Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Tuesday MOANday

I know I promised everyone a rundown of RT – and you shall get it – but after a very long, tiring week and hellish travel home, I’m too pooped and brain dead to start telling you all about my adventures. (And there are adventures… You can probably find a more cogent explanation of all the RT activities and things on other sites, so I’ll limit my debriefing to my own adventures! But those stories will be coming over the next couple of weeks, because the Playfriends are not going to let me hog the blog…)

So instead, we’ll skip to the very pretty men that wander through the crowds at RT and do a special Tuesday MOANday!

Meet my choice for Mr. Romance 2010 (but the 1st runner up in the contest, alas), Franco D’Angelo:

Ladies, those are some impressive shoulders. Impressive. I think he could bench press my car. (And his calf muscles are un-freaking-real).

Franco is a pro wrestler from Texas (with his own action figure and everything!) and a total sweetheart. We hung out some – in the bar, of course! – and in addition to being a nice, funny guy, the attention was very good for my ego. Who doesn’t like the attention of a pretty man, especially when there are a lot of other women around who would like that attention? (Yes, I know they have to be nice to the attendees, but let's not burst my bubble too quickly, okay? Thanks.)

That's a mighty big belt (and bicep!):

(Let's just say it was a good thing I met him *before* I googled him because all of his wrestling pictures would make you think he was a real Beastie instead of a Sweetie.)

It’s not often that our MOANday men are someone we can honestly say we know, so here’s proof:
I feel downright petite and delicate and fragile standing next to him. I'm wearing five-inch heels -- with platforms! -- in this picture!

The "cool kids" table in the bar:

(Me, Franco, Lynn Raye Harris, Tom and Olga (the ballroom dancers who wowed us during the show), and writer Wendi Darlin. Those are the Mr. Romance trophies on the table. The winner, Jamie, had been by for a while and left his with us for safekeeping and, along with Franco's, they made a lovely centerpiece.)

I think Franco is definitely cover model material – Harlequin is welcome to put him on one of my covers anytime…

(So, yeah, RT was a lot of fun. ~g~)



Angel said...

Oohhh, pretty!!! :) That is some kind of wingspan! A wrestler? I'll have to ask the hubby if he recognizes the name... on second thought, we'll just keep this between us. Ok?

I've heard lots about the Mr. Romance contest. How did that work, anyway?


Playground Monitor said...

Boy, you WERE one of the cool kids! I've heard lots about the Mr. Romance contest too so I'm all ears waiting to hear the details.

Sounds like you had a great time.


Problem Child said...

I have to admit, I don't know much about the contest, other than just watching the actual show on Saturday. I know the guys hang out with the attendees and such because there is a "Readers' Choice" category, but Lynn and I must not have seemed like likely voters or something. Franco was the only Mr. Romance competitor to speak to us until after the contest was over.

So, Franco is the only competitor I can speak about -- and he was more than just a nice set of shoulders (although they are very nice shoulders).

And, though I've never actually seen a wrestling match, I did agree to go if Franco ever comes this way.

Julie Miller said...

Oh, wow--you definitely had a different conference experience than I did. (wink-wink) Franco was my first choice, too--he was a funny, charming guy, and that can't always be said when someone that gorgeous opens his mouth.

BTW, folks, even though there was no beefcake involved, PC and the Playground's good friend Lynn Raye Harris spoke on two different Series Author Romance panels with me at RT, and did a fabulous job. They answered questions of readers and aspiring authors both, and represented Harlequin Presents extremely well. I was pleased to get to know them better.

And know what else? They're lovely, friendly ladies, too. I dashed into a bagel place at the hotel for some hot tea and a bite of breakfast between workshops, and PC and Lynn Raye invited me to join them. Now that's Southern hospitality!

Julie Miller

Lynn Raye Harris said...

It was great meeting you, Julie! I look forward to seeing you again -- and to reading those books of yours I picked up! :)

Problem Child said...

Hi Julie! Glad you think the panels went well.

And Franco was a doll, wasn't he?

HeatherB said...

Agreed. Franco was a doll, not just an action figure!

I really hope he gets some cover time, he deserves it. HHhmmmm......grow the hair out a bit and I'm seeing para-rom covers....maybe Medieval knights......

Heather B

Problem Child said...

Heather, I'm thinking Franco would make a good pirate too. (And there's plenty of pic of him with long hair on line!)