Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good…

Except for the horrible hangover. And, Oh, my dog, you do not know how hung over I am. You don’t want to know.

My 20th HS reunion weekend was a blast. I learned that old friends always have a hold on your heart, some things never, ever change, and that I am far too old to stay up until 5 am.

Well, I can stay up until 5am, but I will definitely regret it. Especially when there was far too much alcohol involved AND I stayed up the next night until 3.30 am.

I will be paying for that for a while, I think. I still feel like hell on toast.

I loved seeing my friends (I’d post pictures, but I don’t think they want the evidence out on the internet). We laughed, we danced, we closed down several bars on B’ham’s Southside – and that was just Friday night.

There’s something surreal about reuniting with folks who knew you way back when. I remember when they were doofuses and now they’re doctors and lawyers and responsible members of society. They pay taxes, own houses, and have small children. (Hey! I pay taxes, own a house, and have a small child. What the hell happened? My inner 21-year-old strongly objects to this!)

I love my Playfriends, but there’s something special about really old friends. The Playfriends didn’t know me when I had braces or Bon Jovi hair. The trauma of adolescence bonds people in a permanent kind of way.

Some people brought their spouses, but most of us didn’t. I didn’t take the Geek. Personally, I can’t imagine what could be more boring for a spouse than hearing us talk about people they don’t know and things they didn’t do. And honestly, since my inner child really came out to play this weekend, I think having my husband along probably would have caused a cognitive dissonance that might have killed my buzz. (I love you DG, but there are some things you just don’t need to see. Or know about my past.)

Now Counselor Shelley dates back to those halcyon days. And I’m still in touch with a few others. Facebook brought me back in touch with many more. But jamming on the dance floor to an 80’s cover band with the same folks I was dancing with when those songs were fresh and new? Priceless.

So my hangover is nostalgic as well as painful.

I know some folks couldn’t care less about their reunions and have no desire to meet back up with their HS friends. Me? I’m hoping we can all get together again soon. But I’m going to bed much earlier next time. Definitely.

So, are you still in touch with your HS gang? Or are you all spread to the corners of the earth? Do you go to your reunions?


Cheryl said...

After living in other places for years, I moved back to the small town where I grew up. Plenty of my high school classmates are still here so I get to keep up with them now. I do go to the reunions which seem to get wilder every time. Maybe we are just re-living our youth or trying to. It is fun to see everyone (especially the cheerleaders who got fat!).

Glad you had a good time!

Playground Monitor said...

I went to my 20 year high school reunion -- 20 years ago. Ugh. And now my children are having high school reunions. Double ugh.

I've connected with quite a few from high school on Facebook, and last week I had lunch with a friend I'd lost contact with until we found each other on FB. We had not seen each other since that 20 year reunion, and if I say so myself, we both look marvelous!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Nope. None of it. Not in touch with any of them, haven't been to a reunion, and no plans to go. If I'd gone to school with the same people for much of my life, like my hubby did, it'd be different. But I spent 2 years at my high school. Many of us were military brats, so we were used to moving. My life is one big move, basically. :)

And no, I don't want to stay up until 3 or 5 or any of that. 3AM in Ohio was quite enough, thanks. ;)

Smarty Pants said...

I went to school made up entirely of the kind of people that don't go to reunions. I considered going to my 10th, but it was poorly organized (cause I wasn't there). They combined two classes and still didn't have more than 50 people there (with spouses.) Total dud. Maybe for my 20th. Fortunately that's still a ways away and I don't have to worry about it. I'll just be casual friends on FB for now.

Anonymous said...

You may be tired and hungover, but think of it as training for Nationals. Hopefully, you will be recovered by then. :-)

I had a blast looking at your pictures and remembering some good and "interesting" times you had in HS. I think both "then" and "now" are experiences that make you the terrific person you are!
PC's Mom

Angel said...

My 20th high school reunion would have been this year, but there would only have been 4 people there. My sister and I would have made up half, and I can't even remember the only guy's name. :) Don't guess I'll ever have to worry about it.

So glad you had fun!


catslady said...

Both my husband and I went to our 30th reunions - same school. His was a blast and mine was the most boring thing on earth. The ones I wanted to see mostly didn't come to that one. They just had a 40th for my class and I didn't go but I did get a few phone calls because of course my friends went to that one lol. Speaking on the phone was enough - too many years since we never kept in touch.

robertsonreads said...

So that was the racket I heard about on the local news....lol

I'm with Lynn Raye, haven't been and don't plan to go. I hardly ever see anyone that I went to high school with.

Seriously, glad you had a blast!

Problem Child said...

Shh... don't tell my mom we made the news.

Kathy said...

I'm with you, Lynn! Reunions are so out for me. But I love hearing that you enjoyed yours, PC! ;)