Monday, June 23, 2008

Ah, The Days of Youth

I shouldn’t leave putting together my blog topic until Sunday night. I usually don’t. Typically I’ll mull it over throughout the weekend, so I’m pretty set by the time Sunday night rolls around.

Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on how you look at it—I had a very busy weekend. My husband took off work and booked us into a hotel Friday night, where we went to the movies, out to dinner, and some window shopping. We also bought a bicycle for my belated birthday present. Yep, this 30-something year old asked for a bike. I haven’t had one since I was about 15, but I’m now the proud owner of a purple Sunflier. It’s pretty and I didn’t fall when I tried it out. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

I got home in time to run the kids to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, where I spent the entire afternoon trailing Little Man while he played games. I’m glad the kids had a good time, but I consider that place my personal version of H*LL.

Sunday the Playfriends and families headed out to a local water park and spent the day getting crisp around the edges. I’m not usually an outdoor cat—I burn VERY easily—but I love to swim and enjoyed this very much. With that many children, there is going to be a bit of drama at some point (why does it always have to be one of mine that causes it?), but we made it through with only a few tears. His and mine…

Wow! Now that I have totally bored you with my weekend activities, I guess I should say something inspiring and tie it all up in a nice little relevant bow. Well, I’ve got nothing for ya at the moment. Nothing the least bit profound. Sorry.

How about this for a discussion topic? Just like the bicycle, I hadn’t been to the water park in many years, but as a teenager we used to go every summer. Seems like this might have been a weekend for getting in touch with my younger self again. Or at least the things I used to enjoy back then. What about you? What is one activity you’d like to revisit from your younger years that you’ve let fall by the wayside because of age, weight, or lack of time?


PS. This Thursday Nicola Cornick will be here at the Playground. Instigator has been raving about her book! Check it out.


Barbara Vey said...

Actually, I'd love to be able to ride a bike again. Unfortunately, the knees won't cooperate. Enjoy your bike!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I used to show horses -- competitive show jumping and dressage (and even a barrel race back in the day). I'd like to ride again. Not sure I'd want the hassle of showing, but galloping around an arena and jumping over fences would be fun.

It's not age or weight that stop me. It's money and time. Horses are sinkholes of money. And the time it takes to keep the beasts fit and happy is astounding.

Now, in my perfect world, I'd have a house with a few acres and a barn where I had my own horses. Someone else would of course take care of the property for me. :) Oh, did I mention it would be an historic house, perfectly restored? ;)

Angel said...

Wow! I really shouldn't write my blog when I'm that tired. I'm seeing all kinds of places where revising would be a good thing. Oh well.

The weekend of youthful activities has totally wiped me out. That, and the fact that Little Man had me up this morning at 4:30am. Is it time for a nap now?


Problem Child said...

Oh, I'd dance again...not to the extremes I did before, but at performance level at least. What can I say, I'm a ham...I love to be on stage.

Playground Monitor said...

How about the days of existing without the aches and pains of bursitis and arthritic joints? That bike sounds fun. When I was a kid, that was the way I got around my world. But like Barbara, I'm not sure my knees would cooperate any more.

Glad you had a fun trip to the waterpark.


Smarty Pants said...

Man, when I was younger, my bike was my transportation. I rode it everywhere and was quite fit, come to think of it. Roller skating too. I would just go for hours and not think about "exercise" or whatever. I was just skating.

I should get my bike up and going and we can ride around our neighborhoods sometime.

Man. I am WIPED this morning. Fuzzy brained. Of course we're starting a writing challenge today. Sigh...

Instigator said...

Yeah. I'm crisp around the edges and exhausted. I say we take a day to recover before we start that challenge :-) But tomorrow - no excuses (even from me).

I'd get back into acting now if I had the time. I'm sure y'all would never guess it, but I love being on stage, under the lights, the center of attention :-)


birdzilla said...

No heckling...

I would enjoy raising emus and monkeys again. (Hard to imagine for some, but I worked at a zoo before).

My monkeys would be trained to play the banjo and fiddle (my own little version of Hillbilly Hero you see).
If this was to happen though, I fear that would be the only form of "entertainment" I would ever see again.

Instigator said...

You better believe it, buddy :-) As much as I love you, there's no way in hell you're having monkeys.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Is it just me, or are these blog conversations between Instigator and 'Zilla just about the most entertaining thing ever? :) I tune in to find out what sort of animal farm thing they're arguing about today. :)

Hillbilly Hero. ROFL! I dunno, Instigator, could be a money maker.... ;)

Smarty Pants said...

I'd laugh, except I do through the same thing with DB and motorcycles. You don't have to feed them, but they also never die.

Maven LJ said...

Roller Skating. I was never great, but I could hold my own. It's been {{ahem}} years since I've tried on a pair of skates. It's not something I'd try now. I'd probably end up with a broken hip. Or arm. Or knee replacement surgery. The possibilities are endless! :-)


birdzilla said...

Hey Instigator

You failed to mention the moratorium on emus :)

Instigator said...

I think that goes without saying...unless you want to sleep in the barn with them, Eeyore and the goats. It's getting pretty crowded out there and I'm not sure Eeyore would let you have a corner of hay. :-D


Anonymous said...

I used to ride my bicycle all over the place too. I would love to learn how to skate but at 47, I'm afraid I would break a lot of things on this body and be laid up for quite a while.