Friday, May 21, 2010

Good-bye Wendy the Wicked

Well, I'd anticipated having 7 long months of amusing and painful stories to share with you about me and my trainer, Wendy the Wicked. I'd paid for the sessions, so by darn, I'd get blog fodder out of them if nothing else. (I'd hoped for getting thinner and more toned, too, but I knew making a fool of myself at one point was a given.)

Then I went out of town on business for the week. Just one week. Missed one session. When I came back to the gym the following week, I was supposed to get with her and get back on the schedule. No sign of her. The next week, no sign of her. I figured she'd get on my case and start calling me, but she didn't. I started to get suspicious, especially when some dude was sitting at her desk.

So I finally broke down and asked the Twits at the front desk if Wendy was on vacation. They immediately perked up. "Are you one of hers?" I suppose I was. They proceeded to tell me she was still here, but in two weeks, Wendy would be gone. Apparently, her boyfriend had proposed while I was away and she was transitioning off to somewhere else.

Er... ok. So now what? I had a 7 month prepaid contract with her. They said her appointments were being taken on by Dude. I'd eyeballed Dude earlier while I was on the elliptical. I was not really interested in working out with him, much less having him weigh me or take my measurements. Honestly. He's about 22, buff and looks about as bright as the barbells along the wall. He's always chewing gum. I call him 'Dude' for a reason. The Twits said everyone just loved him, but I just don't think I can do it. I know I'm judging the book by the cover, but I don't care. I wasn't comfortable with being forced on Dude. I don't like change I don't initiate.

So I said to them - "And what if I don't like that?"

No joke - the Twits just stood there, stunned. Their eyes got big as saucers as they fought for words that were apparently beyond their vocabulary. I had to elaborate that I'd signed up to work with Wendy and I wasn't certain I wanted to continue with someone I didn't know. Finally, one of the Twits wrote down the number for the corporate office and asked me to call them. I'm currently waiting to see if I can get my money back or not. If not, I'm going to double up my appointments, let Dude torture me for 3 months and be done with it.

If I am stuck with Dude, I'm sure I'll have equally interesting tales to tell. Seriously, I really need to stop traveling. Not only did Wendy leave, but my favorite morning DJ disappeared, too. He moved to a station in Birmingham. When I went to the mountains, they laid off people at work. When I went to Disney, they laid off people at work. A couple years ago when I went to NYC, my grandpa died. Not sure what it is about me traveling... FYI, I'm going to California for the 4th of July, so hold tight until I get back. :)

I'm not good with change. How about you? Am I being silly or would you start working out with Dude?


PS. And I would also like to address the rumors that I somehow murdered Wendy and buried her in my backyard. That's is soooo untrue. It's too hard to dig in my backyard. :)


Cheryl said...

Don't know if I could work with Dude either. My pet peeve is gum popping. I just can't stand it! Makes me want to scream! That alone would keep me away from him. Also, being around buff people makes me feel inferior - that's why I can't cross the threshold of a gym (and I'm lazy).

No, I don't like change I know, it's supposed to be good for you but I like routine and getting what I expected (how dull). Thanks for the heads up about leaving, we'll all stay low during the Fourth!

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Change you initiate yourself is one thing, but to have change thrust upon you -- that's another matter entirely.

If you have no choice, work with Dude and entertain us with blog tales. And seriously, maybe you should just stay home. :-)

Angel said...

My problem with Dude is that this is an all-female gym. Why would they hire a male trainer? I would think lots of women would have trouble working out with a guy, when we chose this gym specifically to get away from guys.


My exercise is not going so well, which bums me out because once I get off track it is hard for me to reestablish that lovely schedule. But between the Luncheon prep and the virus I've had this week, I haven't exercised at all. :(


Playground Monitor said...

I'm with LJ -- self-initiated change is one thing but change dumped on you is another. And yeah -- what's with a male trainer at an all-female gym??? That totally defeats the purpose. You might be able to use that as part of your argument for a refund.

OTOH, Dude might provide some fun blog topics.

Smarty Pants said...

I see how it is. You all are looking forward to me being stuck with Dude so you can laugh at me. Hmph. Well, you may get your wish. Corporate office is giving me the "you signed a training contract with the gym not the trainer" story and that I need to contact the regional manager. Yippee. I may end up going to another branch for training sessions twice a week. Might not hurt to do that and get it done.

And you all will be pleased to know my July 4th trip was cancelled, although not for the greatest reason. My friend is 6.5 months pregnant and is being put on a week of bedrest because she went into labor early. We've opted to just play it safe and get together after the baby is here in the fall, so I will not be responsible for any incidents that occur over July 4th!

Liza said...

I went through about 5 trainers when I had my membership at the gym. At least you were finally told Wendy was leaving. Mine would leave without notice and they would just stick me with another trainer. I think I actually ended up using more sessions than I paid for since half the time the trainer never signed me in. Still I really only liked 2 of them, and 1 was at the end of my contract.

Jinky said...

Getting engaged isn't a good enough reason to not do your job. Your trainer should've been there, told you what was going on, and given you the option to work out with someone else or take a refund. That part is unacceptable.

As for Dude... it never hurts to try, but if you aren't comfortable with him for whatever reason, it's OK to speak up. The gym has an obligation to you, the client, not the other way around.

Maven Linda said...

I'd go to another branch. Life's too short to work out with someone who makes you uncomfortable. And, hey, you're a writer: let the corporate office know how remarkably stupid it is to hire a male trainer in an all-female gym.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Dude wouldn't bother me, but then I'm competitive like that. I'd be trying to lift more and more just to prove to him I could do it, LOL.

Then again, I've worked out with men in military gyms for years, so they don't bother me. Unless they grunt and scream while deadlifting. I hate that.

I say give him a try. He got buff because he knows what he's doing. :)

Smarty Pants said...

Well, I do have to admit Dude has an intriguing tattoo. I can see the top of it out of his shirt. Looks like one of those big tribal ones that crossed his shoulders. Maybe working out with him won't be soooo bad...