Friday, January 11, 2008

Taking Care of Business

I hate resolutions, yet each year, I line myself up with the rest of the sheep and sign up for some lofty unattainable goal. Really, all I’m resolving myself to do it make me feel bad because I fail. This year, I did make a resolution, but I decided to keep it vague enough that I couldn’t outright fail, but could also use it as an excuse to get massages. Any resolution that involves massages is okay with me.

So I decided that my resolution for this year would be to take better care. Just in general. Of myself, my car, my pets, my house, my relationships...I tend to get lazy and just let stuff go. Like my car, for example. The engine has been stuttering for over a year. I took it in for an oil change in September and they couldn’t figure out why it was doing it in the time allotted. They said to bring it back when I had more time and they’d get it fixed up. I went back Monday. I finally, finally got it fixed. It was just a hassle and I was too lazy to take good care of my car.

So I’ve been trying to brainstorm different fun and productive things I can do to meet my resolution. I’ve already had the car fixed (although now the newly turned rotors and new brake pads are making a ruckus.) I plan to make myself wash it once a month, clean it out once a week, and I’m going to replace the broken wheel covers so it doesn’t look so tacky.

For my pets, I bought them new beds and feeding bowls at Christmastime. I’m going to get my cats a water fountain so they always have fresh water. I’m going to try to walk my dogs more since they’re not as free to roam as they should be. I’m also resolved to fix my fence so they can spend more time outside without escaping.

For my house, I’ve put together a cleaning schedule that I can hopefully stick to. It’s just a little each night to keep the house neat, not spotless. I’m considering paying my mom to help me do a “big clean” once a month. Better than paying someone else and she could use it.

For my relationship, I’ve started with the dirt bike purchase. It’s such a large part of DB’s life that I’m completely uninvolved in, so I’m taking the step because it’s important to him. Going camping for a weekend and riding is something we could do together that doesn’t involve us sitting on the couch or computer not talking to one another.

For my writing, I’m going to finish putting my office together so I can actually get some work done in there. I hate to quantify, but I’d like to focus on some consistency in my work. Its an issue for me. I think establishing my workspace is a good place to start.

Then there’s for me. Barbara inspired me to sign back up for my online Weight Watchers program. I’d like to lose weight, but really, putting a stop to the gaining and eating better foods is the real goal. I’ve started packing my lunch each day so I don’t end up with drive thru junk. I’ve also started mass cooking on the weekends so I have easily prepared dinners and lunches available for both DB and I that are healthier. Taco Bell is far too close and too easy.

I might do better on WW this time if I actually exercised, so I’m working on that too. As PC mentioned, we signed up for some yoga classes. I thoroughly tweaked my shoulder, but it’s once a week, so hopefully I’ll be healed up by the time we try it again. I do like yoga as a whole, but some of those poses are just torture. Pity I can’t earn activity points just for the meditating portion. We’re going to branch out and see what other kinds of classes we can take. There may be some bellydancing or water aerobics in our futures. She threatened me with ballet. Not sure that will fly, but I’m open. Of course, I still have my Curves membership, so I thought I might show up, maybe once a week there, at least. There’s one near my house. No excuse. And I try to walk a time or two a week with Maven LJ. If I could do all that, maybe walk my dogs and do the occasional Sweating to the Oldies Tape, I’d be in good shape in terms of caring for my body.

For my mind I’m planning to reward myself with therapeutic massage. I’m putting together a goal sheet with different rewards that include pamper me treats like mani-pedis, massages, facials, etc. I’m also looking into detox programs, accupuncture and doing more meditation, outside of yoga, to deal with some of my stress.

Wonder how such a simple resolution could turn into such a big hoopla? Well, I’ll probably do better than I would if I said I wanted to lose 30 pounds or something. We’ll see. I’ve resolved to treat myself better this year. Are any of you resolving to do something for yourself in 2008?



Problem Child said...

I vote that every 5 classes we take, we go get a massage.

Jen said...

I've been avoiding putting anything down on paper. ;) I need to...and post it on my bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all your goals; they sound like v.g. ones!

I am not a putting goals down on paper type person - just try to be a better person and try to keep myself healthy.

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

You're so wonderfully organized with your goals. All of mine start with a what if or maybe. Maybe I'll loose some weight. What if I go walking everyday. I can't seem to wrap myself around any real plans for anything
Theresa N.

Angel said...

Wow! For such a simple goal, it has sure turned into a big deal. But I think you are right. The simple generalness of it gives you a great deal of fluidity, and you are taking more active steps toward accomplishing it.

And I love the fact that it is about rewarding yourself, instead of punishment. We're so bad about dieting after the holidays. What is that all about? Deprivation. Who wants to wake up to that every day? No wonder we fail. But to take better care of yourself... that would include fun stuff and feeling good about what you are doing. :)

I'm working on consistency with my writing too. Not doing my best this week. I missed yesterday because I didn't feel well, but at least I'm thinking about it.


Maven LJ said...

I like it. To take better care is a good resolution. I can see how it would get out of hand, though. Anything that includes a massage is fine by me! :-)

LJ -- who's had titles shorter than the verification word.

Instigator said...

I really like this resolution, SP. I think maybe I'm going to adopt it :-) That way when DH gets the bill for my massage I can tell him it's your fault :-)


Playground Monitor said...

I got rid of my pet so I don't have to make any pet resolutions. The house does okay since it's just the DH and me. Ironing was getting out of hand til he started taking his shirts to the laundry in his office building. I need to get in shape and that should let me drop a few pounds. And I need to write consistently.

I've failed miserably this week. I'm eating well (started a new food program on Monday and have only veered off course once) but writing? Ha! And today won't be any better. Have to go to the Pharmacy for the pills they didn't have on Wednesday, get a check from one bank and deposit in another and take the DH's computer to the Geek Squad because when I turned it off for the storms yesterday it won't turn back on. Apparently there's a bad power switch and it decided to go bad on my watch.

This isn't a good Friday. Heck, it isn't a good any day and I'm tempted to just throw up my hands and say to heck with it all. No matter what I do, I can't seem to do it right.


Kathy said...

Woe! For someone who didn't want to get stuck with resolutions, you sure came up with quite a few. LOL. Hey, taking care of yourself is the best gift you can ever give! You've done well filling out your list. ;-)

I've been doing good so far... working on my book is coming along nicely, exercising is going as far as my knee will let it go, organizing the house is moving along at a slow pace, and I finally realized I've got to make major changes in the choices I make. Trying to keep up with #2 and #3's college issues has been stressful. In the midst of it all, I'm trying to stay sane.

Just got an e-mail that says my calendar is on its way. Hooray!! That makes my day!

Hope everything goes well with your DH today, Instigator!!

And now for something completely different....heard the buzz about Cassie Edwards? I'm hearing about nothing else on the HHRW Loop.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Taking better care is a good one. I'm usually all into resolutions, but I haven't really made any other than lose the 20 lbs I've picked up in Alabama (and the 10 I let creep back on in Hawaii). I'm not starving myself, though. Just eating out less, pushing back from the table earlier, and climbing onto the elliptical more often. I need to make some writing goals, but I've been oddly reluctant.

Kathy, yes, I've been following the CE thing. Over at my blog, I have the links to the original expose and the subsequent posts.

catslady said...

One of the things I'm doing is drinking more water - sounds simple doesn't it lol. I've hated water all my life but now I fill a container and make sure I drink it. I've also started eating breakfast - well that Activia yougurt. I must admit, it's made a big improvement. Now if I could only get myself off this computer and do some exercizes...