Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to get gifties from the Playfriends...

Conference is coming… let the countdown begin!

For those of you going to San Francisco:

We’d love to meet any of the Honorary Playfriends who will be there. Our Instigator, Kira Sinclair, will be signing for the first time at the huge Literacy Signing Wednesday night. Come by and tell her hello (and grab a copy of her book to support a great cause).

On Friday at 2pm, Instigator, Smarty Pants, and I will be giving a workshop with Blaze editor Brenda Chin. We promise it will be entertaining—and PM will be there handing out all kinds of goodies to the participants. We’d love to have friendly folks there to cheer us on, so come by.

Should you happen to see us around the hotel, please stop us and introduce yourself. To encourage you shy types, we have special surprises just for our blog readers who find us at the conference. Just let us know you read the blog to claim yours.

And, and if you do see us, remind us that Angel expects lots of pictures and we’re supposed to be using those cameras in our bags.

For our blog friends who won’t be at the conference, we’ll have plenty going on here. Our Angel has to stay home, so we’re running a Keep Angel Company Contest while we’re gone. To be entered for great prizes (books, chocolate, gifties from San Francisco), all you have to do is help keep our Angel from getting lonely. Comment on the blog, send her jokes and messages, whatever you can think of to entertain her in our absence. We’ll show our gratitude when we get home!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Angel.

Are you missing your friends?

Hope they are staying in touch. Am sure they will have lots of stories to share with us.

Have a good day.

Pat L.

Barbara Vey said...

I'm hoping to get invited to another Playground breakfast at RWA. You know, like an annual event. (hint, hint)

I'm off today for Comic Con in San Diego, so I hope you all follow my (mis)adventures. There's sure to be a few. ::g::

Jolie said...

You ladies are just awesome! And I don't just mean because you're giving stuff away. :)You have a really great thing going here with this blog--you're so down to earth and the camaraderie you have amongst each other couldn't be more obvious! It makes for a very welcoming atmosphere and, hence, why I keep coming back! Keep up the good work! :P

Smarty Pants said...

I like her. She needs to win something... :)

Angel said...

We miss you, PC!!!

What PC failed to mention is that conference is next week. But she's out of town this week too, so we're not going to get to see her in person for a while. Sniff...sniff...sob...

I'm missing breakfast with Barbara Vey?!? Oh, that's it. I'm booking a flight to San Francisco right now! (I wish!)

Thank you, Jolie! We appreciate your kind words.

I've got so much fun planned on the blog for next week. All our honorary Playfriend bloggers and a cute blog of my own to start off the week (in my humble opinion). My only sad note will be the lack of communication from my fellow Playfriends, because I know they'll get to conference and forget all about me. But if they forget to take pictures, they might as well not come home!


Instigator said...

We'd love to have breakfast, Barbara!

I knew I liked you, Jolie :-)

Angel, we won't forget you! And our friends here will help us remember to take pictures. I promise that my camera will be in my purse every second...I just need to be reminded to take it out and actually use it.


Playground Monitor said...

Breakfast with Barbara! I'll get up early any morning for a chance at that.

And after Jolie's comment I feel like giving Sally Field's Oscar speech. "They like us! They really, really like us!"

We like our commenters too, and that's why we give you gifties.

note to self
Take plenty of photos in San Francisco or else.

Jen said...

Do I get a prize too?

Liza said...

I can't be in SF, so I'll be happy to drop by and keep Angel company. Sounds like everyone is going to have a great time!

Kathy said...

I'll help you remember to take those cameras out. :-)

Don't worry, Angel!

Jane said...

I'm so jealous, I wish I were going to San Francisco. I'll be happy to keep Angel company. Hope everyone has a great time.

KansasSue said...

Since my hips will be safely here, and yours will be there, please partake of the fabulous crusty, San Francisco bread for me. And have a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

I'll help keep Angel company too so that she doesn't get lonely.

Shari C said...

Hi Angel,
Will gladly try to keep you company since I am unable to go to San Francisco either...boo, hoo!

Michele L. said...

Hi there Angel,

Awww....sorry to hear that you are alone but, not to worry, because we are all here to keep you company! WOOHOO! Party time!

Pop the champange! Toot your horn! Throw confetti in the air! Kick up your heels and jump for joy because it is Wednesday and 2 days away from Friday! HURRAY!!!!

Anyhoo, how about a little funny. I heard this from a friend recently.

A cop pulls a guy over for a driving infraction. As the cop looks in the car, he notices a bunch of penguins in the back seat. The cop says to the guy driving the car, "I want you take those penguins to the zoo right now!" The guy says, "OK!" and drives off. It is the next day, and the cop sees the guy again and pulls him over. The cop looks in the back seat, and sees all the penguins wearing sunglasses. The cop says to the man, "I thought I told you to take the penguins to the zoo!" The man says, "I did! Today we are going to the beach!"

Have a fun day Angel!

Anonymous said...

have a fun a and safe trip.