Friday, June 06, 2008

My Favorite Part

I'm pleased to say I'm at my favorite part of my writing process. I've brainstormed an idea, kicked it around for a while, done enough research to make me dangerous, and put together a synopsis and outline to follow. Now, the fun part - I get to start the book.

Some people really hate this part. The blank page with the blinking cursor daunts some writers, but not me. I love opening a new file, formatting my margins, and typing out the header "Chapter One." Within no time, I usually have the first chapter finished. Right now I'm at 12 of a planned 15-20 pages, so its a solid start. Readers have met the heroine, found her to be quirky, yet likeable. They've gotten a quick glimpse of the hero; enough to whet their appetites until he returns in chapter 2 with a vengence. They've met the villians and have little insight into their troubles. It's a good start. At least, I'm still on track with my outline. :)

I love the thrill I get when a story idea clicks in my head, but that's always a short-lived high as I realize I've just set my sights on a bigger story than I can probably manage. I always have these doubts that if So-and-So wrote this story instead of me, it would be as fabulous as it was meant to be. So I do a little research, get over it, and once I get myself out of the corner I've painted into and start writing, I can really enjoy what I'm doing.

At least until about chapter 5 or so. :)

Anyway, I'm hoping to have a partial put together before the 13th. I've already got a synopsis done, so just 2.5 chapters left in a week. Think I can do it?? We'll see.

What's your favorite part of the writing process? If you're a reader, what is your favorite part of your hobby of choice? (picking plants for your garden vs. planting vs. clipping them for vases).


Circle of 5:
1 full manuscript pending with an editor
1 novella pending with Nocture eBites (I emailed the coordinator since they had trouble opening the file and they assured me it worked fine now and was with the editors...)
2 short stories and 4 short features pending with the Trues


Rhonda Nelson said...

My favorite part is the unexpected little twists and turns that come along and shake up my characters. :-)


Lynn Raye Harris said...

My favorite part? Being done. :) Second to that would be almost done. As far as process, I guess I really enjoy the first blush of an idea as I turn it over in my head. When I finally start to type, I'm usually thinking it could be done better tho. :)

Instigator said...

When I type The End?

Actually, it's every time I get goose bumps over the process. It doesn't matter whether it's during brainstorming when I find that perfect puzzle piece or when I'm writing a scene and something clicks with the characters that moment is perfect. That's when I know the story is good (at least for those few seconds :-)).


Playground Monitor said...

My favorite part is getting an envelope from Dorchester with a contract. :-) Writing is so hard for me. I have to dig and root around and pull and struggle over every word. Lynn mentioned the first blush of an idea and I get a thrill from that too. But moving from blush to full story is a difficult process for me. For example, I still am no further along on the vampire idea, but my mail order sperm folks are talking to me again. Fickle people...


Angel said...

Definitely reaching the end... at least until revisions start... again. And the getting paid part.

Other than that, I'd have to say when the story flows, and like Instigator, when I get goose bumps over things that are just perfect for the story. Love that. And the brainstorming.

This is true for my other hobby, scrapbooking, too. I love finding the perfect ideas for a project, looking over the finished results, and seeing it all come together. Sometimes I just wish it wasn't so much work. ;)


terrio said...

You sure do have it together. Little jealous, I have to say.

My favorite part is when I read back something I wrote, usually months later, and think, "Did I really write that? Not bad."

But new ideas are fun too. Especially when new characters show up. It's like making new friends. Only you get to twist and torture them before you make them happy.

MaryF said...

I love the first few chapters, the introduction of the characters that draws you in. Its the "stuff happens" part that I anguish over.

Lately there has been a lot of anguish...LOL

Now when I finally finish a full; now then; I'll love that too....

catslady said...

As a reader my favorite part is starting a new book - it's always exciting. Now when it comes to crafts, it's the ending :)

Mark said...

A lot of writers consider the editing/polishing process their favorite part, but not me. I got into writing because I wanted to create, I wanted to tell stories. Worrying about how many -ly words I have or if my participial matches my adverb is not the creative part of the process I like.

I love dreaming up the scenes and characters and plots and inventing the scenarios. I love the ah-hah! moment when an idea comes along that you just KNOW will be a killer scene and cause the reader to wonder how on earth the hero will survive. I love the extra added twists that hits me out of the blue while I am writing and throws my carefully crafted plot out the window, but in a much better direction. I love writing.