Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Projects and books and covers, oh my!

Well, I can no longer avoid it – and trust me, I’ve tried everything: moving, unpacking, painting, wallpaper stripping, staining furniture, shopping for drapes, weeding enormous flower beds, stripping the kitchen floor (which, actually, still isn’t finished, so I have something to procrastinate with another day), cleaning a hot tub, and researching what the hell that plant is in my yard and how do I take care of it.

But as distracting as moving is – and regardless of the amount of stuff in the new house that still needs to be done – it’s time to hunker down and get busy on writing again.

Of course, I’ll be doing it from the luxury of my brand-new office (mine, all mine!) with my butt in a new, ergonomically-correct chair, so that doesn’t suck. Wonder how that will affect my process…?

But my wrists are very sore from stripping the kitchen floor (I don’t know what the old owners used on that floor for “polish,” but, dear dog, it’s tough to strip off), and I still have a long day at the keyboard ahead of me, so I thought I’d share some news and covers today!

First, here’s the cover for my August Modern Heat (UK), What Happens In Vegas…

I think it’s pretty. Smarty Pants can identify the exact location in “real” Las Vegas based on the landmarks, but actually, they’re on the roof of my hero’s nightclub, Blue, just a few minutes before a very important meeting of the, ahem, minds.

What Happens In Vegas… is a sequel to The Millionaire’s Misbehaving Mistress. You all might remember the hero’s little sister, Evie, who was the catalyst for that story. Well, Evie is all grown up now and off on an adventure that changes her life.

I also have the cover for my October Presents release, Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks! And lookie at the lovely tag above my name…

Squee! Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks is my winery book, and one I found very challenging to write for a multitude of reasons. But it forced me to grow as a writer, and I loved the characters so much in the end, that I forgave them for putting me through the wringer. Fingers crossed readers end up liking those two as much as I do.

And lastly, book six now has a title: Girls’ Guide to Flirting With Danger. This book was a hoot to write; after all, when the country’s leading expert on divorce meets up with his ex-wife – who just happens to be a marriage counselor – yeah, they’re both flirting with danger. Megan and Devin will be a Jan UK release (under the new Riva banner) and a March US release.

And now it’s time to get my fingers busy with the new couple… and I’m starting to fall in love with them too! So that’s good, and that excitement will probably keep me away from the kitchen floor project for a while…

So what are you working on today? (Hey, my kitchen floor is available if you're bored...)


PS: Angel is blogging over with the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood about perseverance and finding your way through a dry spell.


LA said...

It's so exciting to see the new book covers! I'm looking forward to reading the further adventures of Evie! My to-do list today has me finding a place for LOTS of spools of wool....more than 3 bags full!

Playground Monitor said...

Since you asked, I have a mammogram scheduled for today.

What great covers! Can't wait to read all the books.

Instigator said...

Yay! I love all of your news. :-)

I'm working on revisions...chapter 10 and 11 are on the agenda for today. My midday reward includes an escape to lunch. My afternoon reward includes reading. We'll see if I get rewarded at all.


Sherry Werth said...

Great covers! Can't wait to read them. :-D
Right now I'm at the day job. And speaking of day job..remember I work for a landscaping co. Send me a pic of the plant and I'm sure somebody around here will know what it is.
Good luck with the kitchen floor!

Christine said...

Tres exciting! Love the covers--


Jane said...

Ooh, I can't wait to read Evie's story.

Kathy said...

Wow! I love the moniker above your name, Kim. Congrats! ;)

The covers look fantastic, as usual. You really have had great luck with your covers. I'll be sure to get my copy when they come out. :D

Problem Child said...

Okay, floor is half-done now.

But I did spend some time working on the new book today as well. :-)

Glad y'all like the covers...

Angel said...

I did get to work and write today, in between resting. Funny, I felt fine last night, but was exhausted by 8:30pm. Went to bed early and woke up exhausted this morning. I just can't seem to shake this illness. I want to get well and stay well, not move back and forth. Sigh.