Friday, June 27, 2008

Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off - Update

After a couple weeks of fairly amusing blogs, I find myself at a loss this Friday. I've used up all my cleverness and I’m not quite sure what to write about today. This week we've already covered the ever-popular bad boys, tomatoes, bicycles, waterparks (from which my body has still not recovered), and galleys. We've posted yummy pictures of Daniel Craig. That's a tough act to follow.

I've pondered this for most of today and aside from amusing scenes with sugar gliders attacking my hero in an aerial assault, I've got nothing. I think my brain is being pulled in too many directions. Let's make a list since I'm not already feeling completely overwhelmed.

  1. I got a full request on RH, so that’s good news.

  2. My novella was rejected, so that’s bad news. Expecially worrying is the fact that it didn't bother me much.

  3. My mom’s wedding story made it into the July issue of True Love Magazine, so again, good news. In not so great news, they keep asking for stories for the fall issues and I haven't done the slightest thing to start one.

  4. I’m contemplating cat-napping to advance my career. (I don’t mean sleeping; I mean physically stealing a cat. Don’t ask.)

  5. I’m worrying about our workshop at Nationals. Why did we sign up to do this, again?

  6. DB’s birthday is coming up, along with nearly every Playkid birthday. Cupcakes and chaos all around.

  7. Work, of course, is busy with everyone going on vacation leaving the others to scramble and do their jobs. The nerve of going on a two week cruise with your wife for your 40th wedding anniversary! So inconsiderate of me and my feelings! I might take it better if he didn't have such a back-@ssward way of doing everything.

  8. Those extra pounds since last conference have not magically disappeared, so I don’t even want to think about what I’ll wear next month.

  9. This is despite the fact that my yoga instructor is out to kill PC and myself. (And we wonder why I don't make it there more than twice a month...)

  10. One of my college friends has announced her engagement and has filled my inbox with questions about colors and locations and favors and whatever else. This only reminds me that I have no wedding of my own to plan. Sigh. I guess this is just as well since my calendar is filling up for the next few years and I don't even know when I'd be able to squeeze one in.

  11. I’m pondering some home improvement projects that have home-owner association reps, concrete, drywall and fencing contractors showing up at my house at random intervals.

  12. I'm still fielding calls from various law-enforcement agencies about my credit card theft. None, however, have announced that the schmuck has been arrested. (Yeah, I'm onto you, boy! Better watch your back.)

  13. DB is dead-set on getting the surround sound and A/V stuff fully set up. This requires multiple phone calls, long discussions and the constant mantra “Baby, look at this” as he finds things online we need.

  14. Oh, and did I mention I’ve gotten wrapped up in a writing challenge with Instigator and Angel? Sadly, it’s the only thing motivating me to work on my new book right now. Mercury in retrograde or something has my brain on pause.

What’s on your brain today? I'm sure I've forgotten something and one of you will be kind enough to remind me. Just be warned it might be the straw that sends this camel into her bathroom with the door locked.


The Dear Author blog has a poll up for who should win the Best Rita for Paranormal Romance. Maven LJ has 2 books up for the prize - Raintree: Haunted and Prince of Magic. Click over to vote on the right-hand sidebar! (It has no real bearing on who actually wins the Rita, but I hate to see such good books trailing to her competitors, even on someone's blog...)


Angel said...

I'm hoping to spend today working on my proposal and the writing challenge. Yesterday was a bust, because I spent most of it on the couch trying not to be sick, but hopefully today will be better.

I gotta catch up! SP is already leaving me in the dust... like I didn't know she'd do that already. ;)


Playground Monitor said...

I've had a stomach bug or something since Wednesday -- headache, nausea and lethargy. All I've done is sip tea and watch re-runs of Law and Order SVU.

I can't even concentrate enough to read much less write.



Barbara Vey said...

I actually blogged about being brain dead on my Tuesday blog, so I'm no help here whatsoever. The good news is that the weekend is here and for me that means no reason to use my brain.

Enjoy the weekend!

Problem Child said...

