Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Over!

I apologize in advance, but this entire blog is going to be about food. It has been the focus of my obsession for the last two weeks.

The 11 day diet is over at last. Hallelujah. I can hardly believe I made it. I made it through 11 days of funky food combinations and without a stitch - not one lick - of chocolate the entire time. (Tragic, I know.)Were I not leaving town for Nationals Tuesday, I'd probably start this torture, I mean diet, over again on Monday. I mean, for all the griping, I did lose a good bit of weight in 11 days. That's better than I've done on other diets. I'm sure more than a few will return after the free weekend and vacation time, but I'm okay with that.

Now begins the 3 days we get "off." You're deliberately supposed to eat higher calories these days to trick your metabolism, then start the diet over again on Monday. Since I'm going to take more time off, I am going to aim for a happy medium - basically good eating with some treats woven in for good measure. Sadly, whole wheat bread and granola bars are now considered treats. :)

To celebrate today, I will be going to the Krispy Kreme. A coworker brought a box of them in last week, when I couldn't eat them. He's lucky to still be alive. Anyway, I didn't eat them, I was good, but I promised myself one hot one off the conveyor belt this weekend when I was on my free days. I'm not going hog wild and eating a dozen, as much as I'd like to, but 1 as a reward. Maybe 2. I also forsee my favorite, pizza, slipping its way in. There will be no mention of tuna salad or peanuts for the next two weeks.

Once I get to San Francisco, I will eat my catered food, including dessert. I will drink margaritas in the bar with the other writers. I will eat the chocolate in my goodie bag. I will enjoy the wonderful sourdough bread and seafood that the area has to offer.

Then I'll come back and try this again. I sort of look at these two weeks as me losing the weight I'd gain on vacation before I left.

What are you treating yourself to this weekend?

(Don't forget - Monday kicks off our special week where we turn the blog over to our readers! Be sure to keep Angel company while we're away!)



Playground Monitor said...

It ain't over for me yet. I started a day after y'all so I have one more day of tuna salad and odd food combinations.

I'm not sure if I'll do this again. Oh who am I fooling? I'll do it before the DH and I go to Curacao in January because I'll want to look good on the beach. But I'm picking the maximum number of foods allowed in hopes of minimizing the repetitveness that made the program frustrating. I may never eat tuna again, and I don't understand how they can pair oatmeal and a bowl of mixed vegetables and call it a meal.

Now the fruit salad dessert is something else entirely. It's da bomb!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I ultimately didn't do the diet. Revisions hit me like a mack truck, which is its own form of diet. I never had a chance to go shopping for the diet stuff.

But, I'm pretty happy with where I am. My SF clothes fit. All of them. I dropped two sizes so far this year. Loving it.

I have a chapter to go. I'm *dying* here. Coffee, writing, coffee, writing -- and it ain't over yet. :/ Though, by the time people check into this blog at the regular hour, it should be....

birdzilla said...

For my part, cooking this weird diet was easy. I was always able to mix in other foods for the girls and I to complement the required foods.

Instigator did great actually. Never fussed or complained.

So I think I will treat her to a fantastic meal tonight of walnuts, salad, and bacon.

Smarty Pants said...

Thems fightin words, Zilla. :)

Maven Linda said...

I did the "Beyond Calories", an accelerated 10-day version of the 11-day diet, for fast weight-loss. In 10 days, I've lost 9 pounds. Not bad at all. The food combinations weren't weird, either. I haven't had ANY tuna salad. I've eaten fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and meat: ham, chicken, roast beef. I've eaten cashews and almonds and walnuts. Nothing sweet, no bread at all, and no form of potato or corn. I've been hungry occasionally, but only because I was busy running errands or stuff and ran over the time when I was supposed to eat.

I've been good, haven't cheated at all. I'm taking nuts and South Beach bars to SF so I can keep to the formula of eating more often. It seems to work.
And as for eating out, the diet's formula is simple: ask for a take-out bag or plate immediately, put half of your food in it, and eat only half of the serving which is usually huge anyway. Take the rest home to eat the next day. You don't deprive yourself of anything, you just eat less of it. Common sense.

Today normally would have been the start of the three free days, but I started over on Day One of the 10-day diet again, saving my free days for traveling tomorrow, then the two days of board meetings. Board meetings are long and require concentration, so I can't be worrying about what I'm going to eat every two and a half hours.

Heck, I may even go to the Cheesecake Factory that's in the mall directly across from the hotel . . .

