Monday, June 21, 2010

New Book Excitement

Something wonderful happened this week: I fell in love!

No, I’m not cheating on my husband… well, maybe in my mind. You see, I’ve fallen in love with the hero and heroine of my new book. Since I’m always on here whining and complaining, I figured I’d share the good news with y’all. Let’s just keep it between us, okay? Wouldn't want to lose my reputation as a pessimist.

I’ve had the idea for this series in the back of my mind for a while, but I knew up front it was single title and different from what I’d done before. It’s darker, edgier. I’m traveling in a new direction, which is fun, freaky, and frankly terrifying. At first, I was simply nervous I couldn’t pull it off. But I just finished my novella and knew I had to start writing something else. This was the only idea that called to me, and I decided it was time to take the plunge. I’ve been toying with the plot and characters for the last few weeks, and decided that since I had plenty of time to focus on my writing while the kids were out of the house, I’d finally start Chapter One.

And I did, but I only have 10 pages so far. Instead, I delved deep into the characters (so far I have 12 that populate this particular world, including H/h’s from books 2 and 3—a far cry from the 3 or 4 in my category books) and plot (the plots for books 2 and 3 started showing up in large hunks-both scary and wonderful, let me tell ya). I’ve discussed possibilities for mystery and an overarching scandal (meaning it runs through all 3 books) with critique partners, until they are probably tired of hearing from me. I’ve pulled pictures off the internet for characters, clothes, furniture, and décor.

Finally one day I realized something—every time I thought about my characters or my book, I got an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. That twitchy cross between nervous anticipation and excitement that comes with the thought of someone you’re falling in love with. The one you can’t wait to see again. The one you want to get to know better. The one you come to crave in your life.

I’ve fallen in love with my book. Yay!

So even though I was completely freaked out and scared I would screw up, I made myself start the first scene on Thursday. To psyche myself out of the jitters, I hand wrote the first few pages instead of typing. It seemed less “permanent” that way, so if I messed up I could just chunk it and forget about it. Saturday, I started typing those words into a computer file. Guess what? They don’t completely suck. Yay, me! :) And I can’t wait to write some more (a big difference from dreading the page a few months ago).

You can keep track of my progress in the blog sidebar, which I’m going to try to update weekly.

So tell me, what’s going right in your life? Let’s have a gratitude day! (I heard that—stop your grumbling!) I’m grateful that I love my story and am once again excited about writing. AND I’m grateful to have my kids home. I never thought I’d say this, but I missed the little boogers. :) What about you?


Happy Belated Father's Day to all those supportive husbands out there! For all the times you've listened to our plots until your eyes glazed over, for all the times you've kept the kids so we could escape into our books, and for all the times you've eaten take out for dinner--we love you. You're the best!


Playground Monitor said...

I am beyond grateful that my mother's surgery is over, that it went very well and that she's on the road to recovery. And I'm grateful that I've sold two short stories in the last couple weeks. :-) It'll be nice Christmas money. And I'm grateful for the emails I've received from the students in my recent online class. They were so complimentary and every one is going in my validation file. A gal needs positive feedback every once in a while.

Instigator said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've found the joy in this story. :-) And of course the words don't suck!!!

You know, I started typing the words I'm grateful and then stared at the blank screen for several minutes. There are lots of things I'm grateful for but I can't seem to put them all into words. I'm grateful for my family - especially Zilla and the girls. I'm grateful that I get to earn a living doing something that I love. I'm grateful for the amazing friends I've found along the way.


Cheryl said...

Glad to hear your mother's surgery went well, PM!

I am grateful for my hubby, good friends who don't say no when I ask for help and all those ideas that keep popping in my head.

Smarty Pants said...

I'm grateful DB got home safely from his trip and that I didn't have to stand in the heat for 10 hours with him at the outdoor race he went to.

I'm grateful for my family and my friends, who are awesome. LS said she had the best birthday ever, so thanks to you guys for that. She's having her tonsils and adnoids taken out tomorrow so Barbies will be occupying her for the next few days when she has to stay in the house and recuperate.

I'm grateful for my job. It makes me crazy, but the money funds all my cool schemes and trips and until I can be thankful for making my living writing, I'm happy to do it.

Problem Child said...

I'm so glad you're in love with your book!

I wish I could say the same... oh, wait, this is supposed to be gratitude, not grumbling.

Career-wise, I'm grateful for a royalty statement from Harlequin that tells me many, many, people all over the world have purchased my books.

I love this job!

catslady said...

I'm grateful that my daughter and husband of two years moved close to home and just bought their first home nearby (grandkids next lol).


I loooooove to fall in looooove over and over and over again.

Vivi Andrews said...

Congrats on your new book love!

I'm grateful my grandfather is pain-free, my family is more wonderful than I deserve, and the sun finally came out today(literally). Hopefully it'll come out figuratively over my writing soon. Fingers crossed that your good book-mojo rubs off on me!

Elise Hayes said...

Congrats on falling in love--it's such a wonderful thing to be excited to be writing!

I'm grateful for the next 5 weeks of steady work time: no travel, no interruptions (planned) in my work and writing life. I'm hoping to get a lot done in the next 5 weeks...

Angel said...

Lots of gratitude going around today. :) That's always a good thing.

Although, I have to admit I'm not happy with google. Everytime I try to comment, it tells me there is an error processing my form and I have to re-enter my password. Every time. :(


Anonymous said...

How beautiful - falling in love with your characters. Should be a most special read.

I am very grateful for where I am in my life. Work keeps me busy, being near my family (3 sister & mom) along with nieces/nephews is wonderful. I am blessed to live in my home for 1 year now and there is no one who can reclaim it. I will spend this summer doing the "little things" to make it truly my home. I plan to take each niece/nephew on a to do day(spend a few hours one on one) with something they will enjoy.

Also, thank you ladies and Christie for the books. YEAH!!!!

Have a wonderful, if hot and humid, afternoon.


Christine said...

I'm so happy you've got your writing mojo going on! That's awesome. Enjoy the *dating* stage as you write this book.

I'm grateful that I made it into the third act of this current WIP in revision. I love my characters, always have, and I believe I have found their story. The rest is icing.

And I am grateful that I got a fabulous new story idea that I will play with while I am traveling and plot after Nationals.


Kathy said...

Yay! It's so good to hear the joy radiating from your blog post. You have every reason to be in love with your characters. ;)

I'm grateful for vacations, family, friends, and life. :D