Hmmm, today will be a busy one for me. I get a little while to work this morning before the craziness of having two birthdays today (both DG and AC).

I'd managed to work my way through my To Do list and was feeling quite proud--and then the list grew...

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I emailed the book on Tuesday afternoon -- and I've felt lost ever since. Two books polished and out the door, and I'm like a lost kid wandering the aisles at Wal-Mart looking for my mommy.

Until this morning. This morning, I woke up with the first paragraph of my next Presents story. And I know who the people are and what they're doing -- I was getting worried about that the past few days. What if I couldn't think of another one? What if I really don't know how to write for HP and the Spanish book was just a fluke?

So I'm relieved to have a new idea and a direction to go.

Problem Child said...

Lynn, I might just have to hate you...

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I thought you were working on something, PC! Let's not be premature with the hate. *g*

A) I may have bombed the first book.
B) This one may suck and be totally wrong too.

Sherry W. said...

Well my weekend is settled. Hubby is off again for several days and that means I get to participate in another family episode of home improvement.

I swear I'm going to buy that yellow construction zone tape and wrap around our property! And if he forgets our anniversary tomorrow and doesn't take me out for a nice dinner I'm going to hurt him.

The nerve SP of your boss taking off for an anniversary cruise! Sounds like wifey might have deserved it though. : )

Oh, on the cat napping thing. Don't know what it's about but my neighbors have an abundance of them and they walk all over our cars. I don't like them (neighbors or their cats) sooooo....this could be a win/win situation! (: D)

Instigator said...

Yeah, if we didn't all have different ailments I'd think the Playground had been hit by the plague. I've been sick for days and Wed night Zilla was bit by a neighborhood dog and has 6 stitches in his hand - his left hand (he's a leftie).

And poor Baby Girl. Wed was her birthday and it was just blown to hell and back. Thank goodness she's having a party tomorrow or I'd be feeling really guilty right about now.

I'd really just like to skip to tomorrow and pretend this week never happened.


Anonymous said...

Well, whatever it is you ladies have....keep it. I myself would love to finish up my home improvement items so that I can finally put my home on the market. My brother & I have been at it for 5 weeks and this sister is very tireddddddd. I will be getting back to it shortly in my laundry room so that I can get some laundry done, I am wearing my last clean pair of's getting rough around here! In addition to all this, last week I had to move everything out of 1 office to another so that I could move my office to this area - quite tiring to say the least along with an event that I was involved with on Wednesday. Anywho, have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend ladies.

MaryF said...

Ug! It looks like the stomach virus is making its rounds, as well as injuries...I hope everyone feels better soon.

as for me;

1) Today is my 20th Wedding anniv.
and my husband stills asks, "So, what do you want to do?"
2) I have to finish my partial and trying not to have panic attacks and writer block while I am doing it.
3) My job has informed me that I am not doing enough....(I wonder 45-50 hour weeks, is not doing enough?)
4) Time, where the heck do I find time.
5) PMS. That's all I have to say about that.

*Sigh* I'll be glad when this day is over.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Blaze to finish by the 8th, novella before conference, another Blaze in by the end of August. Back to school for kids, anniversary for me and the dh, etc... I'm braindead and overwhelmed as well. :/

Maven LJ said...

Are we all overloaded this time of year? Ugh. I like to make an actual list and include a few small things, so I can do some of those small things, mark them off, and feel like I'm making progress. I've painted my office (picture on the news page of my website) and I just started a new book. I'm also putting together a synopsis for something new, picking out clothes and shoes for San Francisco, and trying to feed my husband (and myself) a decent meal now and then. Tonight it's shrimp and grits.

Next week looks worse.

I keep telling myself this is better than having nothing to do.


Kathy said...

Yikes! I come back from the beach and there's sickness and wounds everywhere!

Thankfully, my meds have started working and I was able to spend quite time at the beach without my sinus headaches. Though I've had to stop taking the Allegra because it tears my stomach up. So, those pesky headaches have returned. *sigh*

Congrats on getting your books out, Lynn!

Another challenge. Woot!! Let the games begin...