Thursday, March 04, 2010

Theater Thursday

Considering the advertisements for this movie have been plastered everywhere for weeks, I couldn't resist the opportunity to talk about Alice in Wonderland this month. It looks creepy. I'm intrigued.

They've been hawking this movie for months. The ad for the movie was all over the Olympics and when I went to B&N today the entire front of the store was plastered with posters, window clings, paraphernalia, and book displays. The problem with that kind of hard sell is if the movie doesn't live up to the hype it's gonna be bad.

Sweet Pea has definitely fallen for the marketing ploy. She's been begging me to see it for weeks. This is definitely one movie where I'm gonna have to see it first before I let her anywhere near it. While I think it might be interesting, there's definitely the possibility that it could freak her out. Heck, it could freak me out. Have you seen the movie poster with the tweedle twins? Seriously creepy.

Surprisingly enough, I really am excited to see this. I'm not a huge fan of Alice movies. The story has just never been one of my favorites. But anytime I can see Johnny Deep covered in white make-up with orange clown hair I'm in. I didn't think he could get any weirder than Willy Wonka. I was wrong. Pair him with Helena Bonham Carter and it's gotta be gold. The cast is pretty stacked.

Contrary to what the production company of Alice wants you to believe, there are a few other movies coming out this month too. Actually, there are a couple I really want to see.

Remember Me (yes, with Robert Pattinson) is set for release the end of the month. The previews look amazing. The relationship between Rob's character and Emilie De Raven (of Lost fame) looks steaming hot. However, I have recently learned that the ending of the movie might be hard for me to see. I definitely would have been upset if I'd gone into the movie not knowing. At least now I'll be able to make an informed decision. If you've been eyeing this movie (and don't mind a spoiler) you might want to do a google search before heading out. I still think I'll see this one...just might wait to do it in the comfort of my own couch.

Another one I've been waiting months for is How to Train Your Dragon. This looks sooooo cute!!! As a mommy half my movie hours are usually dedicated to cartoons. Most of the time I go to see the movie because I think the girls will like it (and they beg me repeatedly). I'm actually the one who told them about this one. While they want to see it, I think I'm more excited. I think it's going to be so can't be any worse than Chipmunks the Squeakquel.

There are some other big name movies coming out. Green Zone (which Zilla is excited about), Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Clash of the Titans, The Last Song. March really does look like a good movie month. I just hope I have enough time to get to the theater and see all of the ones I want to.

Any movies coming up that you're excited about? Are you going to see Alice?



Anonymous said...

My daughter's birthday is Friday, and she wants to see Alice in 3-D. So I will definitely be seeing that on. I also want to see Remember Me. The Care and Feeding of Dragons all of my girls are excited about too! I do believe this will be a good movie season!

Sheryl M.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Tim Burton movies give me the creeps. There's not one yet that I've liked -- and some of them give me nightmares (Sleepy Hollow anyone?).

So let me know what you think. It looks kind of cute -- but knowing Tim Burton, he'll make it squicky.

The Dragon movie looks cute, though.

Playground Monitor said...

I want to go see "Crazy Heart" with Jeff Bridges. This isn't a new movie, but he's nominated for an Oscar and Roger Ebert has picked him to win.

I'm not a Tim Burton fan too, for the same reason as Lynn.

You made me curious about "Remember Me" so I googled about the ending. I definitely know I don't want to see it. Actually, I'd never heard anything about it til you mentioned it here today, but now...

Jean said...

I am not a big fan of Alice. I do love Johnny and Helena but even they couldn't save that weird movie where Johnny was a barber and they made pies out of people. I'll probably pass. Maybe I'll try it on DVD.

To my shame, I have some interest in Hot Tub Time Machine. At least I am ashamed but it looks really funny.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

As a huge Johnny Depp fan, the ads alone disturb me. {{sigh}} This is just wrong. So no, I probably won't see it at the theater. When I can get it from Netflix, maybe.

As to Remember Me, I figured from the first ad that it would not be a happy ending. I haven't Googled for spoilers. The title alone makes me wonder. You don't have to remember someone who's THERE. :-) But that's just a guess.


Playground Monitor said...

I hate to admit it too, but Hot Tub Time Machine looked cute to me too. I lost the 80's because I was raising children.

catslady said...

I would love to see Alice. I just saw Shutter Island and recommend it. There is a new DiCaprio movie coming out this summer but I'm not sure of the title.

Liza said...

Remember Me comes on on 3/12. They must have moved it up and this is when the first trailer for Eclipse will be shown.

I might go see Alice, just have to get past it being a Tim Burton film. I either love his films or hate his films. However, I do love me some Johnny Depp.

Kathy said...

Ah, I can't wait to see Alice! Tim Burton totes a fine line between genius/sanity and I LOVE it! Sleepy Hollow was awesome! Sweeny Todd was fantastic! Burton knows how to manipulate the landscape/color/texture/design and unite it all into a story with actors who aren't afraid to let go and let Burton guide them.

I've always loved the story about Alice and can sing the rabbit's diddy about being late from the Disney version.

I haven't googled it, but I'm pretty sure I guessed the ending of Remember Me by just watching the trailer. (Remember Me Not.)

I'm waiting for Clash of the Titans with Sam Worthington. The Young Victoria comes out on DVD this month and it is AWESOME! New Moon comes out on DVD too. Woo-hoo!!

Angel said...

Nope, no Alice for me. I love Johnny Depp, but not this time. And Helen Bonham Carter gives me the creeps, even in real life. She and Tim Burton seem made for each other.

The kids want to see the Care and Feeding of Dragons, and that's one I'll happily take them to. :)


Laure said...

I am creeped out by both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp usually, so I think I'll skip this version of Alice. I don't entirely understand the whole Alice appeal anyway.

I'll probably watch Remember Me on video someday. My neice is a huge fan of Robert Pattinson, so it's something we could watch together. I refuse to participate in the whole sparkly vampire thing. But sans vamp fangs, maybe.

I'm looking forward to Russell Crowe's version of Robin Hood. Always loved the legend from books, disney movies and most especially the BBC tv series (still in mourning for the beloved show) and can't wait to see what Crowe brings to the table.