I have all my clothes laid out. Today I begin separating them into different suitcases, making such I have complete outfits, including shoes and jewelry, in each suitcase in case one doesn't make it. If I have stuff left over that I need, I'm going to box it up and ship it to the hotel.


Sherry W. said...

This has been a rough week for me but not due to the diet. I never got a chance to check into it.

I started a new job this week and although it's great, getting back into work routine and info overload kinda did me in.

I'm looking forward to lazing around in the pool with a good book this weekend and doing some writing.

Oh, and wishing I was going with you guys! : (

Maven LJ said...

I have another day to go, because I started the 11 day diet and did that for 2 days, then I switched to the 10 day diet. So, I'm doing 12 days of dieting, and this is the last one -- for now. It's worked really well!

How sad is it that I dream of eating oat bran cereal and skim milk, and baked potato chips, and weight watchers ice cream brs. Tomorrow! :-)


Instigator said...

Bull$hit. You're taking me out to Kyoto for dinner. Actually, I'm going with or without you :-)

At the moment I'm eating peanut butter toast with my girls. Heaven :-) Today for lunch I'm going to have a Five Guys burger and fries. After that things will get a little more back to normal. I'll eat the things I want but I can almost guarantee you that I won't be eating as much of them as I'd normally eat. My appetite is definitely down - along with my waist line.


birdzilla said...

Instigator and SP...

Sorry, I have to take back the fussiness part

Instigator said...

Bite me :-)

Actually, Zilla has been fantastic through this whole thing. Very supportive!


Liza said...

I need a copy of this diet. I would love to loss some weight fast. I don't know that I could live on tuna salad for 11 days, but I guess I could give it a try. The no sweets thing would be very hard for me.

WTG everyone!

Smarty Pants said...

Here's the website:

You're supposed to lose up to 9 lbs in two weeks. I lost 8.

And you don't eat tuna salad every day. Just every other day. :)

Playground Monitor said...

And if you don't select tuna as one of your foods, you don't eat it at all. You can pick up to 15 foods from each list and there are two lists. Trust me when I tell you to pick 15 from each side. It'll be less repetitive.

PM's Mother said...

This is to remind PM what she is foregoing in order to join all of you lovely ladies in San Francisco...a family reunion in North Carolina where the meal served will be good ol' North Carolina barbecue pork, cole slaw, baked beans and BANANA PUDDING! All washed down with southern SWEET iced tea. Eat your heart out PM!

Liza said...

Thanks for the site information and the food tips. I'll have to check it out when I get home tonight.

problemchild said...

I will expect to learn exact amts of weight lost when we are not in a public place.

This may be in my future--after SF!!

(Coming in anon because this computer doesn't like me!)

Angel said...

Liza, I thought the no sweets thing would be hard too. I'm a dessert kind of girl. But I haven't had a difficult time with it at all. I'll be doing this again while everyone is in San Fran.

Sherry, hugs on the work, girl! I hope you acclimate soon and have a lazy weekend.

I'm now off to pick up the toilet paper out of our yard. We've gotten rolled twice in two weeks. Dumb kids. I don't even have teenagers!!!


Instigator said...

That's crazy, Angel! You need to post a sign that says they have the wrong house.


Kathy said...

Look at this as training for Homecoming Week, Angel. Someday... Someday... Huahuahuahua!!! (Coming from someone who has endured countless Junior/Senior Wars in the past with one more season to go. :-(

I did all right on the diet. I lost 6 pounds. But I didn't stick with it for the 11 days. I cut out at 8 days. We had a birthday in the house, with cake and cookies. I couldn't resist and I raised my cutlass to the sky and rebelled like a sassy wench pirate. Would I do it again though? Definitely! :-)

I actually like tuna salad.

Jane said...

I've been trying to stay away from junk food, but I can't. This week I had a couple of Klondike bars, chocolate chip cookies and Doritos.

Anonymous said...

I will look forward to no "to do" list this weekend regarding my home that is now on the market. Yeah!!!! Congratulations on getting this far with your diet. Have fun next week at Nationals. Have a great weekend everyone.

Jolie Kade said...

I'm definitely going to check out the diet site, too, but if I decide to do it, I can't start until August 4th. We've got a wedding the weekend before. :( My big plans for the weekend, actually, are to go the bridal shower and pig out on yummy shower food. :)

Angel said...

Wedding cake!!!! Yum! Thank god I hardly ever have a wedding to go to....