Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Here!

Guess what the topic is for my day this week? Spring Break? I warned you last week. Remember? :)

Yep, it’s that time of year in the south, though it got cold again the past few days. Doesn’t feel like spring, except for all the rain. I’m facing a week at home with 2 munchkins, with visiting munchkins at different times throughout the next 7 days.

Now, my kids are old enough now that this isn’t a total disaster. With lots of focus and discipline, I can get work and writing done, even with them home. (Wonder where I’ll find either of those things?) Of course, it usually takes me twice as long to get it done, but I can get there eventually. The biggest problem? I’m already suffering withdrawal from my ALONE TIME. I didn’t realize how very precious was a full school day alone, to do my work without interruption and chaos, until Little Man started Kindergarten this year. And as much as I’m embarrassed to admit it, I covet that time. Why is Christmas break so god-awful long? Do we really have to have Spring Break? And don’t even get me started on summer. They’ll be lucky if I don’t run away from home!

Sigh. I’m the most selfish mother on the planet.

So tell me, if you have kids, how do you cope with breaks?


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Instigator said...

You are not the most selfish mother on the planet!

My kiddios are currently locked in the spare office watching videos and entertaining each other. (Although, from the peals of laughter it doesn't sound like they're suffering any. And, okay, the door isn't really locked). For most of the week they'll be shipped off to various grandparents...that should make me feel guilty but it doesn't. They'll have a great time. I'll gain points with the grandparents for time spent and I might actually accomplish the goals I'd set for myself last week before jury duty interfered. That is, if my sluggish mind can get over the dang DST time change.


Playground Monitor said...

No kiddos at home anymore but I remember it being a challenge. Fortunately we lived in a subdivision with lots of other kids, so they usually had someone close by to play with. But usually I'd try to plan some sort of special outing with them for the week -- downtown to feed the ducks, a picnic up on Green Mountain, a trip to the library to check out movies for the week.

And no, you're not selfish. We all enjoy our alone time.

Problem Child said...

No, I'm the most selfish mother -- after all, I only have one child which means she has to entertain herself this week! :-)

Insti, does your Mom want another? (and ooh! my word verif is "inst"!)

Sherry Werth said...

Only one at home now, but she's 18 so I guess that doesn't count. :)
But I was panicking when a bunch of the girls wanted to plan a beach trip during spring break. This spring break thing can cause a reverse effect. Daughter with friends (without a parent) at the beach with a bunch of will be begging, bribing, pleading for them to please stay home!!!! She did, thank goodness. They are going to visit a friend at college for a few days accompanied by that friends Mother. I am finally coming out of panic mode. :D

Stephanie said...

Well, I don't think you are the most selfish mother on the planet. I think LOTS of mothers feel the same way you do.

I will say that from the other side of the teacher's desk Spring Break is a GODsend. Everyone in my classroom needed a break!

Smarty Pants said...

Since I have no kids, I have to say I enjoy spring break because the traffic is better.

At the same time, half the people are gone from work, yet business must continue on, so there pressure is up.

Kathy said...

Angel, you know you love your kids! Every Mom does. But breaks at school mean the schedule is off and that sometimes puts everyone out of kilter. No worries. That's perfectly normal. :)

#4 is home from college for her spring break. I'm loving it!

#3 submitted his enlistment paperwork today. He's joined the Army. :)

Traffic was sweet today except for the drivers who, for some reason, felt the need to drive around like maniacs. ARRRRR!!! (That brings the pirate out of me.)

Weigh anchor, mateys. Thar be a bounty to be had ahead.