nap on a weekend day. Now that my kids are too old for them, a daytime nap is a luxury. :)


robertsonreads said...

I'm single also, so I get to treat myself regulary. I read every day unless I'm sick. I take a nap at least once every weekend. I actually went to the movies this weekend - Toy Story 3 in 3D, wonderful!!! And most days I eat at my sister's home. Very little cooking for me.

Christine said...

I am so glad you had a chillaxin' day! Way to go. I am hanging here in DC and loving not being on the go 24/7. Summer is fabulous. I work when I can and I enjoy my lazy days.

Great post! And I hope you feel healthy all the time :-)